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Hi Friends!

I can’t even believe it’s our last WORKIN’ IT WEDNESDAY link-up of the YEAR!  We’ve had some FUN this past year.  Once a month Shay and I team up to share how WE WORK IT.

Let’s do a little recap of the good times we’ve had. {And we have our new link-up planned for 2018.  Keep reading!}

All the topics we’ve covered this past year:

Today, we’re chatting…
Staying SANE during the holidays.  🙂

How do you do it?
Maybe you spend every Christmas season feeling a bit like this minion.  😉

I absolutely LOVE the Christmas season and everything it brings.  Along with all the fun we have though we do have to also juggle our everyday responsibilities, work,  regular meal planning, all the laundry (Sigh), and add in as many exciting activities as possible.  I find myself sometimes falling short and maybe you do too.  Remember girls…no one is perfect!!  So when the laundry piles up, I just have to LET IT GO amidst another round of family charades-Christmas style.  It’s all about making memories and I have no doubts my children won’t care a bit about the laundry being backed up but they will remember the fun we have all season long.

Maybe you have some thing or some things you need to let go of as well?

I have no idea where I got this recommendation, but someone mentioned this book to me.  The author says she struggled with not being able to slow down all Christmas season and really enjoy the moments so she did an experiment.  She did her best to be completely present during the season and documented her entire process.  I’ve only just started this book, but if you’re someone who struggles with this-I’d highly recommend you grabbing it.

I’ve shared before but lists are my BFF during the month of December.
*A list of Christmas gifts everyone is receiving.
*A list of all the activities we have planned for December.
*A list of all the parties we’re attending that need a host/hostess gift (and a running list of what’s been bought).
*A list of all the teachers/therapists/babysitters we buy gifts for.
*I also have running work lists for travel things as well as blog things.

If you don’t have a list going right now, GRAB A PEN.  🙂

But my number one suggestion to stay sane this season would be…
Make some amazing memories with your people and have some fun, friends.

And if someone could remind me where I put those return address labels I bought back in November, that’d be great!  #weallhaveourthings

Now for 2018!!!

I’m SOOOOO EXCITED about this new link-up!
Every month Shay and I will be sharing HOW WE do something and we’d love for you to join and share HOW YOU do something.  The hope is we all learn a little bit from each other.  🙂

This is the list of topics…
If you’re new {or old} to the blogging world, we’d love for you to join us!  The second Wednesday of every month we host the link-up.  At the bottom of the link-up there’s a spot for you to add your blog.  You click that little button and then follow the prompts to add yourself to the blog party. 

Hope you have the best day!  And remember-give yourself some grace today, ladies!


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  1. 12.13.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Crossing things off lists brings me incredible joy. #ilovealist

  2. 12.13.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I need to read that book!!! Pass it to me when you're done, please 🙂 .

  3. 12.13.17
    Anonymous said:

    Yes! We share a love for lists! Great tips, friend!! Thank you for hosting!! Xo

  4. 12.13.17
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    Great thoughts – all the grace and doing our best to let it go! It's hard but worth it, you are right! xoxo ERIN

  5. 12.13.17
    Melissa said:

    Years ago someone gave me the idea to put a list of our "can't miss Christmas traditions" on the fridge to look at through the season. If it's not on that list, it's not happening and that gave me so much freedom because I could see what's important for our family and what I want the kids to remember someday. They love checking off each item as it's completed and I feel less stress about what everyone else is doing.

    Also, super excited about November's topic next year ; )

  6. 12.14.17
    AMla said:

    You mentioned host/hostess gifts as one of your lists. Do you mind sharing what types of items you gift? I always have such a hard time with this. Thanks!

  7. 12.14.17
    Jen said:

    I like the new format for 2018. I'd only suggest maybe moving the "how you plan summer vacations" earlier since it'll be June and already time to take those vacations so might be too late to help people plan theirs.