Tuesday’s Top Three-Gifts from 2019

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We’re back (ALMOST) into the swing of normal life.  Britt has a check-up today and I’m praying the doctor gives us the all clear for any food so this girl can head back to school tomorrow.  She’s doing great!  So great, in fact, I cannot hold her down any longer.  At the beginning of the recovery, she just laid around watching movies.  Now, she is on the move  and there’s no holding her back!

Today is a Top Three post about our favorites from 2019.  

First up, I asked my Instagram friends what their FAVORITE GIFT was in 2019. 

Any guesses on the TOP THREE?



I own all three of these and am fans of each item!


Any guesses on the TOP THREE items purchased from my blog in 2019?



Another shoe color option that looks a little more “summer”.

Apparently, you guys are digging a water bottle, Mom Jeans 2.0, and comfy shoes.  YOU ARE MY PEOPLE!  🙂


Okay, now I’m adding my TOP THREE FAVORITES from the year.  These are all things making my life a little easier.  #thosearealwaysmyfavorite

These things all made my 2019 easier.  I’m pretty sure I got that slow cooker in 2018, but my superwoman vibes still happen when I walk in the door and dinner is ready.  

Honorable mention goes to…
I use one every other week to shave my face.  It leaves my face so smooth and makes make-up applications so darn easy.  If you haven’t been doing this, TRY IT!

I’ve already tried a few things this year I can’t wait to share with you!  And what is YOUR favorite thing from 2019?

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  1. 1.28.20
    Talley Family said:

    How often do you use the razors before you replace and use a new one? Blessings!

  2. 1.28.20
    Carrie said:

    My aftershokz head phones were likely my favorite. In my opinion the only safe head phones to use during a run or walk outside. They are bone conduction and so you hear your surroundings.

    CRZ pocket thermal running leggings, and CRZ long sleeve tops were my 2 other ( amazon)

  3. 1.28.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I would 100% agree with your online poll! All three great ideas!!!

  4. 1.28.20
    Kelly said:

    Yes!!! The shoes! I had never even heard of the brand until I saw you wearing them and now I've talked several of my friends into buying them. They are absolutely the best shoes for travel. I'm bummed we are going to London in March and it will probably be too cold to wear them.

  5. 1.28.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    The dryer brush is DEFINITELY in my Top 3 as well!

  6. 1.29.20
    Melissa @ Finding My Mojo said:

    I love that Revlon dryer brush too, it's amazing!! Yes to the hydroflask and twinkle razors too!! Looks like I need to get myself some air buds:)

  7. 1.29.20
    onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com said:

    My daughter got me hooked on the Tinkle razors. I need to order some new ones. Will hit up your link. And want to check out those pantry bins. I have been organizing my pantry in January and might be able to put some of those to good use.

  8. 1.29.20
    Tracy said:

    Does the fine hair on your face grow back thicker at all after using those razors? I'm so curious about those. Please share more!