The Bestie Breakdown Episode 25: Breaking Down Girlfriend Parties

We’re feeling festive over at The Bestie Breakdown.  How about you?

Episode 25 releases today and it’s Breaking Down Girlfriend Parties.  Shay and I love our girlfriends and there’s absolutely something magical about getting together with them over the holidays.  

In this episode, we dive into three different types of parties we host/attend for/with our girlfriends.  Hopefully, after listening you’re inspired to invite some girls over for a little get together!  You can make it small, you can make it big.  Make it what works for you!  

You can listen to all the episodes as well as episode 25, right here on Anchor.  As always, your favorite streaming platform is a great place too.  If you listen and enjoy, please leave a comment or a great rating.  Thank you!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


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  1. 11.16.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a timely and fun topic! Can’t wait to listen!