What’s Up Wednesday-January 2019 Edition

Hey!  Hey!  It’s the last WEDNESDAY of the month, which means it’s time for What’s Up Wednesday…with Sheaffer and Shay.

What We’re Eating This Week…
Tab’s out of town this week so I’ve made really difficult things like chicken nuggets, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and scrambled eggs for dinner.

What I’m Reminiscing About…
 A couple years ago Ebby Lee hosted a little Valentine’s Day party for some friends.  These girls were so sweet and it was just a nice little after school party.

What I’m Loving…
I’m loving this book, Winning the Worry Battle, and the bible study that goes along with the book.  If you are just not a worrier, then you skip this one but anyone who struggles with worrying just a bit to worrying a whole lot, I recommend it!

What We’ve Been Up To…
Spending my days with this cutie by my side.  She’s turning into Chatty Cathy…just yesterday I was asking her something and she said, “Hold on”.  All the words and all the phrases are happening!  And I’m so very thankful!

I headed to church on Sunday with two girls ready for Valentine’s Day and two handsome boys.  🙂

These two…well, she has him wrapped around her finger.

Sisters 🙂

And this cutie was there too…just running late.  I’m not sure if it’s his age or what but his six-year-old self is struggling with time management in the mornings. 

What I’m Dreading…
Potty Training-we started a week or so ago and the first day went GREAT!  I got a little overly confident and then it went downhill from there.  I need to get hardcore again BUT someone told me to read this book, Oh Crap!  Potty Training:  Everything Modern Parents Need to Know to do it Once and do it Right.  The book just arrived…I’ll be reading and then we’re starting again!

What I’m Working On…
A big pantry clean out-over time our pantry has gotten out of control.  The pantry and I have a date this weekend. 

What I’m Excited About…
The Slaughters are headed back to the slopes for Spring Break this year and I’m READY!  Getting away with my people is one of my favorite things.

What I’m Watching/Reading…
Celebrity Big Brother…I’m watching!!

I’m not sure who I’m cheering for yet.  I’m shocked they got Ryan Lochte out so soon, the way those girls go at it and then make up so quickly is crazy to watch, and I’m impressed Kato and Tom both won competitions!  It’s a fun season so far!

And I’ll be reading this front to back and taking ALL THE NOTES.  🙂

What I’m Listening To…
We’ve been listening to an oldie but goodie lately.

What I’m Wearing…
These earrings on repeat.

What I’m Doing This Weekend…
Remember my date with the pantry?  Well, these canisters will be there too.

And we’ll catch that game on Sunday every one is talking about.  🙂

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month…
Murder Mystery Dinner 2019 is going down next month…I’m looking forward to it!

What Else Is New…
Busy wedding season is quickly approaching and yesterday I asked for YOUR help!  All of my kiddos are in an upcoming wedding and I haven’t ordered a flower girl dress and such in years!  I was searching online and found a ton of options, but I asked for best places to purchase flower girl dresses, junior bridesmaid dresses, and boys’ suits.  You ladies delivered!!  You can read all the comments for some great suggestions if you’re in the market for some wedding party attire too.  🙂

What’s My Family’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Tradition…

Our family loves celebrating all together.  Sometimes that looks like a table for six out on the town, sometimes that looks like breakfast for dinner, and other times we cook at home-guys and girls-ALL in the kitchen.  No matter what-we enjoy spending it with all our people.

That’s all I have for today!  Hope you have the BEST Wednesday!

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  1. 1.30.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I can't wait to see your pantry makeover!!!

  2. 1.30.19
    Anonymous said:

    Those canisters have me excited for your pantry organization. Those look like fun!! And I love that picture of your family! So cute!

  3. 1.30.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    "HOLD ON". That's precious!!!!!!! And I need a date with my pantry too, but I keep putting it off.

  4. 1.30.19
    Unknown said:

    I have everything in my pantry and love them! You can get them at Bed, Bath and Beyond and use their coupons or I saw them this week at Home Goods with great pricing there.

  5. 1.30.19
    Rachel Embery said:

    I would love to give you tips or advice if “the slopes” you’re heading too are in Colorado! If so, I’d definitely do a night or two in COS in the way up, if you’re driving. Colorado is such a great place, especially for families. I too have a date with the pantry soon, but the weekend weather looks gorgeous so hiking may win over.

  6. 1.30.19
    dara said:

    I started with that potty training book and have never looked back! Worked like a charm with my 2 girlies. =)

    That said.. my youngest just turned 3 (we potty trained at 2) and she still goes through phases where she has accidents. I just tell myself that's normal and try to keep reasonable expectations!

  7. 1.30.19
    Unknown said:

    I definitely recommend joining the Oh Crap! Potty Training Facebook page too – it helped me while using this method for Potty Training. We are currently on day 14 and it is going really well. Those first few days were rough!

  8. 1.30.19
    Kate Cam said:

    I hope you find the book helpful! I swear by it!

  9. 1.30.19
    Unknown said:

    Just downloaded that potty training audio book!!!

  10. 1.30.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    I did a pantry makeover a couple of years ago and it was the greatest 6 hours I ever spent. haha I've been able to keep it relatively organized ever since too! Can't wait for Murder Mystery night!!! Whooohooo!! That Inspired Chick

  11. 1.30.19
    Simply Tish said:

    Gosh, so thankful to be done with potty training! Good luck to you Momma!!
    Simply Tish

  12. 1.31.19
    Laura Jean said:

    That potty training book is the best! Definitely join the FB group that goes with it.

  13. 1.31.19
    Mary Jane said:

    I seriously laughed out LOUD at Britt's "hold on"!! And her little ref shirt…that is the cutest thing!!