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I don’t know about you ladies, but last week I think I highlighted a few too many teams.  I was CRAZY overwhelmed, so I scaled it back a bit today.  You can check out the post from last week HERE.  I’m highlighting the NFC East today.  Again…if you’re new to the blog, for the last month or two I’ve been highlighting “What I’d Wear to a Football Game”.  I hope you’re enjoying it!

Dallas Cowboys:
My first stop is super close to home…the Dallas Cowboys!  Can I be honest and say that I feel a little pressure on this one?  hahaha!  I didn’t find anything new, but I found two of my very favorites that would look GREAT at a Cowboys game.

I scored this coat during the Anniversary Sale and now it’s 45% off!  Doesn’t it scream “Cowboys” to you?

And…I’ve featured this toggle vest before, but I absolutely love it!  I ordered a medium (for the length) and it’s perfect!  Apparently, I have a thing for toggles and navy.  🙂

New York Giants:
Next up…the New York Giants.  I have two random facts about the Giants….1. Tab and I were in attendance the year the Giants beat the Patriots in the Super Bowl.  CRAZY!!  The place went NUTS!  2. I have a super close friend who went to a party with Eli Manning.  🙂

This is the perfect shade of blue for a New York Giant’s game, right?

Seriously??  How cute is this blue/red plaid coat!  Love this jacket and it’s PERFECT for a Giant’s game!

Philadelphia Eagles:
Before kiddos, Tab and I went to football games apparently…haha!  We traveled to Philly for an Eagles/Cowboys match-up one year.  You Eagle fans are SERIOUS about your football!!  We had a fabulous weekend in Philadelphia!  Super fun town!

I think I love this jacket even more!!

Washington Redskins:
Last stop on the trip today…hitting up the Washington Redskins’ game.

Loving these Hue corduroy leggings for a game in Washington.  They look cute but so comfy!

What about this Free People tee??  Looks plenty long enough for the leggings.

And…these booties are new to Nordstrom but they look SO similar to my Anniversary Sale booties that were pricey!  Seriously…check them out.  They’re so similar and they also come in black.

It was a little shorter today but hopefully sweeter. 🙂 

Happy Wednesday, Girls!!

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  1. 11.12.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Every week, this post makes me want to ditch all of my plans for the day and watch football instead :). Such cute inspirations and ideas!

  2. 11.12.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Girl! You are KILLING IT with these posts! That blue and red plaid coat and that sweater sleeved anorak? OH MY GOODNESS!!!!!

  3. 11.12.14
    Kimm said:

    Love it all !!!!

  4. 11.12.14
    Anonymous said:

    That blue and red coat!!! Just love!

  5. 11.12.14
    Megan said:

    I saw the 2nd military jacket with sweater sleeves yesterday when I was doing some online shopping! Sooo cute I immediately texted it to a friend. Love!!!

  6. 11.12.14
    Anonymous said:

    I love the Dallas Cowboys options! Thanks!

  7. 11.13.14
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    love that long plaid coat!