Slaughters Head West Part 3-West Yellowstone

I’m back at recapping one of the best summer vacations, our trip out west, we had this summer!  I’ve shared Part 1-Bear Lake, Utah, and Part 2-Jackson Hole, Wyoming, so far.  Today, I’m doing the first half of a recap of our stop #3 in West Yellowstone.  We woke up in Jackson Hole, loaded up, and made our way to the BEST breakfast I had during our stay…
Nora’s Fish Creek Inn.   I found it online because it was featured on the popular show, Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  This was a fifteen minute drive out of town but on the way to West Yellowstone.  Our party of eight had to wait just about fifteen minutes before we were seated.

The ambience was cute, the coffee was flowing, and THAT BREAKFAST was delish!

I was the lucky girl sandwiched in between these two cuties.

If you visit Jackson Hole, our entire group highly recommends this stop for breakfast.  Nora’s is known for their Mexican flair on traditional breakfast plates.  I had the breakfast burrito-hash browns, cheese, eggs, bacon, and the most delicious green salsa.  I’m clearly still thinking about it weeks later.

We had almost a two hour drive before arriving in West Yellowstone.  When I researched about this trip, I kept hearing over and over again how this is a small but really cute little town.  We arrived and walked in and out of all the souvenir shops.

We had the most delicious huckleberry ice cream, found some things my kids just “had to have”, and strolled around enjoying this little western town.

There are two kinds of people…those who love a museum and want to read every word, and those who just want to stroll through to spot the highlights.  They typically marry each other.  🙂  Can you guess which one Tab is?

Have I said in enough other posts how amazing the weather was??

After our leisurely stroll around town, we ventured over to the Grizzly and Wolf Discovery.  We had our fingers crossed we’d spot a bear of some kind the next day when we toured Yellowstone.  I, of course mean we were hoping to spot one a very far, safe distance away but close enough we could see it.  Know what I mean?  But just in case, we covered our bases by seeing some real life bears.  This center houses bears who are captured because they’re spotted or found getting too close to people.  Instead of them being killed, they rehome them here at the discovery center.  It was super interesting to read about-and really kind of sad.  Often times the bears are too close to humans because of something humans have done wrong like leave food out or something.

I was way more into the bears than the wolves…eek!

Bowen was extra into this bear, Bo, who came straight from West Yellowstone.

If you hear a Slaughter kid say we got to see bears, just know this is what they’re referring to.  🙂  We were safe the whole time!

And this river otter seemed to be looking and smiling for my picture.

I’d heard about another Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives spot here in West Yellowstone, Firehole BBQ.  It’s the kind of place where when they run out, they run out.  We arrived in time for an early dinner-another one I’d recommend before going to check-in to our home away from home for the next two nights.

This hotel opened in 2019, was super clean, everything felt extremely new, and it happened to be located on the cutest little spot right by the river.  Notice how the room had extremely high ceilings?  It just made it feel so much larger.  For big families, this room was perfect…two queen beds and then this couch turned into a twin with a trundle bed underneath.

A friend had recommended this spot and my goodness it far exceeded my expectations!

A pool table, bar, and restaurant were on site.  Right next door was a little pizza spot that also served ice cream.  Across the river a Mexican restaurant was being renovated and is set to open back up in August.

The views from the back of the hotel.  YES!

The kids hung out, many canoers and tubers were getting off the river, and there was just a friendly vibe in the air.  We loved sitting out here at night.

I’m telling you-the best views both evenings.

If we’d had another day here, we’d have tubed or canoed that river as well.

Another great end to our day.

Our Yellowstone Tour Day is coming up next week.  I began making this one extremely large post and it was just too many pictures.  Thanks so much for reading today!


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  1. 8.18.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    This trip sounds so fun!!! I love following along!

  2. 8.18.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I want that breakfast, that dinner and to stay by that river! How amazing was that hotel's location?!

  3. 8.18.21
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    I love this vacation! And now I want to grab a spicy breakfast somewhere with hash and green chili salsa.

  4. 8.18.21
    Anonymous said:

    Bowen in the cowboy hat is everything!! Love these recaps 🙂

  5. 8.19.21
    Lindsay C said:

    With only "5" full bed spots, did you have 3 kids in the bed or did you have Britty Sleep with you and Tab? I know when I was growing up in a Family of 4 we would get a room with two queens and a pull out bed and my brother and I would flip a coin for who got the bed and who got the pull out. Neither of us could share a bed because we both kicked and kicked HARD in our sleep! Hopefully your kids aren't as "aggressive" in their sleep! lol

  6. 8.19.21
    Joanne said:

    We love checking out Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives spots while on vacation too; so far none of them have left me disappointed!

  7. 8.19.21
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Hey Lindsay! We had two queens, the twin couch, and the twin trundle so in this room everyone had their own bed. 🙂 We definitely have moments where we have to get creative but on this trip everyone had their own space.