Triple the Fun…

Shay, Erika, Rachel, Sarah, Andrea, Lori
Some of us girls at the baby shower. I posted this, then stole the above picture from Sheaffer’s blog, and now added it to mine…so it’s kind of in a random place, but go with it!

Rachel, Sarah, and Andrea

Last Tuesday (right before snow #2) we had a triple baby shower at my house honoring Rachel, Sarah, and Andrea. Since it was so close to Valentine’s Day, we went with that theme. I love these girls so much!! I’m SO looking forward to getting to hold ALL their sweet, precious babies! We had a great night of chatting, eating, and presents!
I was REALLY crummy at taking pictures AND at giving out the door prize! Lucky for Lori, she was the only one at my house when I realized I forgot to draw a name! Other than my forgetful moments it was a great night!

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