Adoption Update-September 2019

Happy Happy Wednesday, Everyone!  Can you believe we’re already to the middle of the week?  It’s FLYING by!  If you read here yesterday, then you know Miss Britt started preschool five days a week.  She walked right into her classroom without a tear!  When I picked her up she was all smiles and talking non-stop about her day.  {Except she was in different clothes-insert my side eye!  ha!}  

We’ve hit some major strides lately so I decided I’d share a little update.

The biggest obstacle we’re facing is Britt’s speech-mainly articulation.  I’m so very thankful she’s now speaking in sentences at home!   WAHOO!  She’s come SO FAR!  We’re still working on articulation twice a week with her speech therapist but for the most part we can understand everything she says.  If you remember a little over two years ago, she only said, “mama”. 

A few funny conversations we’ve had lately…
Me:  “Britt, did you sing a song today at school?”
Britt:  “Yes, Jesus Love Me.”
Me:  “What about a book?  Did you read a book?”
Britt:  “No, they read it TO ME.”
{As if I was asking her if SHE read the book!}

Britt walked by the coffee table and Tab had his socked feet propped up.
Britt:  “Oooh!  Disgusting!”
Me:  “What’s disgusting?”
Britt:  “Dad’s feet”

Her personality is very shy-until you get to know her-then she’s spunky, sassy, and full of personality.

Oh, how we love this girl so very much.

Her favorites right now…The Grinch on Netflix, Macaroni and Cheese, Elsa and Anna.

I would have said she’s fully potty trained {daytime}, but then she had an accident on her first day of preschool.  #idhavetotakethatback
At home, she’s so good about just taking care of her business or asking us for help. 

All these milestone are huge and something we celebrate because she’s come so far, but the most important thing to me is she knows she belongs, she knows she’s loved, and she knows she’s part of a family.  That trumps all the other stuff.

I’m telling you…adoption is one of the BEST decisions we ever made.  It changed us all for the better and we cannot imagine a life without this sweet girl in it.  She’s so very loved.  If God is calling you to adopt, ACT ON IT!  You’ll be so glad you did because just like you-we could have missed this.

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  1. 9.4.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Awe!! She has totally blossomed over this summer!! I love to hear her sweet little voice chatting up a storm!

  2. 9.4.19
    Anonymous said:

    I just love this girl! What a great update, and I’m laughing so hard at her calling Tab’s feet disgusting! Hahaha!

  3. 9.4.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    OH, MY HEART! That's some really great language development!!! They read it TO ME is hysterical!!!

  4. 9.4.19
    Paula said:

    Suchva cutie! All your babies are!

  5. 9.4.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Awe she has grown so much! I love the transformation.

  6. 9.4.19
    Sassy Sarah said:

    I've been following along your journey with Britt and it's so amazing to see how she's just so happy and loved. Love is amazing!

  7. 9.4.19
    Diane said:

    Your sweet little girl’s success in speech therapy makes this SLP’s heart so happy. Working in the field for over thirty years every child is a chance to make a difference in their lives and their families.

  8. 9.4.19
    Kathy Cochran said:

    She is so cute, and such a big girl now. Thank you for these updates!

  9. 9.5.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Go Britty go!! Precious little thing!

  10. 9.15.19
    Terra Heck said:

    I love reading how Britt continues to flourish.