This Week…

 Nixon before church on Sunday.  I thought it’d be fun to start with this picture.  We turned our front closet into a mud closet??  Ha!  Don’t know what to call it, but we added hooks, a bench, and baskets.  I’m loving it, because the kids can get their shoes out of the basket right before we walk out the door.  But…on this particular day Ebby Lee had sit his basket in the floor and he wanted to do it himself.  So…I got this face!!  Have I mentioned that Nixon is still 2?  He can be the sweetest kiddo ever one second and the next…whew, watch out!
 Miss Priss…probably loving the fact that her brother is throwing a fit on the floor right beside her.
 It’s been hot STILL outside here.  And, we’re over the pool.  So…that leaves lots of time for crafts.  My kids are loving it.  We painted and colored yesterday.
 Ebby Lee before school today.  It was red day for both kiddos.  I was trying to get a group picture and they weren’t cooperating.  Nixon wanted to stand by Ebby Lee, but she didn’t want to stand by him!  So…this is the best I got.
The only second he was still.  He kept chasing her to try to stand by her for a picture!!  We’ve had a great week and are looking forward to a cool rainy weekend!!

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  1. 9.28.12
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I want to see better pics of your new mudroom!

  2. 9.29.12
    Amy said:

    Hey Mrs. Erika! Wait til you have 3 refusing to take pics together. 😉 Just joking! Very excited for y'all!