Slaughter SIX Coming Soon!

I have some AMAZING NEWS to share with you today.  In just six short days, the Slaughter family leaves for a sixteen day journey where we’ll be ADOPTING A LITTLE GIRL FROM CHINA!!  We’re having a BABY!  A little girl who’s seventeen months old is waiting for her FOREVER FAMILY.  And let me tell you we’re DYING to get our hands on her.

This process “officially” started in January 2016, we saw her picture for the first time in December 2016, and we’ve been patiently waiting to meet her ever since.  I’ll share more of our story with you guys at a later time.

 Right this second, I’m packing all the things and need a little break before we depart.  I can’t wait to introduce you guys.  I’ll do my best to be updating my Instagram-(you guys know I struggle with this :)).  It’s “slaughteren”, and I promise to blog when I can.  We’d love for you to follow along on our journey and more importantly, we’d really appreciate your prayers.  We leave on the 9th and return home on the 25th.  Thank you guys so much!  I’ll see you soon.


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