Thursday Thoughts

Periodically, I tend to share a brain dump of what’s floating around in this head of mine and apparently, today is the day.  I like to get way ahead for the week on the weekend when it comes to this blog space.  If I work just a bit then my week goes so much smoother BUT…I’m looking at you, ATT U-Verse, my internet was OUT all weekend so I’m writing this on Wednesday afternoon.

*Tab and I are in the middle of season two of Yellowstone and we can’t get enough!  We’ve never been the type of couple who binge watch shows past our bedtimes because we get SLEEPY!  No matter what we’re watching, BUT with Yellowstone we get tempted.  #westillgetsleepytho   I realize we’re about two years late on the Yellowstone trend, but we’re officially in the obsessed phase.  I’ve already decided Tab is getting nothing but Carhardt for Christmas, have contemplated dying my hair red like Beth Dutton, and cannot wait to book us a trip to Yellowstone.  Sign us up!  Have you watched?  A few things…1. It’s definitely rated R!  2. There might be a better place to watch, but we couldn’t find it.  We had to buy the seasons on Amazon Prime.  3. It somewhat reminds me of that mini series, Hatfields and McCoys, that was on years ago.  We loved that one too and Yellowstone is no different.

*On the subject of shows, I’m watching Homeland on my own as I work, clean, do laundry, etc. and I just finished season one.  I.  Am.  Shook.   It’s also rated, “R”, just like to put that out there.  Typically, I prefer light and fluffy but these intense dramas are changing my mind.  On to season two!

*One more show we must discuss…BIG BROTHER!  Where are my BB fans?  I’m watching this season and so far it’s a little meh.  I get it.  As an All-Star, they all want to leave the house and feel good about their game play so there’s more real-life happening in front of us versus “game play” actions which just isn’t as entertaining when you’re watching.  What do you think?  Who are you cheering for?  I keep waiting for someone to make a big move!  Who’s gonna do it first?  Right now, I’m a Cody fan and am hoping he goes all the way this time!  But there’s still lots of time for that to change.

*I’ve shared before I have bad meat issues.  I’m very self-aware.  My new go-to super quick dinner meal involves Trader Joe’s Argentinian Shrimp.  It comes frozen, defrosts quickly, and can be used so many ways!  Our favorite way is to bacon wrap them and bake them or air fry them.  Super easy and super quick!  Just yesterday {Wednesday}, I grocery pick up’d with plans of making chicken tacos for dinner and the chicken was no where to be found in my order.  Out of stock!  My back up meal involved that TJ shrimp!  And Britt Slaughter asked for THIRDS on her shrimp!  THIRDS!

*Yesterday my blog post was all about tween girl clothes…where to shop, what we’ve found, and I asked for your recommendations.  You should check out the comments!  I was gonna Insta Story to  share some of those items we’ve found but I still get stage fright on IG stories and I talked myself out of it.  #hahahaha  So, let’s try again today, shall we?

*I should add-that IS if my face looks better.  I got a little laser treatment that targets large pores done yesterday and forgot how red and blotchy and swollen I look afterwards.  It’ll look so much better in a few days but for now, I’m kind of a mess.

*Have you tried my favorite coffee?  The Green Mountain Southern Pecan coffee pods!!  I have only found it at Wal-Mart and Amazon, but maybe you can find them at Target too?  I just took a pause from this brain dump and made myself an afternoon cup. 

*Speaking of coffee, I’m using my “It’s an ‘Add to Cart’ Kind of Day” mug and that reminds me lots of you asked about where Marla got it.  If you have no clue what mug I’m talking about, you can read that post here.  And if you’re interested in the mug, I can’t find the exact one but this one is very similar.

*Taking a hard right turn {just go with it}, let me tell you about one of the nastiest, grossest things I’ve experienced during my mom life.  We have a closet under our stairs and for years it’s been known as “the shoe closet”.  The kids all had bins in there with their shoes but periodically we’d have to clean it out because they always end up tossing their shoes and it gets really messy.  Please know we just tweaked it and now they’re keeping their shoes in their closets.  ANYWAY, the other day I opened the closet to put something in there and got a whiff of the NASTIEST smell.  Like, I was certain a small mammal had died inside this closet-kind of bad smell.  I started moving things to find the culprit and discovered Nixon’s fishing backpack.  It wreaked of something and when I opened the bag there were leftover bacon and hot dogs from his last fishing trip inside just rotting at room temperature in our house.  HOW DISGUSTING!!  It was so bad we chucked the entire backpack in the garbage.

*Please tell me you have a gross Mom story like that in your house to make me feel better!

*I have one more nasty smell story for you.  A couple weeks ago we had a crazy, busy evening so I made Ebby Lee dinner to-go to eat in the car as we drove over to Bowen’s baseball game.  Her dinner included meatballs and broccoli.  And it happened to be crazy hot.  Remember that-that part of the story is important.  She didn’t eat much and left her plate sitting in the car while we got out to watch Bowen’s game.  I didn’t notice a thing that evening and she tossed the plate when we got home.  Well, the next morning it was like the hot broccoli had decided to curl up and get cozy in the very depths of the carpet of my Suburban.  It was SO BAD I thought a pack of raw chicken had accidentally slipped under the seats of my car.  UGH!  The aroma of old, hot broccoli took DAYS to air out.  DAYS!

*Have you decorated your house for fall?  I’m thinking I’m going to haul all my stuff out in the next day or so to decorate.  Because it’s fall, y’all!  Maybe I need this mug?

*FYI, I don’t think I’ve ever said, “Y’all”, in real life.  Missouri falls somewhere in between the north and south when it comes to phrases, “you guys”, is way more popular.  Do you say y’all or you guys where you live?

*Decorating my house led me down a rabbit hole and I found some cute items at really great prices…tabletop sculpture, lanterns, trellis throw pillows, succulent, and lamp.

Thanks for reading my Thursday Thoughts!  Have the BEST day!
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