Tuesday Talk-Scary Movies {Kind Of}

It’s TUESDAY TALK, which means Fancy Ashley and I have teamed up!  Once a month we join forces and chit chat about anything and everything.  Like always, blogger friends we invite you to join us!

Today, I’m in the full Halloween spirit!  Our costumes have all arrived, we have fun plans on Halloween night, our pumpkin carving date is set, the weather is cooling off, and I’ve already set a few Reese’s Cups WAY back in the pantry to hide.  We’re Halloween READY!

But we’re having a big debate about…


My kids are in that awkward stage where they want to watch something scary but it’s hard to find something scary but still appropriate for their ages.  So, our family is kind of stumped!  

There’s a part of me that’s envisioning THIS as my future if we go too scary!  We need something in between, It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and Halloween.  Know what I mean?  They want something a little scary but nothing that’s gonna have them running into my room for weeks on end.

I remember watching Tremors with Reba McEntire when I was little.  I think it was a complete accident and the super appropriate kid movie stopped playing so it automatically clicked over to regular television that happened to be on the channel airing Tremors.  I had bad dreams for days!  So much so that I just googled the rating on that movie and am shocked it was only PG-13!

Does your family have a favorite “in between” kind of scary Halloween movie you’d recommend for 5th and 6th graders?  If so, PLEASE share!!  

And do you remember the scariest movie you watched when you were little?  I don’t even remember another option coming close to Tremors for me!  What about you?

I can’t wait to watch your suggestions!  Thanks, friends!

Only ELEVEN days to Halloween!  Let’s make them spooky…well, maybe just a tad spooky.  😉

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