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 Nixon made me this SUPER cute flower pot for Mother’s Day.  I’ve left it on the counter in the kitchen, because I didn’t know how to store it or what to do with it.  Thought I’d blog it for the world to see (or maybe the 5 people that will read this?).  Super cute, huh?
 Some days my kids are OVER pictures!
So Daddy does something funny to make them laugh.  🙂
This week Mama was down for the count.  We hardly left the house all week.  The house was a DISASTER.  I had a stomach bug that was ROUGH!  Itwould make me think it was gone and it’d all of a sudden reapppear!  It was horrible!  But…I think I’m on the mend.  Watch out pools!!  We’re already planning our swimming strategy!  We’ll be ready this week!  

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  1. 6.3.12
    Ashley said:

    Glad you are feeling better!

  2. 6.3.12
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I am so sorry you were sick, but thank heavens it was last week! Your stomach bug sure would have cramped our pool plans for this week. Come on Monday!!!!! 🙂