What’s Up Wednesday

 I’m joining MelShay, and Sheaffer for their What’s Up Wednesday link-up!

What we’re eating this week:
Monday-We had Shay’s Mexi Beef over Rice.  It was chilly outside (WAHOO!) and this was the perfect warm meal.
Tuesday-Beer Cheese Joe’s are some of our favorites!
Wednesday-Chicken Parm Sloppy Joe’s are on the menu tonight!  Apparently, it’s a sloppy joe kind of week around here. 🙂
Thursday-All the leftovers!!  Thursdays are our crazy nights.
Friday-We’ll be eating out!

What I’m Reminiscing About:
Another year at Oktoberfest…our town’s little festival has really grown!  Now there are rides and TONS of people.  In 2014, there was a petting zoo and a few bounce houses.  And look at how little Bowen was-you can see the back of his head!

What I’m Loving:
I love watching my kids do things they enjoy.  This season Nixon is playing flag football.  He’s only had two games so far, but he’s really having fun.  #andthatswhatitsallabout

What We’ve Been Up To:
Oktoberfest 2016!

My mom was in town this weekend so she got to experience Oktoberfest for the first time.  We had so much fun!  These people are all about some carnival rides.  We had sauerkraut (my mom and I LOVE sauerkraut), bumped into lots of friends, and enjoyed ice cream.  It was a great evening!

What I’m Dreading:
Nothing at the moment.

What I’m Working On:
Light fixture hunt!  The front sitting room is almost completely finished.  I just have to find a new light fixture.  Right now there’s an ugly white fan.  Ugh!

What I’m Excited About:
This guy will be home this weekend!  You know anytime that happens during football season I’m smiling.  🙂

What I’m watching/reading:
I just started this one.  I’ll keep you posted.  🙂

What I’m Listening To:
The same songs as usual…Kidz Bop, Disney, and some Christian music.

What I’m Wearing:
I’m not really wearing this anywhere YET.  I bought this dress in navy for family pictures and I might dress it up for a wedding.  I’m only sharing because I thought it was so cute!  It has a bell sleeve.  The lace is so pretty and it’s the perfect length.  For size reference, I’m wearing a small.

What I’m Doing This Weekend:
We have a fun family night planned and a special date night as well!  WAHOO!

What I’m Looking Forward to Next Month:
All things HALLOWEEN!  We just ordered costumes this week.  My kiddos are so funny.  They always tend to revert to the same things when discussing Halloween costumes….Bowen ALMOST chose a crocodile costume that pretty much looks exactly like the T-Rex pictured above.  Nixon went with a VERY similar thing he’s been before.  Ebby Lee stepped out of her box.  🙂

Hope you ladies have a great Wednesday!  XOXO

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  1. 9.28.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    You look great in that lace dress!!!! And I love that last pic of the kids. Can't wait to see what they are this year!

  2. 9.28.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Woohoo for fall stuff! I hope you guys have a great family weekend!!

  3. 9.28.16
    Anonymous said:

    Cute, cute, cute! I'm so excited for Sunday! See you then!! Xo 🙂

  4. 9.28.16
    Kathleen said:

    Our book club read that book. It was slow and strange at first and then I fell in love with Ove….hang in there until that happens for you!

    • 9.28.16
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I'm so glad you said that because so far I'm not getting the hype!! I'll keep going! 🙂

  5. 9.28.16
    Whitney Pegram said:

    LOVE that dress!!

  6. 9.28.16
    Anonymous said:

    CA-UTE white dress, I am sure the navy will be great too! I need to add some of these books to my list too! Happy Wednesday!

  7. 9.28.16
    Megan @ Letting In The Light Blog said:

    I remember writing a story in second grade about a girl and how much she hated sauerkraut. Ha!

  8. 9.28.16
    Lynsey Logic said:

    Love the dress. You mentioned ordering a small – how tall are you?

  9. 9.28.16
    Unknown said:

    Cute dress!

  10. 9.28.16
    Darcy said:

    That dress is so cute! And have you ever checked out Costco for lighting? Their selection is small – but the prices are SO reasonable and the quality is excellent. (They only sell items that are very high quality, but low priced – which is why the selection is small.) We buy all of our home improvement pieces (lighting, outdoor lights, bath fixtures, etc) there! http://www.costco.com/lighting.html

  11. 9.28.16
    Lindsay's Sweet World said:

    I'm loving that lace dress! It is perfect for family pictures!

  12. 9.28.16
    Olivia at Joyfully Prudent said:

    Yay for Tab being home this weekend! So is Ryan!!! Love the dress. We missed Oktoberfest this year because we had so much going on 🙁 I really wanted to go!

  13. 9.28.16
    mel @ the larson lingo said:

    That dress is so cute! Are you going to Vegas for convention?!?
    Thanks for linking up with us! 🙂

  14. 9.28.16
    Shannon said:

    Where do you get your kids Halloween costumes? They are SO cute!

  15. 9.28.16
    Megan said:

    That dress is gorgeous on you!!!! And why is it so hard to find lighting. I've been looking for a year for our kitchen island.

  16. 9.29.16
    Britt Hensley said:

    My kiddos normally stick with the same costumes too..preferably a princess for Nat, super hero for Carson, & a skeleton for Stephen. Fingers crossed we successfully mix it up!

  17. 9.29.16
    Moms' Coffee Date said:

    I love last year's Halloween costumes! The Octoberfest sounds like so much fun!!

  18. 10.2.16
    Ann Marie said:

    Erika– love love love that dress! Your family pictures are going to be beautiful!! Hope you had so much fun on your date night this weekend!