Show and Tell

Happy Show and Tell Day!  I’m joining my girl, Andrea, and we’re talking PETS!!

If you’ve read here for long, then you know I pretty much have NOTHING on the topic of pets.  🙂  I do think there will be a dog in our future.  EEK!  It panics me to even type that!  I will need to read up a LOT and possibly take a college course on owning a pet before all that goes down.  #imnotevenkidding

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I’m covered in laundry today from our vacation, but I’m sharing Part #1 of our trip tomorrow!  Hope to see you then!

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  1. 6.21.16
    Anonymous said:

    So happy to have you back, friend!! Hope you had the best trip!! Xoxo

  2. 6.21.16
    Megan said:

    Haha this is exactly what my pets post would look like!!!

  3. 6.21.16
    Allison said:

    After having a dog for almost 9 years, here are a few things I have learned:
    1. You can never leave the house for more than 8 hours at a time, without having to consider who will let the dog out/play with the dog.
    2. If you pin up the dog or confine him away from you for long periods of time, he will become destructive (out of boredom).
    3. Daily walks are necessary.
    4. If he is acting like a little sh*t, exercise will always do the trick.
    5. If you go on a trip, consider where the dog will stay…it can get very pricey!
    6. Having a dog is amazing and they are so sweet and cute. 🙂 but definitely don't do it if you don't like dogs!
    I love my little pup so much!

  4. 6.21.16
    Molly Gionet said:

    Erika while researching look at Goldendoodles! Great family dog, smart, hypoallergenic (hardly shed!), love people. Good luck!

  5. 6.21.16
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    You crack me up…missed your blog while you were on vacation!