4 Months Old…

I was really behind on blogging…so this is like blogging overload. Lots of pictures!!
Random Pictures From the Last Couple Days:
I hope you can see all the bumps/marks/scratches on this girl’s face! It looks like she was in a fight! She was having a rough day!

Movin’ on up…to oatmeal! She seems to enjoy her oatmeal MUCH more than the rice cereal.

Daddy feeding her the oatmeal.

It’s so good!

I know my face looks weird BUT…we thought it was so funny that Ebby Lee was sitting there like that watching t.v. She just sat there chilling’ and hung out with us like that for about twenty minutes! We were watching Big Brother by the way. She’s definitely a fan!
She got so tired while she was playing that she put herself down for a morning nap.

I saw these p.j.’s and had to have them. I loved the rockstar pajamas. I kind of thought she’d wear them in November/December, but we’re a big girl! So, we’re wearing them now! I think Ebby Lee likes them too!

Playing in the exersaucer. She’s getting so much more alert. A couple weeks ago, she would have only been able to hang in this thing for a couple minutes, but now she can last a good fifteen or twenty.

Tore the bow off and oh…so proud!

She has a love/hate relationship with this taggy blanket. She loves when it does just what she wants and she gets to chew on those tags. She hates when she pushes it too far (it gags her) or if she can’t get the tags in her mouth. Obviously here she was loving it!

Dinner with Aiden:

Tab and Brent were both busy, so Lisa/Aiden met Ebby Lee/I in Frisco for dinner. We haven’t seen Aiden since he’s mastered the art of walking so well. He looked so proud of himself for not having to be in one of those nasty baby carseats. He was so sweet to Ebby Lee. He’d get the poodle on her carseat and show it to her. She wasn’t impressed, but he was being awfully nice.
Miss High Maintenance…she had a blow out in the restaurant. It looks like she’s being modest and covering up the bare diaper. (B/c I forgot to pack extra clothes!)

Bored During the Day & Still in Our P.J.’s:

We were a little bored so I grabbed the camera.

This picture helps me remember that she’s still so little. Up against the couch, she looks so tiny!

I started my part-time job this week and it was really tough working and keeping her busy/entertained. So…I hung this toy in the office and tried to get a little work done.

The first time this happened it really scared me! But…I think she’s now realized that if she turns herself sideways, I’ll instantly get her out of that bouncy chair. She’s really good at it. In approximately two minutes, she can be horizontal. Her head has gotten really close to touching the floor! We might have an acrobat on our hands.
Picture Time Before Church:
Daddy and Ebby Lee

Ebby Lee and Mama

Cheesin’ for the camera
Birthday Dinner:
Ebby Lee and Daddy

Birthday Crew

Kirby and Ebby Lee…aka..The Party Poopers…they needed to be fed! They started getting fussy and crampin’ our style. After the bottles both girls were ready to party!

More Random Pictures:

Isn’t that a funny face?
“Another picture?”

Enjoying the Johnny Jump Up.
Family Time:

She discovered her tongue and is poking it out constantly.

Playing with Garrett…look at his tongue sticking out!

She was really checking Garrett out. She wouldn’t take her eyes off of him.

Garrett kept kissing her, but I could never capture the moment. My timing was all off. It was really sweet though.

Are you thinking that Ebby Lee is dressed for the fall? She is! She’s outgrowing some clothes that aren’t weather appropriate, but I’m making sure she’s wearing them. G and M’s house is always cold, so we took advantage.

Garrett and Ebby Lee

Justin and Katie brought the boys to Dallas during the week to go to a water park. They stayed the night with G and M. So, we went over and joined them for a pizza dinner. We also enjoyed some Connect Four. (Ask Tab who won)


Just chillin’

Girl Time While Daddy’s at Work:

2nd Attempt at Baby Einstein…lasted a little longer than the first. I remember trying to get her to watch this video when she was only four days old. I needed a little break and thought it might buy me some time…it didn’t!

Mom and me time…just being silly during the day. I really shouldn’t take anymore pictures like this. The crazy angle does nothing for me..ha ha!

Flashing me a gummy grin!

Rice Cereal, Yum Yum:

First bite: A little scary!! She wasn’t a big fan….it got better though.

“What is this stuff?”

I think she was just so surprised!

She was starting to get the hang of it.

Looking Fabulous:

All dressed up for church…I’m sure in this picture we were ready and just waiting for Tab. It happens every Sunday.
Trip to Hughes Springs:
In the car seat and ready to go…

Garrett posing for the camera.

I think she was overwhelmed with all the attention and probably on a sugar high. (Scroll down to the next picture…you’ll understand)

Mimi, Ebby Lee, and Garrett playing on the floor. This was taken right before she gave Ebby Lee icing right off her cake. The funny part was that I’ve seen her do this to tons of her grandchildren. The parents always say not to feed their baby whatever food item it is and she still goes behind their backs and gives it to them. But…I was sitting in the chair right behind her and she whipped out the icing to stuff it in her mouth!!! She was right in front of me! I think she wasn’t prepared for my reaction. I started screaming!! I’m sure my next kiddo will get to eat icing at three months, but the first time mother in me said that it was too soon for that. She hadn’t even tried cereal at this point yet!! I will say that I expected nothing less from Mimi. Always an adventure in Hughes Springs!

Lance was too busy playing to smile for the camera, look at me, and stand still. He tried so hard.

Mimi was helping Ebby Lee do her excersises in the floor.

Cuddling with PaPa.

Maw Maw and Ebby Lee

She was too busy chewing on her hand to take a good picture.
Playing at Maw Maw and Paw Paw’s house. They loved watching her play and make noises in the floor.

PawPaw and Ebby Lee…this is Gary’s dad. He is 94 years old!! He just had a birthday in August.

This is the crazy face she makes when Tab blows raspberries on her neck. Pretty funny, huh?

PaPa with Ebby Lee
Play Date With Murphy Jo:
Ebby Lee is ready and waiting for Murphy Jo!
Playing it up!

Ebby Lee playing under the play mat.

Checking Murphy Jo out on the play mat.

Ebby Lee and Murphy Jo holding hands. At our first play date, Murphy Jo swallowed Ebby Lee. She was SO much bigger, but someone’s caught up!! Murphy Jo looked a little longer, but I think we outweighed her! She’s a growing girl, what can I say?

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  1. 9.11.09
    Anonymous said:

    WOW – you really did post a lot of pictures! Don't worry, Andy loves to watch TV too – I'll put him on his mat and (if the TV is on) he'll scoot his little body around til he gets a good view. It's so funny!

  2. 9.13.09
    Chandra said:

    She is beautiful, and getting so big!!

  3. 9.21.09
    amber leann said:

    Love all of the new pics! Love that little black & white dress too, so precious!