Tuesday Talk-Key Fobs

Hey Friends!

Today is one of my favorite days…it’s Tuesday Talk, the day Fancy Ashley and I team up and invite you to join us by talking about anything and everything under the sun. 

I love love love getting your thoughts and opinions on things so I’ve been thinking about this topic for a while.

I’m gonna ask the question, set the stage, and then ask it one more time.

*Where do you put your key fob in your car while you’re driving?*

-Is it on the console?
-Is it in your pocket?
-Is it in your purse?

PLEASE let me know where you think that little car starter needs to go.

A little background for my question…last year when I got a new car, it came with the key fob that starts the whole thing.  {I’d never experienced this whole starting without turning a key before.}  When I drive, I always put the keys in the middle console.  It’s what I started doing and it helps me not lose my keys.

When Tab drives my car, he always puts my keys in his pocket.  Which is delightful and totally works for him EXCEPT when we’re going somewhere together and then I take the car somewhere.  It’s happened three times over the last few months and not too long ago it happened again.  We went to grab dinner on a week night and then I had a meeting right after so Tab drove home.  He hopped out with the kids and I switched to the driver seat and drove off.  My meeting was about thirty minutes away and when I got there I tried to grab my keys from the console but THEY WEREN’T THERE!  They were in Tab’s pocket in our house THIRTY MINUTES away.  I couldn’t go into my meeting because if I turned my car off, then it wouldn’t restart because I didn’t have the key!

I’m telling you guys it’s happened enough times Tab finally said that I should ask the blog world where they put their key fob.  He clearly believes you’re gonna say you’re pocket and he’s confident.  haha!  I’m BEGGING you to say the console.  haha!  But, I want you to be honest.  PLEASE PLEASE help us end this debate.  What do you do with your key fob in your car?  Where does it go?  Is there some special magical place in your car I don’t know about?

And sidenote-yes, my car makes a very light, tiny ding if I drive off and it doesn’t detect the key.  If I have the kiddos in the car with me, there’s no way I’m hearing that little ding.  My car is loud, people.  Four kids?!  Right?  And if I’m alone, I always turn my music up loud so again…don’t hear the ding.  I’d prefer my emergency lights to come on and my car to start honking.  Now that would get my attention.  🙂

I love making these Tuesday Talks interactive.  If you have a question or something you’d like us to address here on Tuesday Talk, please send it over {alittlebitofeverything83@yahoo.com}.  And again PLEASE share where you put that little key fob.

I’ll keep you posted with the results!

Thanks, ladies!

Happy Tuesday!  XO

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  1. 1.16.18
    Missus Via said:

    Our car came with 2 key fobs, so he had one and I have the other. If I have a jacket, I keep it in the pocket. If it's warmer out I throw it in the center console.

  2. 1.16.18
    Renee said:

    Hi. I keep my keys in my purse or sometimes in my jacket pocket. When my husband drives my car, he uses his key fob, which is in his pocket, but I still have my fob in my purse.

  3. 1.16.18
    Sam Harris said:

    This is a fun one. I keep mine in my purse always. I never ever take it out so it's always with me. My husband has his own for my car so we don't have to swap. Good luck!

  4. 1.16.18
    Mary said:

    OMG I hate the whole key fob thing. I just got a new car and tried like hell to find one that needs a real key, spoiler I didn’t find one. I keep it in my purse! However if we are going somewhere and my husband drops me off then I’m searching through my purse for it. We always say I hate that key every time we go somewhere! He puts it in his pocket; but has also left it in there ( coat pocket) and taken it to work and sometimes the second key is “hiding” and then I have to remember where the &$#@*(=! Spare is. Can you tell I hate that key fob!!!!

  5. 1.16.18
    Rightupmyaliway said:

    This made me laugh because I could so see it happening to me. I keep my fob in my purse. I never take it out. If my husband is with me, he brings his keys too. His keys are in his pocket. 😊

  6. 1.16.18
    Eileen said:

    I keep my key fob in my pocketbook. It drives my husband crazy because if someone's home, I don't take them out to get into the house, so they just stay in my pocketbook instead of getting hung up with the rest of the keys. I didn't know you could drive without the fob – I had no idea the car would go!

    • 1.16.18
      Unknown said:

      The car was already on

  7. 1.16.18
    Michelle S. said:

    This made me laugh so hard. We have several vehicles in rotation (b/c my husband owns a business with multiple vehicles.) My suburban still has the good ol' fashion key that you turn, but in our Toyota, we BOTH put our key fob in the console! On a few occasions, it has been in my husbands pocket (especially when he wears a jacket/coat), but our alert if VERY loud when you walk away from the car, but your story is too funny…I'm sure not so much in the moment, but reading it made me laugh! Such a 21st century problem to have! Nevertheless, we put TWO solid votes in the console column!

  8. 1.16.18
    Jordan said:

    I'm always afraid I'm going to do this!! I always lock and unlock my car from the button on the door so I always keep my fob in my purse!

  9. 1.16.18
    Julie C. said:

    I'm with you Erika…I put mine in the center console & so does my husband. He does NOT put it in his pocket!!!! 😉

  10. 1.16.18
    Toni :0) said:

    Hmm, I’m confused. I still have a car that you put the key in so forgive me if I don’t know how this works. Wouldn’t the dealership give you two key fobs? That way you each could keep one on you? Regardless, if you only have one than it really should go in the console. Have him place it in his pocket if he’s only by himself driving the car maybe?

  11. 1.16.18
    Sara G. said:

    I just recently after Christmas got a car that has this feature, SO hard to get used to. I actually got a clip for my keys that I keep on my purse so the keys are ALWAYS with me. It is extremely rare that I do not have my purse so this works for me. If it isn't attached to my purse on the rare occasion that I don't carry it I do put it in the center console where I can see it so I don't forget it. I am SO paranoid that I will lock myself out the car lol I know it will happen one day!

  12. 1.16.18
    Angie said:

    My key fob is always in my purse. Both of them. ALWAYS! 🙂

  13. 1.16.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    In my cup holder next to my cell phone!! This way, I always remember to put it there so that I don't accidentally take it in the house with my purse.

  14. 1.16.18
    ReachingBeyondMediocrity said:

    Ahh! 30 minutes away with no keys?! Did Tab have to drive all the way there to give them to you? I typically keep mine in my pocket. Now, when I'm driving someplace close or just have to stop one place I will throw them in the console, but typically they go in my pocket, so that I'm not looking everywhere for them.

  15. 1.16.18
    Ashlee Haddad said:

    I always keep one set in my purse since I’m driving our car the majority of the time. The other set we leave at home and when my husband is driving he grabs that key.

  16. 1.16.18
    a little bit of emily said:

    Mine is always in my purse, or, in my pocket. I used to do my console, but I kept forgetting, and this way it is always with me, some place or another. I pretty much always check before getting out of the car, though. I've had my car for two years now and it still seems crazy sometimes that there isn't an actual key!

  17. 1.16.18
    Mom Hoog said:

    We encountered the very same thing! Now I carry an extra fob in my purse, problem solved!

  18. 1.16.18
    Meagan @ The Clanahan Fam said:

    I got your back, girl. Always the console! Makes me nervous to have them anywhere else. Now my mom is a purse person. In fact,I don't think she's even SEEN her keys in like a year. They always just chill in her purse.

  19. 1.16.18
    Jen V. said:

    Oh my gosh, thank you for asking this!! My husband and I have this same disagreement but we're opposite you and Tab – he thinks it should stay in the console, I always put it in my purse! I don't know what the answer is…you can't keep a spare in the car because the doors won't lock with a key inside! Like you, I am hoping there is some magical, universal answer to this!

  20. 1.16.18
    Sarita @ it's my girls' world said:

    Pocket but my 'ding' is a very loud one so I will know if I'm driving off without the key fob!

  21. 1.16.18
    Brittany said:

    This exact same thing happens to me all the time! That and because my new car is push button, i somehow forget to put it in park if I’m leaving it running for some reason, like at the car wash! ��. I have almost had it roll into the garage, almost into my husbands car, and right on through the vacuum area of the car wash! Thankfully no one was hurt in these incidents. Hahaha! I put my key fob in the middle console area, too, usually connected to a little coin purse. But we still have moments where one of us forgets and hops out with it and the other is left keyless in the car. Thankfully it hasn’t been a situation like yours yet.

    • 1.16.18
      Unknown said:


    • 1.16.18
      Unknown said:

      This made me lol! I recently got a new car with the key fob and touch start and for like the first month would get out without turning my car off! I have almost not put it in Park a few times too 😂 my key usually never leaves my purse, but if the hubs is with me it is always in the cup holder.

  22. 1.16.18
    Elizabeth Conner said:

    I keep mine in my purse because we’ve had that exact same situation happen…..more then once!!

  23. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    I keep mine in the cupholded. Mostly because I feel like it always sinks to the bottom of my purse!

  24. 1.16.18
    Cheri said:

    Mine stays in my purse and we have the extra one hanging with all the other keys right by the back door and that is the one hubby grabs if he is driving my car.

  25. 1.16.18
    Anonymous said:

    This used to happen to us all the time! Rob ordered a 2nd key fob for him to keep, and it fixed our situation. 😂 Mine stays in my purse, but if you don't carry a purse, I'd definitely say console! 🙂

  26. 1.16.18
    Erika Slaughter said:

    You guys are right! It won’t start without the key fob but in these moments we never turned it off. He hopped out and I got in the driver’s side. 🙂

  27. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    I do keep mine in my pocket…however am the only one who drives my car! Also my car actually does honk when it doesn’t detect the key, so bonus there too!

  28. 1.16.18
    Laura said:

    OK. You need an extra fob. You keep yours in your {elusive} purse. I keep both of mine in my purse, never take them out. I don't think my fingers have touched them in months… My husband keeps the fob in the car. At all times. The doors aren't locked with key inside…doesn't matter if the car is at home, church, mall, etc…it's there for the taking.

  29. 1.16.18
    Dustie Day said:

    We each have a key fob and I honestly have to put mine on one of those clips that I can clip to the inside of my purse. Sometimes it's in my coat pocket but if my husband drives our SUV, he always just brings his own. The struggle is real – I've locked myself out of my car at least 3 times with these new fobs….

  30. 1.16.18
    Kelli Beason said:

    I keep mine in my purse….I know I am going to walk in wherever with my purse. This way hubby never gets keys lol. He very rarely drives my car without me.

  31. 1.16.18
    Lindsey said:

    Always in my purse, in an easy to access pocket! My purse is always with me. My husband has his own key fab, but I always have my set with me even if he drives.

  32. 1.16.18
    Angela said:

    I drive a Ford and it has the thing on the door that you punch in a code and can lock/unlock your door, so this allows me to just leave a key fob in my vehicle all the time! Pure genius and I am so thankful for it. But I will say my Ford also honks (like literally the horn honks) if it doesn't detect the key fob.

  33. 1.16.18
    Elaine Welte said:

    We just bought a car (yesterday) and I was telling DJ the very same thing!!! I was all “do they go in my purse or in the console?” The dealer told me to leave them in my ruse but I know it’s going to take forever to get use to!

  34. 1.16.18
    Luvs2Travl said:

    Erika this was a problem for me too! I found a keychain strap (so I can hold the keys along with groceries) with a hook clasp attached. I found mine in Five Below for $2. Now the keys are ALWAYS attached to my handbag. Inside my LV bag, there’s a gold loop to hook it on to. It’s such peace of mind knowing my keys are always attached to my bag.

    This is what mine looks like. I have silver so it stands out https://www.everythingbranded.com/3-8-rhinestone-key-chain-with-swivel-metal-hook?gclid=EAIaIQobChMInYCayMPc2AIVyIqzCh0bTwP4EAQYASABEgJjVfD_BwE

  35. 1.16.18
    Stacy Brown said:

    If I am going in somewhere, it’s in the front pocket of my diaperbag. If it’s just dropping kids off at school it’s in the center cup holder. Hubby puts it in his pocket 😉 Sorry, Hubs it doesn’t fit in the pocket of my skinny jeans.

  36. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    This is hilarious! I'm shocked that your dealership didn't give you two key fobs like ours did. I would constantly have the same issue as you! Go to the dealership when it warms up 🙂

  37. 1.16.18
    Stacy said:

    I NEVER take my keys out of my purse. The the proximity key for the car and keypad entries on both of our main exterior doors, the keys live in my purse all the time. I LOVE it because I never have to look for my keys – they hang out in an interior pocket. It's my guilty first world pleasure and I haven't lost keys since we bought the new car!

  38. 1.16.18
    Rechelle said:

    It goes in my purse, always! I have one fob in my purse at all times and my husband gets the other one, usually he keeps his in his pocket, jacket, or work bag. But I have mine and he has his so that neither of us are left without one, even if I'm not the one driving I've still got mine just in case and vice verse – that way if someone gets out of the car the other person still has a fob – easy enough really.

  39. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    Our car came with 2 key fobs, so we each keep one on our key rings. However, for me, I always keep my fob/keys zipped up in the inside of my purse and almost never need to get them out. Occasionally, I put them in my pocket if I don't need to carry my purse with me; however, I am always worried I will lose them or they won't make it back into my purse. If I remember you writing on your blog though, I am thinking you don't always carry a purse and maybe just a wallet or wristlet, so I suppose that could make it more challenging. I LOVE LOVE LOVE our keyless cars…we have had 2 and I don't know that I will ever switch back now. So convenient with kiddos…never have to worry about keys!

  40. 1.16.18
    AllieP said:

    I always have my keys in my purse, my husband puts them in his pocket. Our cars do sound an alarm once if you try to drive without the keys (actually I am not entirely sure if we could actually drive the car). The bad thing about having our keys in our purse or pocket, is that if one of us gets out of the car and the other goes to park more than likely the keys go with the person and do not stay in the vehicle. In reality in the cup holder would probably be best.

  41. 1.16.18
    Rachel Embery said:

    It's winter in Colorado so I keep it in my coat pocket. I'm not a purse girl at all. In the summer I do carry on occasion, a small Dakine backpack so I'll keep the key in there. Otherwise it's in my coat pocket. I think we should all get a microchip. That way wherever the silly fob is doesn't matter, our installed microchip will identify us and we can always drive the cars!

  42. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    Do you only have one FOB? That could be the problem.
    I always keep mine in my purse (…which might be a problem for you because I remember you are not a purse person).
    But if you had two FOBs, he can pocket it and you can console it.
    Marriage saved.
    You're welcome. 😉

  43. 1.16.18
    Lauren Boswell said:

    The majority of the cars we rent have the key fob. I always put it in the middle console or a cup holder for this very reason.

    My husband sticks all keys (old school or fob) in his pocket and it drives me crazy. Least twice a month I have to call him after he has left for work asking we’re my keys are and yep they are in his pocket.

    So we would be a split vote.
    Me: #teamErika
    Hubby: #teamTab

  44. 1.16.18
    Laci said:

    I always keep my fob in my purse and you definitely need to get Tab his own key fob!

  45. 1.16.18
    Debra said:

    My husband and I had a similar issue when got a new vehicle last year with the keyless starter. Fortunately, we got two key “fobs”; so we both carry our own. I never take mine out of my purse, unless I’m switching purses.

  46. 1.16.18
    Chan said:

    I put the key fob in my purse. My husbands car is the only one that has this feature. I did the same thing as you one day, we hopped out of the car and switched so I could run down to our golf club and drop something off. I get there and turned the car off and then I couldn’t lock it (I touch the door handle to lock if the keys are near by). I thought that was weird, came back to the car after taking care of business and it said key not in range. My husband had already started the grill, so I had our neighbor pick up the key from him and bring it to me. Thankfully I was only a couple of blocks away!

  47. 1.16.18
    Memphis Bridges said:

    I keep mine in my purse, but the next option would be the console, especially if you share the key fob because "out of sight, out of mind"!

  48. 1.16.18
    Jewell said:

    Both of our vehicles (Mercedes ML350 and E350) scream at you, there are red lights that come on the dashboard and then a super-annoying dinging sound begins that will not stop until the keys are back in the car. This makes it really hard for someone to get far away from the car with the keys. If we are planning to do a switch-a-roo with driving, the keys do sit in the console 🙂

  49. 1.16.18
    jo said:

    Our last car had that and though we had it over 2 years I never did find a good answer for that. I hated that thing. I usually put it on the center console but then sometimes it got knocked off and invariably would be between the seat and console or under the seat and we couldn't find it. Which was Ok because the car would still start but a little unsettling until we found it. Thankfully our current car is back to good old fashioned keys that go right in the ignition. 😊 So no help at all but I feel your pain.

  50. 1.16.18
    Sara said:

    I put mine in my console. But I kind of hate the key fob. I just want to be old school and use a key!

  51. 1.16.18
    Therese said:

    My husband's car has one of those fobs. He always leaves it in his pocket. If I drive it I put them in the console. On more than one occasion we've had the same thing happen. He's walked off with the fob in his pocket and I'm left in a car… The worst time was at the Costco gas pumps. I had turned the car off to get gas. He had gone into Costco to get whatever it was we needed. We just had to sit and wait until he came back. The gas attendant said it happened all the time!

  52. 1.16.18
    Nicole in WI said:

    Always in the purse. I never take it out, that way I never lose it!

  53. 1.16.18
    Jenny said:

    I keep mine in my purse. My car makes a very loud dinging noise if you walk off with it and it keeps making the noise until you get back in range so you definitely hear it. Several times I have had it in my purse and my husband has been driving and I get out of the car. As soon as I'm out of range it starts beeping. My husband says he always parks it very quickly because he is scared the car is just going to turn off.

  54. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    I keep mine in my purse. My car came with 2 fobs, so I have my husband keep one on his keychain, too (Like he needed one more thing on his keychain), but it has saved us from similar situations like yours! 🙂

  55. 1.16.18
    BronteReed said:

    I always put my keys in the cup holder where I can see them, for some reason I get very anxious when I’m driving and cannot see my keys….. irrational-I know!

  56. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    My fob is always in my purse. My husband has his own fob for my car that he puts in his pocket. There's no way we could share a fob!

  57. 1.16.18
    Amy said:

    I keep mine in my purse. It also helps that my car has a button on the outside door handle that I push when I get out to lock/unlock the car, so my keys never leave my purse. My husband has the other key that came with the car so he always has his key when he drives my car. Funny story…..my brother and sister-in-law and their kids were out of town on vacation at the beach, and my brother and his kids dropped my sister-in- law off at the grocery store (with the key fob to the car in her purse with her) and then he drove to get gas. He of course turned the car off to get out and pump gas, when he finished and attempted to drive away he realized he didn't have the key fob! His college aged daughter and her boyfriend had to get an uber to drive them to the grocery store to get the key fob and then drive them back to the gas station so they could start the car! 🙂

  58. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    I keep it in my purse! You never have to take it out, therefore you never lose it! My husband has his own keys and his own fob for my car so he never needs mine.

  59. 1.16.18
    Stacey said:

    This really hits home for me! I feel like there should be a special spot for the key fob. I mean my Tahoe has tons of other random little compartments but not one for the key!? I told my husband I was going to hang a command hook to hang it on! I haven't because he really frowned on the idea but this post makes me want to do it!

  60. 1.16.18
    Catherine Silver said:

    My husband and I each have a key fob for both cars. Both are keyless, so I keep my key ring in my purse, my husband keeps his keys in his pocket throughout the day, nightstand once he's home for the day. My car doesn't start unless the key is in the front seat! The only trouble I have is when I change purses!

  61. 1.16.18
    Dena Randall said:

    It must be a guy thing!! My husband always takes the fob too and then I am always wondering where it is. I, on the other hand, leave it in the car. I don't always like to have a purse so its just easier to leave it in the car. I leave the other fob in my bedroom where I know where it is because my husband had a habit of never putting things back where they belong. LOL.

  62. 1.16.18
    Kim Oliver said:

    I keep mine in my purse or wallet…if I'm not carrying my purse. It's so convenient because I never have to look for my keys. They stay in my purse/wallet all the time.

  63. 1.16.18
    Kelly Henderson said:

    We have two fobs. I keep mine in my purse and hubs keeps it in his pocket. I love that I don't have to dig around for a key/fob, it just lives in my purse all the time.

  64. 1.16.18
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I am DYING that there are 50 comments!!!!!! I can't wait to see what the consensus is!

  65. 1.16.18
    TSB said:

    My husband and I have had that same situation happen before. It's maddening! We have two fobs, so we each have one for both of our cars on our key chain. Makes for a bulky set of keys, but its not a big deal. And when I'm driving my keys always go in one of my cup holders.

  66. 1.16.18
    Kathleen said:

    I pretty much always drive my car, so keys stayed clipped in my purse. A few times I leave kids and hubby in car and I get frantic texts for the key fob. My car makes a loud sound. Purse for the win here!!

  67. 1.16.18
    Kate L. said:

    Mine are ALWAYS in my purse. But, from reading this blog a little while now, I know you're not really a big purse person so that would be hard for you!

  68. 1.16.18
    Casey said:

    We got two key fobs so one stays in my purse and one stays with my husbands other keys. That way we both have our own set of keys.

  69. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    We have 2 key fobs for my vehicle. My fob stays in my purse at all times, and hubby knows that if he is going to drive my vehicle, he needs to grab the second fob from the “key bowl” on our kitchen counter…which then…dun dun dunnnn…he puts in his pocket. BUT if we only had 1 key fob, we would probably end up with the same messy scenario you’re experiencing. Ha! I’d say- your car, your rules. Better put that fob on the console, Tab!

  70. 1.16.18
    ALJ629 said:

    I just got a new car in October with a fob and carry it in my purse. I love that I never have to dig them out to unlock, start or lock my car. However, I have forgotten on many occasion to hit the lock button on the handle when I get out because I'm so conditioned to having keys in my hand from my previous vehicle. The only time I really get them out of my purse is if I want to hit the remote start if it's hold/cold that day.

  71. 1.16.18
    Janet said:

    I didn't know you could drive that far away without the key. I always keep mine in my purse. I'm usually the only one that drives my car. The occasions that my husband does drive it, I'm with him. So purse still there.

  72. 1.16.18
    Jill said:

    I store that darn fob in a zippered pocket inside of my purse! It's so hard getting used to not having a key, but now I actually like it!! =)

  73. 1.16.18
    ProudAuntKaren said:

    Don't think I'm the first to suggest or ask this, but can you get more than one fob? I know that most cars come with two. That way, it's in Tab's pocket and in your console – or purse.
    Mine stays in my purse, but I'm the only one driving my car.

  74. 1.16.18
    Karen Ward said:

    When I had a car like that, my fob always stayed in my purse!

  75. 1.16.18
    azbaby24 said:

    There is seriously only one answer to this question and both of you are wrong. That fob needs to be in your purse. My hubby gets mad cause its always floating around and not in one spot but if you leave it in your console, you will get out of the car try and lock the door and realize you cant because the key is in the car. If Tab leaves it in his pocket, he will eventually walk off and leave you without a way to start the car. Keep it in your purse, just do it. Like now, get the key and put it in there and forget about it.

  76. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    I don't carry a purse, so mine also goes in my center console thing! Pete also puts it in his pocket when he drives my car and it is ANNOYING! I have started getting in the habit of just asking for it when we're together and sticking it in my front pocket. That way I know where it is at all times because I hate getting stranded without the stinking key! Ugh. Worst invention, ever! ha!

  77. 1.16.18
    midwestmom said:

    My Lincoln will HONK when my husband hops out of the car with the keys in his pocket! I keep the key fob in the console when I drive. I know you don't do purses, lol, but how about a little wallet/clutch thingy and you can hook the fob to it. And hubby gets his own fob!

  78. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    This is too funny, and totally a disagreement my husband and I would have too! I keep my fob in my purse – always! We have not run into this problem with my car, but there has been a few instances, where I would take my husband's truck (because he was parked behind me in the garage), and I would take his keys (he has a regular key), and my fob would still be in my purse. So if he needed to take my car somewhere, there I am with BOTH sets of keys. And neither one of us got a spare key from the dealership when we bought our cars. 🙁 I am thinking having spare keys would be smart!

  79. 1.16.18
    V @ X-tremely V said:

    That is too funny! I don't believe my car will let me move it out of "park" if the fob isn't in the car. I keep my fob in my purse most of the time, or on the dash tray.

    And FYI: Even though you are told you can't lock the car with the keys inside…you totally can! A few years ago we were out of town and I was loading X into the back of the car. He had the fob in his hands but we didn't think anything of it. Well, he somehow pressed the lock button before we opened either of our doors and it locked the entire car! He was only 2 years old so we couldn't get him to understand to hit the button again. Then he dropped them on the floor of the car! I was seriously crying!!! Thankfully the local police were able to come and after way too many attempts get us back into the car. I have now learned that if my fob is in my purse don't leave it in the car either because you never know!

  80. 1.16.18
    Molly Gionet said:

    Honestly me key fob ends up in all the places! Sometimes in my purse, most of the time in my console, and occasionally in my coat pocket. But one big thing that doesn't seem to be the case for you is that my car will not drive off or even start with out the key fob detected. So in your particular situation when tab jumped out of the car, my car would start flashing on the dashboard KEY FOB NOT DETECTED. And it would ding loud enough for me to tell out the window down bring me my key back! So im going to have to say the car or key manufacturer of your car has a bad system in place. But console vote for the debate! 😉

  81. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    We have 2 fobs. Mine is ALWAYS in my purse and the extra one is in the house. But my husband puts his fob in his pocket, not the console.

  82. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    We each have a fob for both vehicles. However, mine stay in my purse at all times. Once in awhile if he drives and doesn't bring his keys they go in his pocket. I ALWAYS worry he will forget to give them back and I will be stranded when I leave for work the next morning (he leaves before me).

  83. 1.16.18
    Laurel said:

    This just happened to me for the first time last weekend! My husband and I were out running errands in his car (his car is fobbed, my car still needs to be "started" with the key) when we decided I'd drop him off at a friend's house to fix his computer. I was driving away and the car just stopped in the middle of the road!! Luckily it wasn't a busy street but no power, no movement, nothing. I frantically called him and still laugh thinking about him running to the car and then saying, "I'm SO sorry" haha! Had I been on a busy road I'd have been terrified! Call me crazy or old fashioned but I guess I like my car key for that reason, I always know it's in my car!

  84. 1.16.18
    Jenn said:

    My husband and I have the same issue– CONSOLE all the way for me! 🙂

  85. 1.16.18
    Hollibo said:

    I keep it in my purse and I don't let anyone take it out. IF my husband takes my car, he has to use the spare key.

  86. 1.16.18
    Kathy Lang said:

    My husband and I have our own key fobs (I'm fairly certain new cars come with at least 2)and I always keep mine in my purse and NEVER take it out. My husband's is in his pocket too. I know you don't like to carry a purse from reading your blog for awhile now…but since Britt isn't potty trained yet, maybe you could keep it in the diaper bag?? I know when I carried a diaper bag I didn't want to carry a purse so I keep my wallet in the diaper bag with anything else I wanted to bring with me. Now when she's potty trained, you are going to have to figure out something else! 🙂

  87. 1.16.18
    Liz said:

    I keep 1 key in my purse and the spare in the little closed compartment next to the cup holders. I'm always afraid I'll loose my key while out and about and be stranded. This way my key (not an actual key-the electronic thing you need in the car to start it) is always in the car. I have keyless entry so I can unlock the door without having the key. Also, my vehicle (2017 Ford Explorer) dings loudly & lights up the whole dash with an error message if the key thing is removed from the car after it's started. Like there is no possible way to drive off w/o the key. It's super sensitive so it KNOWS if the key is even a few inches outside the car. So weird how it knows!

  88. 1.16.18
    The Lindquist Family said:

    Hi Erika!

    So I think the only reason that hasn't happened to my husband and I is because we have two fobs. I keep one and he keeps one. Mine is always in my purse, because I always have it with me. He's a key in the pocket kinda guy too! If two fobs isn't an option, I would say it needs to be out in the open in the car so it doesn't leave the car unless you're parking/locking the car. Hope this helps!

  89. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    I'm struggling with this transition too! It feels weird! Can't wait to read all the comments and what others do!

  90. 1.16.18
    Courtney Younts said:

    You need the Big O Key Ring from Swoozies – LOVE mine!

  91. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    I think you each need your own key fob!

  92. 1.16.18
    Jeanelle said:

    My husband and I both drive push button start cars with fobs so even though we both have two copies of each fob, we leave the extras at home. Who wants a key ring with two fobs hanging on it?? If he's driving my car, the keys are always in the console. If I'm driving, they're in my purse.

  93. 1.16.18
    Krystal Best said:

    My husband use to put in his pocket and this has almost happened to me a a couple times. I only had my car key and house key on it. I bought a new key ring that is bigger and uncomfortable to have the keys in his pocket when he sits in the car so now he puts them in the middle console as soon as he gets in the car.

  94. 1.16.18
    Foxy's Domestic Side said:

    I'm stuck in the dark ages and still use a key. So I don't know what I would do, but most likely I would keep it in my purse, and knowing my hubby he would put it in the middle console. Interesting question.

  95. 1.16.18
    Unknown said:

    I always keep my key fob in my purse, even if my husband is driving the car that way I never drive off without the key.

  96. 1.16.18
    Lisa C said:

    If I remember right, you don't normally carry a purse so that's the first problem! I'd never put it in the console for any reason. It just wouldn't occur to me to do that ever. The only thing in our console is a napkin! We each have our own set of keys and if he drives, he uses his and if I drive, I use mine. Mine are always in my purse. His are wherever he left them……., which is usually why I drive!

  97. 1.16.18
    Rebecca said:

    Hi! I keep my keys/fob in my purse bc I feel like that’s safest.
    That way they don’t fall between or under seats (which has happened) & I don’t feel like I’ll forget them or lose them. My husband keeps his in the middle console! ��

  98. 1.17.18
    Dana said:

    We have 2 fobs, but definitely on your key chain in your purse or attached to your wallet bc you aren't going anywhere without a wallet.

  99. 1.17.18
    Unknown said:

    Mine stay in a side pocket in my purse all the time!

  100. 1.17.18
    kt.samson said:

    Cup holder!!! I promise it's a life saver. If your car is anything like mine, it'll ding at you over and over if you get out and the keys are still sitting there!

  101. 1.17.18
    Debbie said:

    Always in my pocketbook!

  102. 1.17.18
    Shana said:

    My fob NEVER leaves my purse, don’t even take it out To unlock the doors/trunk.

  103. 1.17.18
    Kirsten J said:

    I keep it in my purse because I never get out without my purse….but I feel ya. Once, my husband dropped me off at Costco and that little “ding ding”?….yeah. It’s TOO QUIET! So he drove off across town to run a quick errand and I filled a cart with groceries….and then when he went to hop in the car to come get me, he realized what he’d done. Luckily our son was home and brought the other key to my husband. But that was an hour I’ll hever get back….

  104. 1.17.18
    Laura said:

    This is hysterical!! I keep my keys (with my fob attached) hanging in my purse and my husband keeps them in his pocket!! However, we both have each other's key fobs on our keys, so we always have our keys. 🙂

  105. 1.17.18
    Dianna said:

    I don't need mine in hand to start the car, just in the car so I never take mine out of my purse. If my husband needs to start the car ahead of me getting in he just grabs my purse and takes it to the car 🙂

  106. 1.17.18
    E said:

    My husband always keeps the fob in his pocket and it drives me crazy because if he gets out of the car to pump gas or anything, the car starts dinging because it doesn't detect the key. Our notification ding is fairly loud and hard to ignore even with the kids in the car. When I drive his car (mine has a real key), I usually put the fob in the console so it's easy to grab with my phone when I get out.

  107. 1.17.18
    Unknown said:

    I never take my keys out of my purse. I also have a key fob that opens all the doors and starts my van without a key. If I took it out I would loose them. I put them in my diaper bag when I go to the gym so I know i have thrm when I leave with my youngest.

  108. 1.17.18
    The Teacher's Lane said:

    Ok seriously???? I am in the minority here. I have a 2016 Chevy… not old by any standards. But I have a key you out in the ignition. And I didn't even know it was a thing to NOT have a key?

  109. 1.17.18
    Unknown said:

    They stay in my purse. My husband has the spare on his key ring–this is helping me to not have the issue you're experiencing. Very thankful the car is smart enough to make weird noises if I try to lock the keys in it.

  110. 1.17.18
    sholden said:

    Keys in the cup holder with my cell phone- also, we have 2 Key fabs so I try to always have mine and let my husband have his.

  111. 1.17.18
    The Hays Family said:

    We each have our own fob. Mine stays attached to my purse, and he is responsible for his when he drives my car so I don't get stranded. So frustrating because it never happens to him….just me.

  112. 1.18.18
    Unknown said:

    We used to have this problem too – now we both have our own keys. Mine is always in my wristlet/purse/diaper bag, and I don't even know where he keeps his.

    We also have a keypad lock on all of our house doors, so I literally ever have to get the keys out of my purse!

  113. 1.18.18
    Misty S. said:

    I keep my key fob hooked on the key keeper in my purse. I also have no other keys to worry about(we have keypad locks on all of our doors) so it always stays in there.

  114. 1.30.18
    Jamie G said:

    I keep mine in the change compartment of my wallet. I don't always have my purse, but always have my wallet with driver's license. The spare stays in a kitchen drawer, and if someone else is driving or needs to move the car, they use it and then put it right back.

  115. 9.19.18
    BSFT Blog said:

    I dont have a good answer but his has happened to me except we didnt wven know this was possible until AFTER we had turned off the car to head into Pei Wei. It was a mess of a situation and I know it will happen again since not only do we have 2 cars with fobs but we both have jeeps so we have 4 identical fobs!!! It is a mess of a situation! Lol