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Hey!  Hey!  It’s Show and Tell Tuesday around here.  I’m joining Andrea to share my HOME TOUR!

If you’re new to the blog, we moved into our house about a year ago.  We loved the bones of this 1998 home, the area, the neighborhood, and I could go on.  🙂  But…we do have LISTS of things we eventually want to do to the house.  One problem-I haven’t found that money tree just yet.  If you stumble upon it, please let me know.  So with that said, we’re doing projects one step (or room) at a time.

 I was looking back at my house tour last year and things are looking WAY different.  You should start here.  Trust me…it’ll help you see the progress.  🙂  Sometimes I feel like we haven’t done much, but looking back at that blog post really helped!

 These were some pictures of the place before we got our hands on it.  Front room, kitchen, master bedroom, office, and playroom (Clockwise).

This was our front room last year around Halloween.  We’d gotten a few new pieces and were about to start the fireplace renovation. 

And this is the place now…

That canvas on the mantle is just a place holder for now.  I ordered something back in the spring and it has been on back-order.  We still need a new light fixture, shutters, AND furniture.  We bought two leather chairs for this room and I loved them in here.  Until we moved them in the living room and they found their forever home.  So now we’re on the hunt for chairs again.  


Doesn’t that fireplace look WAY better?  I love how it turned out!  I can’t wait to show you the final results.  Hopefully soon! #fingerscrossed

I wasn’t sure what was better…blinds open or closed…so you’re getting both.  🙂  I ordered this neutral leopard rug for the front room THREE times-different sizes, different colors, etc. and could not make it work in that room.  But I LOVED the rug and couldn’t part with it.  I put it in my office and it works!


We converted our old entertainment center into office furniture.  Since it’s in the front of the house I wanted it to “flow” with the rest of the color scheme, but I tried my best to add things near and dear to my heart.  

Do you guys have a piece of furniture that you LOVED and just had to have?  This entertainment center would be my piece like that.

I shared our dining room makeover here.  In case you missed it, this is what the dining room looked like before we moved in…

We made it look a little more like “us”.  I think the dining room is one room that you can be a little “funky” in and I did just that.

It’s a little more modern than the rest of the house, but I think it makes it fun.

These cute faces are in the hallway.

With the help of my cousin, Whitney, I fell in love with this longhorn canvas and am doing something a little funky in the powder bathroom as well.  Can’t wait to share it all with you!

Living room…we’re still finishing up the shelves with goodies, but other than that-this room is almost finished.

Oh, and new shutters are going down in this room too.  #eventually

Those two leather chairs were in the front room.  #forahotminute

I’m going to end the tour right here.  #becausenootherroomshavebeendone

On our to-do list…
*Our new front door is being installed in just a couple weeks-I CANNOT WAIT!  You can see the front door in the picture above.  They’re removing the sidelights, door, and the window above the door, and replacing it with double metal doors.
*Light fixtures in powder bathroom and front room.
*A couple last minute things to powder bathroom.
*Furniture for front room.
*Plantation shutters throughout the downstairs.

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