They’re Here!!

Uncle Dale opening his birthday underwear…ha! My family came to visit and to go to the Cowboys game on Sunday. They got tickets for Uncle Dale’s birthday. It just so happened that Sunday was his actual birthday, so he got to have a big celebration by attending the game.

We went to Outback for dinner on Saturday night. It was Nixon’s first time sitting in a high chair. He wasn’t a big fan…AT ALL!

Sunday- The view from our car….we were in traffic for a LONG time.

Marla, Erika, & Aunt Rene’

Whitney (Soon to be-MAMA!!)& Erika posing in the car. I’m telling you there was lots of time for pictures…tRAfFIC!! We’re so excited for Ryan and Whitney! They’ll be welcoming Baby Bandermann in March 2011. Wahoo!! I can’t wait! I’m kind of hoping for a little boy b/c then he and Nixon would only be a year apart. But…Whitney and I are 2 years apart and we are super-close cousins. So…the Slaughters will be happy with a BOY or a GIRL!! 🙂

Soon to be parents!!! Ryan and Whit!

This is where Tab had my camera and all the pictures of us stopped. Tab took some pictures during warm-up time.

After the game, everyone came back to our house for some chili dogs and treats. Chili and football goes hand in hand, but it was like 95 degrees outside…ugh! Ryan was practicing!! Nixon didn’t care who was giving him the goods as long as he was getting some food!

He’s such a good little eater!

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