Tuesday’s Top Three-School Halloween Party Ideas

 Happy Tuesday!!
This week my Top Three post is all about school Halloween parties.  I searched and searched online and Pinterest to find some fabulous ideas to help all of us Mommas out there(and especially those Room Mommas)!!  I’m highlighting my very favorite ideas for a school Halloween party.
As a classroom teacher, I wanted the kids to have fun at the party, but I wanted it to be “controlled” fun.  I didn’t want parents to leave and think, “Wow, that Mrs. Slaughter needs some help in her classroom!”.  I was always SO nervous at parties because it’s SO hard to have the perfect mix of FUN and STRUCTURE. I hope these ideas help us all a little bit this year…
Have the toilet paper rolls (ghosts) stacked up like bowling pins and use a super round pumpkin as the bowling ball.  This looks like a super cute game and I’m sure the kids would love it.  If I was doing this at a party..I’d split the kiddos into groups and have parents in charge of each group.  One group of kids can make a craft, one can be bowling, another can be painting pumpkins, and the other group can be eating.  We tried a game similar to this at a preschool party last year.  The kiddos had a blast, but they didn’t want to wait to take turns.  So, if the kids were split into groups, then they wouldn’t be waiting long.
That website also had some cute snacks.  Like wrapping juice boxes in white electrical tape to look like little mummies.  Cute!

 #2  Pumpkin Painting (I’m counting all this as one…it’s from the same blog.  Looks like the kiddos went from group to group doing activities.  Great ideas)
 #2  Find the Eyeball in the Haystack  My kids would LOVE digging through a box (getting to make a mess) to find something.
 #2 Fill up the Pumpkin race…teams are trying to fill up the pumpkin with popped popcorn.  (Great idea if you have LOTS of space)
 I’d still split the class into groups and these ideas would be perfect for different stations.
I found this on Pinterest.  They had a Halloween party and made the homemade slime.  We used to make this in third grade but we called it Goop.  It was (somehow) a liquid AND a solid so it was fun to do during science class.  The kids wanted to mess with it forever.  But…if you made some and called it slime for a Halloween party??  Perfect!!!  Then they sent some home with every kiddo in a cute bag.  Great idea!
This blog had one idea for every class kinder-6th.  Kiddos would LOVE this activity and you could do it with lots of different ages and they’d love it all the same!  
I know ALL schools are different, so even if your child’s class isn’t having a “Harvest Party” this year these activities would still be super fun at home.  Invite a friend or two over and they’ll LOVE it!  
Hope these ideas give some of us Room Mommas some great ideas for a fun Halloween party this year!!  Good luck Mommas!!

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  1. 10.15.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I loved all of those activities! The bowling might be my favorite though :). They were all so easy and inexpensive!!

  2. 10.15.13
    Krystin Carey said:

    This post was PERFECT timing!! I was just stressing all night about having to plan a class game for the Halloween party…such cute ideas:) Thanks!!

  3. 9.26.14
    Unknown said:

    How did you create the hand form to stand on the plate? Is it from the slime mixture?

  4. 9.26.14
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Lisa….yes!!! It was from the mixture but also these were all ideas from Pinterest. I'd definitely try at home before you took it to a school party. 🙂

  5. 9.26.14
    Unknown said:

    Or were the hands on the table created from wax?