A Little Recap

Here’s what’s been happening over the past week in our house…

We’ve been FALL READY with our pumpkin shirts.  The mosquitoes have been horrible lately and Miss Britt is super allergic.  She got a mosquito bit right on her eye lid.  It swelled up and she couldn’t open her eye for a day!  A steroid from the doctor helped, but oh my goodness-those mosquitoes are ruthless!

This kid has been killing kindergarten.  He’s growing up right before my eyes.

Last Friday, I tagged along with Shay to her Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey event right outside of Austin.  We left our house mid-morning, enjoyed a yummy lunch, and had the most relaxing flight {and possibly the quickest} before grabbing a car and heading to Dripping Springs, Texas.

Traveling with this girl is always fun!  All dressed and ready for the big event!

The set up was absolutely gorgeous…the tables looked amazing, the food was delicious, and the setting was spectacular!  

And…we got to meet so many sweet ladies!

Look how fun!

If you can’t tell from the picture, we had FUN.  🙂

These ladies did a fabulous job and kept us entertained all evening.

Wasn’t that set up CUTE?

The next day we were back in McKinney by lunch time and I picked my people up to head straight to the FAIR.  {You can read all about it here.}

I spied two cuties under the stairs at church on Sunday.

I know all us McKinney girls have been talking about the new spot in downtown McKinney, The Yard.  It’s super family friendly…ping pong tables, corn hole, lots of tvs to watch any game, etc.  Now that the weather is starting to get cool…it’s the perfect spot!

Our BFG {or Sunday School class} started a new social where each month you’re randomly paired with two couples and sometime within that month you get together.  Can be with kids, without kids, for lunch, breakfast, or ice cream…just however you and the other couples in your group can make it work.  We went to dinner with our October group on Sunday evening at The Yard.

I had the best time chatting with these two during and after dinner.  {The guys are not pictured.}

And that was our weekend.  I’m always so thankful for Tab to get a game that’s close because it allows him to be home so much more over the weekend.  Thankful for those extra minutes in the middle of football season!


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  1. 10.11.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Sweet Brit's poor little eye! And we grabbed lunch at The Yard a couple of weeks ago and loved it. The beer cheese queso was LEGIT.

  2. 10.11.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    How much do we love Natasha and Debra?!?! Thank you again so much for going with me to Austin!! You made it SO MUCH FUN for me!! I love glamping with you 😉 .

  3. 10.11.18
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun weekend!! Austin looked like a blast and what a fun dinner with those two! 🙂

  4. 10.11.18
    Paula said:

    My 11 year old does that with mosquitoes. For her 5th birthday I swear she looked like the guy from Goonies chained up downstairs. So pitiful & funny at the same time. Does that make me a terrible parent. 🤣

  5. 10.11.18
    Shirley Short said:

    Where did you get the Dude Perfect T shirt? Thanks!

  6. 10.11.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Cracking up at Paula's comment above! hahaha And the Yard is my new favorite place in Mckinney! The nachos and the club sandwich are AMAZING. I wonder if I can Favor that? (kidding/not kidding…?)
    That Inspired Chick

  7. 10.11.18
    nene P said:

    I live in northeast Okla. think north of Tulsa… we use a company Misquito Joe! No pesky bugs all spring and summer. It doesn’t bother the plants, trees or pets. They are fabulous. Look for them in Tx.

  8. 10.14.18
    Shari U said:

    My daughter also has horrible reactions to mosquito bites. She’s now 15 and it’s getting better, but she had the swollen shut eye when she was about Britt’s age. Seems like a lot of these Chinese kiddos suffer the same way.

  9. 10.17.18
    kickinitwiththekosts said:

    Where are your earrings with the white tassels from? So cute!!