What I’ve Been Priming Lately

Let’s talk Amazon and what’s been arriving at my doorstep lately.  Shall we?

Some of my friends might say I have meat issues and one of those happens to be preferring my ground meat really chopped finely.  If I’m eating chili or tacos the last thing I want to do is bite into a ginormous hunk of meat.  Enter this little meat chopper.  I had one from Williams Sonoma that I LOVED but it finally bit the dust, so I ordered this one from Amazon.  It’s not AS good, but it’s easier with Prime.

Bowen needed some new books-especially considering part of his new reading class has been taking place in his bedroom.  This book is a graphic novel I ordered and he was a fan.  So much so that I ordered Book #2.

Britt and I use these letters with the board almost everyday.  If you’re homeschooling a pre-k or kindergarten student, I highly recommend this set.

I never realized we lacked an at-home pencil sharpener until we had supply packs full of unsharpened pencils!

Nixon was in need of some new batting gloves.  New batting gloves that happen to be your team’s colors are even better.

This teeth whitening kit just arrived in the mail.  I haven’t tried yet, but I promise to keep you posted on my thoughts when I do.

When a big kid happens to have a break and they’re walking around aimlessly looking for something to do that’s still quiet, I suggest this game every time.  Britt is a fan!

Shay told me how much her girls like this version.  Britty prefers this one if I’m being honest.

Again on the search for Bowen to find some great reads, I ordered this set.  He’s been reading them to me daily during independent reading time.

Andrea shared this read-aloud so Bowen and I have been reading it together as well.

Ebby Lee has been reading this one.  Bless her heart.  She doesn’t even know what’s gonna happen.

Two of Ebby Lee’s friends recommended this one.  They know her well because she loved it!

Bowen’s team needed a set of these training balls.  Coach Tab delivered!

That wraps up my list of what I’ve been Priming lately!  Happy Wednesday, Friends!

I’m gonna take tomorrow to get all my people off to school.  I’ll be back here on Friday!
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