Top Three Staycation Spring Break Ideas

Happy Tuesday!!  It’s March 4th!  Can you believe it?  And around here that means SPRING BREAK is right around the corner.  I thought it’d be fun to share some great “Staycation-Spring Break” ideas.  If you’re not traveling, these ideas might be the perfect thing for you and your kiddos to do to make spring break a little special!

My kiddos are not old enough to be in school (thank goodness-I’m already SUPER nervous about next year!  EEK!), but they do to go preschool two days a week.  So, the last few years we haven’t gone anywhere, but I try to keep us busy having fun!

Here are my Top Three Staycation-Spring Break ideas…

Pack some lunches and head to the park!  You can invite some friends or just go solo, but either way let the kiddos play and burn some of that energy!  

My kiddos and I headed to a bike trail this weekend and they had a blast!!  Basically, being outdoors is the key!

And…if we go with friends they ALWAYS play longer and harder, which could mean a LONGER nap during nap time.  🙂  Just sayin’!  Ha!

#2 Pinterest Day

We all LOVE Pinterest right??  But…some of those fabulous crafts or games we pin and then NEVER make.  During spring break, plan a day full of those ideas.  Make something fun with your kiddos.  Make a delicious meal for dinner (and let you kiddos help).  Play a fun game that was Pin-spired.  You get the idea.  Use that time to kill two birds with one stone….have some quality time with your kiddos AND have some Pinterest fun!

My kiddos are REALLY into helping right now.  They’re great at picking up toys or cleaning the windows.  (I’m sure it’s because it hasn’t gotten OLD yet.)  I think my kiddos would even enjoy doing some different chores around the house.  That would REALLY be killing two birds?  ha!

#3 Do something out of the ordinary
Last year, we hit up the Sharkarosa Wildlife Ranch.  It is a smaller scale zoo.  They have a petting zoo and a fun trailer ride.  On an average week, we don’t hit up a zoo…so my kiddos had an absolute blast!

Maybe for you that’s going to an afternoon movie?  Or going out for yogurt after dinner?  It doesn’t have to be something SUPER GRAND just something out of the ordinary for your family.

I can’t wait to have some fun next week and make some great memories!!  Hope you do too!!

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  1. 3.4.14
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Woohoo! I can't wait to party all spring break with the Slaughters!! XOXO

  2. 3.4.14
    Katie Paladino said:

    I love these ideas!! So fun and easy!!

  3. 3.4.14
    Anonymous said:

    Park date, for sure!! That's a great list!

  4. 3.4.14
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    Love these ideas! Pretty sure my kids would LOVE Sharkarosa. Need to check that one out 🙂

  5. 3.4.14
    Shelby said:

    Love your ideas!! So much fun!! …and that picture of Ebby Lee is so sweet!!!