Top Three-Things that Surprised Me

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It’s TUESDAY!  And I’m throwing it back to a post I haven’t done in several years-Tuesday’s Top Three.  Years ago, I shared my top three of all different kinds of things a couple times a month.  My top three hair products,  my top three spring nail colors,  my top three gifts for a six-year-old…you get the idea.

Today, I want to talk about the Top Three things that have surprised me over the past month…

#1 Country Rap
I had some boys in my car last week and Ebby Lee was playing the d.j. by letting them request songs.  One kiddo requested a song that sounded like country but then the guy started rapping.  When I asked what we were listening to his response, “Country rap”.   Did you guys know this is out there?  Am I the only one who’s never heard of country rap until now?  COUNTRY RAP?

#2 Night Guard
I went to the dentist recently and was told I really should get a night guard.  {Hi!  My name’s Erika and I grind my teeth.}  I’ve been putting this off for years so when I was checking out I asked to make an appointment for the impressions for the night guard.  Thankfully, the receptionist said she’d go ahead and give me a quote.  Surprised again when the quote said $500.  $500 for something I’ll sleep in?  I’m not sure what price I was expecting but I know it was less than that.  You guys I will now be sleeping in Nixon’s extra flag football mouth guard every night to save my teeth and some money.  

#3 Nose Hairs
Apparently thirty-five is the age when things really start changing or at least it’s the age for me.  We were driving somewhere {I was in the passenger seat} and I flipped the visor down to look in the mirror at something on my face and I HAD APPROXIMATELY 75 NOSE HAIRS HANGING OUT OF MY NOSE!  To say this “surprised” me is putting it a tad too mildly.  This shocked me.  I didn’t outwardly freak out in the car but as soon as we got home I went to town with tweezers.  Tab walked in the bathroom as I was taking care of the situation and then I freaked out about how I’d seen all these nose hairs in the car and his response was, “Yeah, I saw them GLISTENING in the light in the car but I wasn’t gonna say anything”.  Ummm….no words.  He actually said, “glistening”.  Don’t worry-after our discussion I’m one hundred percent confident that Tab will never keep something like that to himself.  I had flashbacks of health class when the teacher said, “By the time you’ve smelled yourself, ten people have already smelled you”.  I was a little nervous about that statistic applying to nose hairs.  Consider this my PSA, check your nose hair situation, friends!  Needless to say, thanks to Amazon Prime and my new trimmer this should never be a problem again.

Clearly we’re all friends here because I’m talking nose hairs.  So now it’s your turn…what’s surprised YOU lately?

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