Thanksgiving Last Minute Finds

Now that Thanksgiving is less than a week away, many of our plans are changing.  Instead of traveling to visit family, we’ll be cozied up around our own dining room tables working on making this holiday special with our immediate family.  Tab’s parents might join us or we might go to their house on Thursday but our original plans were six family members bunking up with us for most of the week.  

It’s the new theme of 2020, right?

I mean you guys saw I’d planned out ALL of our meals for the four full days they were gonna be in town.  I ordered the matching Christmas pajamas, the turkey, the ham, the pies and was READY!



So instead I’m gonna focus on making Thanksgiving super comfy, cozy at home and to do that Walmart has some great last minute finds as well as super great prices!  Walmart Home is full of items that will make your home holiday ready as well as great gift options!

If you’re looking for some last minute finds to help make your #PIVOT Thanksgiving a little more festive, here you go!

1. Plaid Placemats-These placemats could take you through the entire holidays season from Thanksgiving to Christmas!

2. Gold Flatware-I’m ALL IN for this gold flatware trend.  Bowen saw my gold flatware I’d used for the Halloween dinner and his immediate response was, “OH, FANCY!  A gold fork!”, imagine that in the most crazy almost eight-year-old boy voice.  But I have to agree!  A gold fork just makes you feel a little more fancy.

3. Pumpkin Baking Dish-I’m not sure what side will be whipped up in this dish but it’s gonna be good!

4. Eucalyptus Stems-Add in a few white pumpkins and your Thanksgiving table will be super simple and super cute.

5. Wooden Serving Tray-This is an item that would make a great little gift.  If you happen to be getting out, consider this as a hostess gift option or you could use it to spice up your own meal.

6. Wooden Salad Bowl-I have a wooden salad bowl similar to this and use it anytime we have guests over for dinner.

7. Plaid Throw-Yes, to all the cozy this Thanksgiving!  And these throws are under $15 making them a great gift!

8. Candle-Another great hostess option or a great priced item for a cozy, at-home Thanksgiving.  Lots of different scents and all under $12.

9. Chunky Knit Throw-I bought a similar knit throw earlier this year and it looks so good draped over our couch all year long.

10. Electric Carving Knife-One of those items I only think about once a year and am always regretting not having one.  

11. Cutting Board-Give me all the cutting boards on Thanksgiving!  And once again, a great little gift option as well.

As always, thank you for reading today!  And thank you to Walmart for teaming up on this post.  Hope you have a great weekend!

You can shop all the items in the collage here as well…

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