Tuesday’s Top Three

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I’m totally cheating today!!  Here’s something you should know about me.  I cheated once BIG time in the fourth grade.  I felt so bad about it.  I turned myself in.  My mom made me confess to the teacher.  It was horrible, and I never really “cheated” on tests again.  It stuck with me!!  (I’m not counting homework in college.  That’s another post altogether. )  

My Top Three today is all about the things I’m thankful for!  I have WAY more than three things…so maybe today we should call it, “Tuesday’s Top Thirty”.  ha!  This year I tried to participate in posting one thing every day I was thankful for on instagram.  I think I stopped on day three!  I couldn’t remember!!  I went back through my phone and found random pictures from the month of November.  Some are serious and some are NOT!  So…here are my top twenty!!  In no particular order…


These sweet kiddos and I’m SO thankful God chose me to be their mommy!


I am thankful my feet will now be dry and trendy on rainy days.  🙂

I’m thankful for a Savior!!  I’m also thankful for quiet mornings with my Bible and coffee!

I’m thankful my kiddos’ have the BEST daddy!!  I’m also thankful he chose me to be his wife.  We have so much fun together!!


I have the BEST girlfriends EVER!!  I’m so thankful for them!  (ALL of my girlfriends could not fit into a little  selfie i-phone pic…I have LOTS!)  


I’m thankful for fun shopping days with my mom!!  We went to Canton and had a blast!  My packages might look small, but they held lots of fun treasures!


Bowen…he is the perfect addition to our family.  I’m amazed at how much Ebby Lee and Nixon adore him.

So thankful Ebby Lee’s tonsil surgery went well.  She was down and out for about a week and a half, but she was a champ!!  (I’m also thankful for baby gates. :))


Christmas decorations, twinkling lights, and all the magic Christmas brings.  I love this season! 

 And…a new house!  We still have LOTS to do, but I’m so thankful for the extra space and cute neighborhood!

I’m so thankful for moments when they’re all three playing together.  Mamas…you know what I mean, right??


Love spending some alone time with this guy!!  We had a blast!  

And…thankful for my family who watched our crazy bunch at home.


Thankful for beautiful beaches, pools, and comfy chairs.


Thankful for a little brother who ADORES his older brother!


Ebby Lee has a mind of her own when it comes to the fashion world.  Thankful for days we BOTH agree on her outfit!  ha!  This was one of those mornings.


I’m so thankful he thought it was fun to wear matching shirts!  

#hestillthinksimcool #notforlong #tear

Thankful for a third kiddo who sleeps GREAT!

Thankful for warm cozy Christmas movie nights with ALL the blankets!  (More blankets under the t.v….don’t be alarmed the kiddos put them away.)  

And…thankful for M who bought everyone new cozy pajamas!


Thankful for 3 healthy kiddos…especially this ALMOST one-year-old!

Thankful for a sweet girl (most of the time)…ha!

#19 continued…

And a sweet boy (most of the time).  🙂

Thankful for an AMAZING family!!  My cousin, Ty, and his wife, Morgan, came down this weekend.  Ty makes furniture and he made Nixon some AWESOME bunk beds!  We had a blast hanging out with them for a few days.  I think they should move closer for us.  😉  

I have no recent pictures of my parents, grandparents, or Tab’s family on the i-phone!  But…we are SO thankful for our families.  They are the BEST!  We’re looking forward to lots of visits over Christmas!

Hope you have a GREAT Thanksgiving week and are truly reminded of all you have to be thankful for as well!  Happy Tuesday!
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  1. 11.26.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I think this might be your best post EVER! I'm so thankful for you Erika! Seriously…when you go out of town for a few days and I don't have you to talk to every 10 minutes…I'm lost. I am so thankful God brought you into MY life! Love you!

  2. 11.26.13
    Morgan said:

    Aww! We can't wait to see you all again in less than a month! 🙂 Hope you all had fun celebrating Bowen's birthday today & that Bruce and Tina are having a BLAST in TX. Love you guys!