Tuesday’s Top Three-Thanksgiving Traditions

I know I talked about Christmas shopping yesterday, but I’m not forgetting about Thanksgiving!  Today we’re talking Thanksgiving Traditions.  For the last couple years, my parents and sometimes Tab’s dad and step-mom are at our house for Thanksgiving dinner.  We haven’t started any fabulous traditions YET, but I’m on the hunt for some great ones.  I found one that I’m FOR SURE doing this year!

I LOVE this idea and am totally using it!  It’s a fun tradition to make your Thanksgiving meal a little more exciting.  You make a “Turkey Day” award for each guest.  They can be silly (I’m choosing silly!) or serious, but they should be unique to each guest.  Super fun!!

#2-Thankful Tree
 I did something very similar to this two years ago.  (My kids were clearly too young to “get it” then, so I need to pull it back out.)  You can do it two ways.  One way is to daily write one thing you’re thankful for and tie it on the tree.  On Thanksgiving or the night before, you can read all the things your family wrote over the month.  Or…(this is how I did it) I made “Thankful Garland”.  I used grapevine garland and clothespinned (yea, that’s a word) leaves I’d cut out of cute fall paper.  On the leaves, I wrote an activity for each day that showed we were thankful for something.  Like…write a friend a thank-you note for being so sweet to you or call your grandma to tell her “thank you” for being so awesome.  You get the idea.  My kiddos were too young two years ago, but they’d totally get it now.  Since we’re already a week into November, I think this year I’ll cut it down and do a week of activities.  

This sounds like a great idea too.  You ask each guest something they’re thankful for and then bake it into the rolls for your meal.  People can guess who wrote each one.  It’s a little unique spin to just going around the table and saying something you’re thankful for.  I think my kiddos would LOVE biting into a roll and finding a message inside.  ha!

And…I’m sharing a Thanksgiving tradition in my family.  This happens at my grandma’s Thanksgiving every year and Christmas too.  (We’re usually only there on Christmas.)  We have lots of musically talented people in the group (I am NOT one of them.  Sidenote…I was in choir and even made All-District in high school, but if I had to sing a song for you right now.  It would NOT be good.  Don’t know what happened?).  Someone plays the piano or the guitar and we sing some Christmas songs.  That’s all fun and games.  

Then…we sing “Twelve Days of Christmas” and you get assigned a day!!  (Usually you get to double or triple up because there are so many people..but still!)  So for instance, if you happen to be “FIVE GOLDEN RINGS”….you and maybe one or two others will be the ONLY people singing.  You guys know the song, right?  You’re supposed to HOLD those notes out a while, if you get what I’m saying??  Not good for Erika!!  The above picture is what the singing should look like, but this is what I look like…
I CANNOT stop laughing!!!  When I have to sing my part, it sounds horrible and I LAUGH!!!  And laugh and laugh!  I’m sure I let my Grandma down every year…sorry, Grandma!!  But…I can’t help it!  

I realize it sounds like I’m complaining when you’re reading this, but it really is a fun tradition.  I LOVE that we do something that’s just special to our family.  I LOVE hanging out with my family.  My kiddos will absolutely LOVE it this year.  (And I secretly will too…unless I get assigned “FIVE GOLDEN RINGS”!!)  
Getting cray-cray up in Grandma’s house

I would LOVE to hear about your fun Thanksgiving traditions!!  Please leave me a comment and share what your family does.  Happy Tuesday!
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  1. 11.12.13
    Lyndsey said:

    I love your ideas and traditions! My grandpa used to smoke a turkey for Thanksgiving and my cousins, siblings and I were much younger:), we would all carry it inside on the huge carving board together to deliver it to my grandma:) we are all in our twenties and thirties now and I joked with them we should recreate that this year:p now my husband and I write what we are thankful for in a keepsake journal. It's fun to look back over the years! Also we watch Planes trains and automobiles- the movie with John candy and Steve Martin. Love this time of year! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

  2. 11.12.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    These are really, really good ideas!! I am totally stealing some of these for our Thanksgiving!!

  3. 11.12.13
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    I love all of these ideas! I want to do all of them 🙂 Here's another one to throw out there that I think I'm going to do this year… I'm getting a plain white table cloth and having everyone write what they're thankful for on the table cloth in fabric pen. Then every year you can see what everyone was thankful for the year before (and see everyone's cute handwriting!). I'm thinking about adding a handprint for my kids as well.

  4. 11.12.13
    Morgan said:

    Hahahahahaha!!!!!!! I'm dyyyying at the last part of this post. Those pictures!! I am shocked that you never told me that you were All-District?! Hello??!

    Also, I believe it was Tab who had the "Five Golden Rings" last year. And he did an awesome job!! Haha! Now you've got me looking forward to this moment at Christmas. Or maybe we need a little mini-preview next weekend! 😉