5 Things-2.22.21

Hey There, Friends!  

The snow is mostly all melted by today and things are getting back to somewhat normal here in North Texas.  I know so many people who had water damage and busted pipes from the storm last week and will be dealing with the effects for weeks to come.  My heart goes out to all of them.  Again, if you’re looking for a place to help, I suggest Sheaffer’s post full of ideas.  And the McKinney Little Free Pantry is another organization offering food to those in need here in our town.

#1 Come Together
First thing I want to share is this quote.  Our country has felt so divided over the past year and yet I’ve never felt such community like I did the past week.  Via text messages many groups were checking in with each other to make sure every family had what they needed.  On social media, I saw so many people offering their own homes to families without power.  I got many calls and texts from family and friends states away offering us to drive their way or ship items to us. Many of you reached out to check on our family.  I looked for the helpers and there were so many.  In the midst of such chaos and devastation, all the unity was such a sight to see.  

#2 Cupcake Delivery
My mom saw the company, Wicked Good Cupcakes, on Shark Tank a while back and decided to order us some for Valentine’s Day.  Such an unexpected treat!  If you’re looking for a delicious goodie to send to family or friends, check out Wicked Good Cupcakes.  My favorite was cookie butter-definitely!  It was the highlight of our valentine’s weekend.

#3 School Valentine Parties
Britty came home from school on Friday living her best life!  She had a bag full of valentine treats from friends and she knew there was a three day weekend in her future.

Nixon asked M for valentine box help and I don’t think there’s ever been a better valentine box for a fifth grade boy.  M is so creative.  She took a Pinterest idea and ran with it!  If you have an older boy who’s pretty much over the whole valentine thing but still trying to embrace the it’s-the-last-time-I’ll-ever-do-this, then maybe you need a toilet box next time too. 

Bowen was super responsible and saved his Patrick Mahomes’ box from 2020 so he just pulled it out of his closet.

#4 Watching and Reading-Outlander
Tab and I started watching Outlander over the past week-DEFINITELY rated R.  Many friends recommended this one and with many nights at home we finally gave it a shot.  You can find it on Netflix.  We’re only three episodes in-have you watched?  Did you like it?  
For some weird reason I took a big long book break but over the last week I got myself out of the funk.  I started reading Grace Not Perfection again.  It’s the kind of book my heart needs to go through more than once.  I charged up my Kindle and am excited to get this habit going again.  But if you also try to do all the things, then I’d recommend Emily’s book for you too.  Do you have any recs similar to this one?  Same genre?

#5  Biggest Fans
Here in Texas most youth sports are happening but they look a little different.  For Ebby Lee’s volleyball tournaments, most are allowing two spectators per player.  Which means we leave the kids at home with a sitter or they hang with the grandparents while Tab and I go watch.  I know sports still aren’t happening in many other states so I’m not taking this a bit for granted. Ebby Lee had a tournament this past weekend and we got to be just that, her biggest fans.  We have to soak those moments in because starting next weekend we’ll have more than one kid in places at the same time.

Those are the five things on the forefront of my mind this Monday!  Tomorrow I have a fun little post.  And then sharing What’s Up on Wednesday.  Hope your week is off to a great start!


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  1. 2.22.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a fun post for a Monday! So glad you are all safe in Texas!

  2. 2.22.21
    Jenny V said:

    Outlander is so good! Definitely rated R. I read the books… usually I’m not a fan of tv remakes, but it is SO well done!

  3. 2.22.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Your kids had THE BEST Valentine's boxes this year!!!

  4. 2.22.21
    Erin B. said:

    LOVE Outlander…books and TV show! So good ��

  5. 2.22.21
    Stacey W said:

    I love Outlander! I've read some of the books, but the show follows them pretty closely, and I started with the show, so that is where my loyalty lies. Season 1 is my favorite!

  6. 2.22.21
    Andrea said:

    Hey Erika. I love your blog. 🙂 I have watched all 5 seasons of Outlander with my husband. It is a great series. I think it is the next to the last ep of Season 1 that is incredibly difficult to watch. It's awful. 🙁 My friends warned me about it so I was at least prepared. Just a heads up. Again I really enjoy reading your blog about your sweet family!

  7. 2.22.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Bowen saving his box was BRILLIANT. AND THAT TOILET! Hysterical!

  8. 2.22.21
    Emily said:

    I loved Outlander!! Watched all the seasons and then rewatched them after that! 🙂

  9. 2.23.21
    Joanne said:

    That toilet box is hilarious!! I saw so many great valentine boxes this year; my kids used to make these boring paper plate card holders in their school with their teachers so there wasn't much time or call to be so creative.

  10. 2.23.21
    Karen Ward said:

    I just ordered some Wicked Good Cupcakes for my parents just because they are always stuck inside the house, especially my mom. What a great idea!