Spooky Dance Class & Parties at School…

 On Monday at ballet, the class got to dress up in Halloween costumes and they did all kinds of fun Halloween games.  Clown and Lalaloopsy! 
 Somebody wanted in this picture!  Super fun day at ballet!
 Tuesday at school was Fall Party Day!!  My parents left to go back right after the parties, but my kiddos were SO excited they got to come.  Ebby Lee’s class had it all!  They decorated pumpkins and had lots of yummy snacks.  (including cupcakes with BLACK icing??)
 Daddy even stopped by the party!!
 Not sure WHAT face Daddy is making in this picture??  Nixon’s class was a little more low key.  They had pajama day!  They got to have a special treat when they woke up from nap. 
So much fun!!  My kiddos were EXHAUSTED on Tuesday night after all the party fun!  They were sound asleep SO early!!

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