State Fair of Texas

 The Slaughters are BIG fans of the State Fair!  I’m talking…we discuss random things we remember all year long.  So when the fair is in town we are all counting down the days until we can visit.

In 2011, Tab and I decided on a whim to go see what this State Fair business was all about.  We were hooked and have gone back every year since.

In 2012, we stayed late and saw both the parade and the water show.

In 2013, our party of five had the best day!

Last year, we went to the Red River Rivalry (TX versus OU) and then spent the rest of the day enjoying the fair festivities.

This was us this year…
When we got to the fair, it was HOT outside.  We started off by hitting up the car show.  The bonus to the car shows…the AIR CONDITIONING!  🙂

3/4 of my people 

 WAHOO for Big Tex!

Hi, my name is Erika and I’m a fair show addict.  I’m talking about all those pet shows, horse shows, bike shows, pretty much anything you add the word “show” to, I wanna see.  I realized as we were huffing and puffing our way from one show to the next that I might over do it a little.  

Next year, I promise to scale the show watching back just a bit.

Every year we let the kids ride a couple rides.  Ebby Lee asked to go through a fun house.  She was so excited about it, but then kind of got nervous doing it alone.  Nixon decided to join her and afterward was so glad he did.

The bike show was really cool and Nixon’s FAVORITE thing.

The bike show was extremely hot, so we cooled off inside the dairy bus afterwards.  Check out these cute calves I found in the bus.

The boys and I did this, while Ebby Lee and Tab did this…

In carnival ride terms, Ebby Lee is our daredevil.  In everything else in life, Nixon would be the daredevil.  haha!

We had just realized that while we were watching the Pet Palooza show (I know!!!!), someone stole our stroller.  It wasn’t a crazy expensive stroller, but it was just annoying to have Bowen on foot.  

The swings were a big hit!


It wouldn’t be the FAIR without some fried goodness. 

My three crazies…

The Little Hands on the Farm area is one of their favorites!

Another hour, another show!  hahaha!!  As we were walking by, it was starting and Ebby Lee begged us to go watch.  It must be in her blood.  #shegetsitfromhermama

Tab begged and begged us to not to have to go to the petting zoo.  ha!  He just wasn’t feelig it!  But he was out voted.

Super proud of all six of those little legs that survived over five hours of walking at the fair.

Ebby Lee agreed to ride this with me.  Apparently I’m a fan of rides that can be built and taken apart all in the same day!  EEK!  

One quick ride on the Tilt-A-Whirl for these two.

And this cutie begged for a ride on the train!

Fair Trip 2015 was a HUGE success!

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