Why God invented MAMAS…

This is EXACTLY how Tab took Nixon to church this morning!!
(He did have both white socks on for church.) I had to be at church early so Tab dressed the kiddos and brought them ALL by himself. I laid clothes out for Ebby Lee, but Nixon was still asleep in his room. I told Tab to pick out a “cute shirt and a pair of pants”. So…he sent him in a blue, orange, and off-white striped shirt with olive green pants, white socks, and crazy hair!! I thought dressing the boy would be easy for him! I just happened to see Nixon strolling down the hall. I thought he’d had an accident and the nursery workers had put on some random clothes! ha! The sweet worker said, “His dad thought you might not like the outfit he picked out!” That was a bit of an UNDERSTATEMENT!!
I’m convinced that this is one of the MANY reasons God invented MAMAS!!

I must say that he was kind of rockin’ this ridiculous look, huh?

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  1. 2.21.11
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    He's so stinkin' cute that I didn't even notice his shabby clothing :).

  2. 2.21.11
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Yes…He is ROCKIN the outfit. SO CUTE!
    Chris was keeping Carter once and decided he wanted to run to Best Buy. When I saw what he put him in I could hardly believe my eyes. A pair of really cute army green, brown, and cream plaid shorts. So far, so good. However, he decided to pair those shorts with a kelly green and white striped polo. Not so good.