All the Christmas Fun

We’ve been cramming in all the Christmas fun lately.  I’m catching you guys up on it all.  🙂
On Thursday, Bowen’s preschool had their Christmas program.  This kid started the morning off being NERVOUS!  He doesn’t look like it in the picture.  Does he?  Bowen’s class came out, sang two cute songs, and this guy looked like a giant on his row the entire time!  I had some friends ask if he is in the right class in preschool.  haha! 

It was so good to see Manda!  I know so many of you have been praying for her and for that-THANK YOU!  We appreciate your prayers so much and please keep them coming.  Manda is a fighter!  She is one tough cookie.  No matter her circumstances, her faith isn’t wavering.  I’m so blessed to call her “friend”.  Love you, Manda!  XOXO

After the program, Tab and I had a couple hours before Nixon’s class performed “T’was the Night Before Christmas” in his first grade classroom.  Check out my cute little narrator.

Loved getting to watch this guy perform.

Friday was PARTY DAY at the big kid’s school.  Ebby Lee’s photo prop game is strong.

It was school-wide pajama day, but Nixon thinks it’s ridiculous to wear pajamas to school.  He even struggled to wear pajamas to preschool (when he was only four), so he was the one kid in regular clothes.

Friday evening we met the Shull family in Addison for dinner.  Then we drove over to Vitruvian Park to check out the lights.

Oh my goodness!  These girls!  I asked them to pose and this is what I got.  ha!  I have hardly any pictures because when we were there it was dark, there were tons of people, and our kids were running in different directions.  It was difficult to keep up with all those children!

At this moment, Nixon is angry his little brother picked the same tree as his favorite.  #bigbrotherproblems

We love hanging out with this crew!

Saturday night we had dinner with the Alexanders.  They’re new to our neighborhood and super fun! It was great to get to know them a little more.  Then we all headed to the neighborhood Christmas party for the evening.

This girl’s Sunday best was on point.

  Ebby Lee had her Christmas dance recital yesterday afternoon.  I looked over and she looked twelve.  WAAAHHH!!!

Kensington and Ebby Lee ready to perform!  

Ebby Lee told me that right before their dance Kensington looked over and said, “Ebby Lee, you have lipstick all over your face.”  She thought Kensington was kidding and then one of her dance teachers walked up and spotted Ebby Lee.  With a horrified look on her face she said, “Ebby Lee, you have lipstick all over your face!”  Ebby Lee said she PANICKED knowing they were about to go on stage, but the teacher helped her scrub it off right before they went on.  Ha!  She told me that she has NO idea how lipstick got smeared all over her face.  #probablywhysevenyearsolddontweardailylipstick

M came to watch the performance.

So much fun getting to watch Ebby Lee do her thing.  🙂

We’re on VACATION TIME in the Slaughter house!  We all stayed up WAY too late watching the Cowboys last night.  I’m hoping everyone sleeps in this morning!  Hope you’re celebrating big this week!  XOXO

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  1. 12.19.16
    Leslie said:

    What a great weekend! Ebby Lee does look so much older in her little dance costume!

  2. 12.19.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    SO MUCH CHRISTMAS CHEER! And I have to say, Ebby Lee looks GORGEOUS in red lipstick! I mean, I don't feel like I can wear red lipstick, but she looks AMAZING! She's going to have to rock a red lip…..once she's allowed to wear lipstick! Ha! 🙂 And I'm laughing that Nix wouldn't wear pajamas to school, but Carter wore a blardigan! Hysterical!

  3. 12.19.16
    Anonymous said:

    So much Christmas cheer! and, Ebby Lee looked darling for her performance!!!

  4. 12.19.16
    Megan @ Letting In The Light Blog said:

    Too funny that Nixon won't wear pj's to school. Over the past two weeks my kids have worn pj's more than regular clothes. Ha! Multiple school pj days, church pj day, everything has a pj day in December!!! I think it's a conspiracy cooked up be the Christmas jammy industry!

  5. 12.19.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh my goodness! No wonder I'm so tired this morning! #whataweekend

  6. 12.19.16
    Megan said:

    Love the girls in their Dance outfits!!! So pretty!!

  7. 12.19.16
    Melissa said:

    Please! What are you wearing in the dance recital family pic?! Plaid and black something???!! thanks!! 🙂

  8. 12.20.16
    Sarah K said:

    Great to see Manda! And yay for fun neighbors!

  9. 12.20.16
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    Such fun!! William is just like Nixon – he does not understand why anyone wants to wear PJs to school!!