And it’ll never be the same!  

Sweet Ebby Lee wrapped up her elementary school days and is headed to middle school in the fall.  WWWHHHAATTTT????!!!  I literally was JUST researching preschool’s in my city.  How did we get here already?  Those years are so very short, friends.
 At the beginning of fifth grade that bow was her signature and around the middle of the year she retired them all.  🙂  Ebby Lee has done so much growing from kindergarten all the way to this past year.  She’s become a young lady who’s so independent, loves Jesus with all her heart, thinks about others before herself, and is so ready to tackle middle school.  Someone might need to hold ME, but Ebby Lee will do great!  #haha #notreallyajoke

 Her first day of kindergarten on the left and her last day of fifth grade on the right.

Tab and I dropped her off at school, raced to our car, and then cried our eyes out on her first day of kindergarten.  And look at her now.

 Thanks for letting me brag on her today.  So very proud of how hard she’s worked and looking forward to all that God has in store for her.

 Bowen tackled first grade LIKE A BOSS!  He made lots of new friends and enjoyed recess more than ever.  Have I mentioned before he’s my most social kid?  Life of the party is Bowen.

 And let me introduce you to the latest big man on campus, new fifth grader, Nixon.  He’s pumped about getting to, “rule the school”.  His words, not mine.  Nix had a great fourth grade year as well.

Yesterday, they slept in and then got ready for the parade!  Our fabulous teachers paraded through all of our  neighborhoods saying a final farewell before SUMMER.

Britt didn’t want anyone to forget she was there.  

There are several fifth graders in our neighborhood so one mom invited everyone to walk down to the cul-de-sac to watch the parade together.

Parade watching crew

The teachers came by honking, waving, and wishing the students a great summer.  It was so sweet!

If you have an upcoming birthday parade, you need these party poppers.  We’ve already grabbed ours for an upcoming birthday parade.  One of my neighbors has been using them and they are super cool.  Can you spot the powder in the sky?

A few of the teachers are retiring so their drive-bys were extra special.

And just like that…the elementary years are behind us.
I’m telling you friends-the years are so short.

One thing-can you see Bowen in that picture?  I missed this group picture or would have made him put his hands down but as I was showing him what the picture looked like-meaning WHY the rabbit ears in this group picture, he misunderstood and apologized for closing his eyes.  Not exactly what I meant.

This summer I’ll be snuggling this MIDDLE SCHOOLER every chance I get because before I know it, she’ll be graduating from high school.

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

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  1. 5.28.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Yesterday was one of my FAVORITE days! I might cry again just commenting on it!

  2. 5.28.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    What a fun way to end the school year, I can't believe how much everyone grew this year! Bring on middle school!

  3. 5.28.20
    Julie Bradford said:

    Ebby Lee looks so grown! such a beautiful girl… Bowen cracks me up… I love it!!! and Nixon's comment had me laughing!!! I also love seeing Nixon and Britt.. the way she is hanging onto him… just so precious!!!!
    Happy Summer!!!!!!