Texas vs. The Nation…

Nixon and I had a special date on Saturday.  We went to Tab’s game..Texas vs. the Nation in Allen.  Nixon was SO excited!  That is ALL he talked about at school on Thursday.  Apparently his teachers heard ALL about it.  He loved telling Ebby Lee that he was going to the game with me but she was staying home.  ha!

We got a first row seat…in the BRIGHT, BRIGHT sun!!  Who knew I should have packed sunscreen on February 2nd??

We had so much fun!  Nix was the life of the party in our section.  A player’s mama kept SCREAMING, “Let all of ’em play, Coach.”.  On and on.  Finally they put her son in and then she began screaming, “Go Peter!”.  This lady was SO loud.  Everyone on our side could probably hear her.  Anyway, she screamed and yelled for a long time.  Finally Nixon got up, stood right on the edge by the rail, and screamed SO loudly, “GO PETER!”.  Everyone probably heard him too and they ALL started laughing!  It was too funny!

Loved our Mommy/Son date on this HOT February Saturday!  When somebody asked him about the game, he said, “It was fun.  I got a treat!”.  Ha!  Good thing I got him those Skittles!  That’s all he remembered!

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