Tuesday’s Top Three and a GIVEAWAY!!

Today’s Top Three is all about my top three Christmas traditions.  (I’m linking up with Kelly at Kelly’s Korner.)  I don’t know about you guys, but as a mom I try to do fun things my kids will always remember about this special time of year.  Some things we’re doing right now:  
*Opening a Christmas book and reading every night.
*Our elf, Sparky, is in a new place every morning.
*Every night we’re reading a new verse that is part of the Christmas story.  We keep rereading them every night starting at the first one.
*We attend Christmas parties.
*We make Christmas cookies.
*We buy gifts for our Angel Tree kiddos.
*We decorate our house and their rooms for Christmas.
*We sent Christmas cards and we get SO excited when we open cards from friends.
*We visit the Gaylord Texas to see all the beautiful lights each year.
*We go visit Santa.

I could go on and on.  It’s such a busy time!  But…I pray that we’re all remembering why we’re even celebrating Christmas in the first place.  I pray that my kiddos always remember how special this season is, but I pray they know and remember WHY it’s special.  I’m loving ALL the Christmas traditions we have and take part in every year.  But…these are my very favorite top three Christmas traditions…

#1.  Christmas Eve church service.  (This is just a pic I found on google).  Every year on Christmas Eve my entire extended family meets at my Aunt’s church to attend the candlelight service.  If I lived in the same town as my family, I’d probably take this for granted, but I don’t.  It’s such a special time to me.  We’re all in a couple pews together, singing Christmas songs, and celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.  Melts my heart.  Every. Time.  Then we head to my aunt’s house for a delicious meal of appetizery (yes, it’s word) foods and desserts.

#2.  This picture cracks me up.  What am I doing in the middle on my knees??  Clearly, with a three-week-old baby my hormones were ALL over the place!  Ebby Lee’s pose kills me!  But…this is our family on Christmas Day at my grandparent’s house.  This is probably such a special tradition because it’s what I remember about Christmas as a child.  Again, it’s probably special to me because we live ten hours away and this is one of the few if any times all year long where we are all together.  We meet at my grandparents house for lunch, lots of hang out time, presents, and more food.  We’ve completely outgrown their upstairs living room, so we do most of the hanging in their basement.

My grandparents and ALL their great-grandchildren.  Such a fun tradition…hanging with these people!  ha!  It looks like we missed the perfect kid picture-taking moment.  Only one kid is even looking with NO smiles!  haha!

#3. Christmas lights in our pj’s.  I LOVE doing this with our kiddos.  They have a blast and so do we.  (This is from last year and we must not have been moving because Nixon wasn’t even buckled.  We have this planned to do this week.)

And now…another GIVEAWAY!!!
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  1. 12.17.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love your Christmas traditions! Each one of them is so sweet and special!

  2. 12.17.13
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    The Christmas Eve service is one of my favorite nights of the year. Has been since I was little. I just LOVE it!

  3. 12.17.13
    Anonymous said:

    Your Christmas tradition of reading a verse that's part of the Christmas story each night is awesome!

  4. 12.21.13
    Sara @ Making Memories of Us said:

    What wonderful traditions! I love the one about reading a Christmas book each night. My daughter is only 3 month old, but already has quite a Christmas book collection.