Tuesday Talk

Hey Friends!

It’s TUESDAY TALK!  If you’re new here, that means once a month, Fancy Ashley and I invite you to join us to chat about anything and everything.

Today, I wanna chat about something a little more serious.


I’ll be the first to tell you…this parenting gig is not easy.  We want our kiddos to be kind, loving, tough on the court but respectful to others, honest, nice to everyone, inviting to the kiddo who is playing alone, the kid who will stand up for someone being bullied, and the list goes on and on.  Our expectations are high for our kiddos.  Right?  So I completely get the fact that they’re gonna fail.  They’re kids.  They’re supposed to mess up and with our correction, get it the next time.   But just this past week one of my kiddos had a “moment” that just screamed, “SO UNGRATEFUL” to me.  Now I’m not going to share the story here in hopes that one day he/she realizes they let way too much of their ungratefulness {and I’d also like to include the word, CRAZY, here} show, are a tad bit embarrassed, and will be thrilled to know their mama didn’t share it online.  

The point is we had a super non-grateful moment in our house and it got me thinking about how we as parents can be doing this better.  How can I be including things into our daily life that helps them realize they have so much to be thankful for?

I’d like to add that I completely get they’re just kids and we all have moments.  I, myself, have bratty moments, but it just sparked this in my head and heart.

PLEASE help a mama out!  What are things you’ve done in your family?  What are things you’ve seen other families do?  Have you read any books you’d recommend?  Do you have any recommendations?  

Every month when we have Tuesday Talk, I look forward to the more interactive format we have.  I THANK YOU for making that possible.  And I’m hoping you give us all some great ideas for how to work on teaching our kiddos to be more grateful.

Thank you!


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