Tuesday’s Top Three-Fall Mantel Tips

Happy Tuesday!!  Time for another round of “Tuesday’s Top Three”!!  

I was discussing with Marla (my mother-in-law) decorating for fall and we both agreed our favorite thing to decorate is the mantel!  It’s usually the major focal point of the living room, so it’s kind of a big deal!  Anyway, we were chatting about it and it gave me a great idea for a little Top Three post about decorating your mantel for fall.  We came up with three tips…

 #1 Use a VARIETY of textures.  
My mantel is pretty much a hot mess of things but it totally works!  haha!  I love the glass from the lantern mixed in with candles, wicker pumpkins, and sparkly gold pumpkins as well.  Choose a variety of textures when you’re decorating your mantel…we totally think it makes it look so much better.

 I found this image on Pinterest (but couldn’t find the original source), and I love it!  It’s super simple…pumpkins, a stump, and leaves, but all those textures make this mantel FUN!!  I’m going to remember this image for next year!

#2  Keep your mantel balanced (on the sides) but not matchy-matchy.  
Don’t get me wrong…some people have super balanced mantels and they are GORGEOUS!!  This list is just about what we do…so we keep plenty of items on each ends, but we don’t match the items.  Marla’s mantel is above.  (Don’t worry…lots of you guys asked about a home tour and we have it down on the list!  You’ll love Marla’s house.)

We’ve probably all seen THIS image on Pinterest.  Check it out…super balanced, but not matchy.  🙂

#3 Make it personal!!
Use things you LOVE on your mantel.  For me, I love having that big canvas with my family as the main focal point.  I also love the lantern and the “pumpkin” sign. They might not have a sentimental meaning, but choose some of your favorite things. 

Marla is GREAT at making hers personal.  Her father was a cotton farmer in Arkansas, so she has cotton up on her mantel representin’.  The pheasant is one her father actually shot and I think she somehow snuck it home (without her parents seeing..haha!) knowing it’d look GREAT on her fall mantel.  See??  She’s making it personal!!  

I hope these tips helped someone just a little bit!!  If you have any others PLEASE leave them in the comments.  We’d love to all read them and share.  I promise a “Marla’s House Tour” post coming soon.  Here’s a little tease…
 The buffet in her dining room…love it!  🙂

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  1. 10.28.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love, love, love your tips!! Marla was spot on about everything!! And I love my fall mantle so much…I'm going to be sad when it's all down after the holidays :(.

  2. 10.28.14
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    That "Give Thanks" mantle makes me sigh every single time I see it. Your mantels always look great, and I can't wait to see the rest of Marla's house all decorated up!

  3. 10.28.14
    Anonymous said:

    I love these tips!!! I always think that your home looks cozy and inviting!!! Great job mama!!

  4. 10.28.14
    Kimm said:

    Your mantel looks fabulous! And the five thanks mantel, well let's say I screen shot it and my mantel will look like that next fall! Awesome post!!!

  5. 10.28.14
    Anonymous said:

    Is Marla an Interior Designer.. can't wait to see her house!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. 10.28.14
    Anonymous said:

    Terrific ideas! I'm going to have a rockin' mantel next year! Thanks 🙂

  7. 10.28.14
    Jersey Love said:

    I love your mantle! and Marla's is super cute as well. I don't have a mantle in my current house, but I have an entry table I decorate like a mantle. My mom has one that is constantly decorated for each holiday & season… I love it!

  8. 10.28.14
    Unknown said:

    Love your mantel! Such good ideas!!!

  9. 10.28.14
    Anonymous said:

    Loved this post! I need to step up my mantel game pronto! If it's not too much trouble, would you mind listing where Marla finds her home decor when you give us a home tour?

    • 10.28.14
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Yes!! I'll let you know her fave places! I think I might do a q and a with her as well. 🙂

  10. 10.28.14
    Unknown said:

    Can't wait to see Marla's home tour! It would be cool to see her home decorated for Christmas too. Can you talk her into it? 🙂 Thanks

    • 10.28.14
      Erika Slaughter said:

      I think I can. 🙂

  11. 10.28.14
    Sarah said:

    Oh I love this! Question…what do you do with everything when it's not on your mantle and if you do change it every year what happens to the stuff you bought the previous years? Where do you find your stuff? Okay that was more than one question…I find that once I buy something I just keep doing the same thing year after year…

    • 10.28.14
      Erika Slaughter said:

      Sarah…I store my stuff in plastic tubs in the attic. I find a lot of stuff at Hobby Lobby, Home Goods, Marshall's. Usually I just add a little new every year and then move it around…maybe use it in another room or decorate the kiddos rooms with it.

  12. 10.28.14
    dresselfamily.blogspot.com said:

    Ooohh I love.home.tours, they.are always so fun.. ( tell shay we need another room 😉 ).
    I want a large canvas in my house, where us the best place to have them printed.. Any ideas, and what is the expected cost??

  13. 10.28.14
    Erika Slaughter said:

    I got my canvas at a local place. I think it was around $100. Not having to pay shipping definitely helped!

  14. 10.28.14
    Anonymous said:

    Can hardly wait for Marla's house tour. Thanks for the great ideas!

  15. 10.29.14
    jen said:

    Love this so much! The tips are great and the decor is so beautiful. You are both so talented. Can't wait for the tour too. I'm thinking Marla is your MIL-? Love it all! Such a great blog!!