Saturday’s Coming

Are you a football fan?  If so, do you have a favorite team?

Here in our house we watch a lot of football.  We cheer for all the Big 12 teams, our alma mater-Arkansas State, and if you’re Tab you’ll watch practically ANY game that’s on.  I’m adding a new favorite to this list…The University of Iowa.

I think I’ve mentioned before that I like football, but I’m an even bigger fan of College Game Day on ESPN Saturday mornings.  It’s a pre-game broadcast show that’s live in a big college match-up town each week.  They talk all kinds of stats but they also share some heartfelt stories.  A few weeks ago, the kiddos and I were watching and they shared the story about the new tradition at the University of Iowa.  After the first quarter of the game, the fans all turn and wave at the children and families’ watching from The Children’s Hospital.  If you haven’t seen it, you need to go watch this segment.

I was bawling in my coffee and I looked over at Ebby Lee and she was doing the same thing (just minus the coffee).   What a story!  And what a way for those families to feel some Hawkeye love.

The seventeen-year-old in the video, Daxon, really touched my heart.  Can you imagine being in a hospital room slowly checking off the days and just not having much to look forward to?  All week long he has his mind set on-Saturday coming.  He looks forward to this wave from the Iowa faithful during Hawkeye home games on Saturdays.

It immediately made me think of these verses…

“Since everything here today might well be gone tomorrow, do you see how essential it is to live a holy life? Daily expect the Day of God, eager for its arrival. The galaxies will burn up and the elements melt down that day—but we’ll hardly notice. We’ll be looking the other way, ready for the promised new heavens and the promised new earth, all landscaped with righteousness.”  2 Peter 3:11-13 (The MSG)

As Christians we’re supposed to be living our lives with eternity in the forefront of our minds.  Sometimes with the busyness of everyday life, all the sports’ practices, and all the laundry, I forget to do that.  So I’m speaking to myself just as much (if not more) as I am to you.  🙂

I hope we can all be encouraged today to do just that…remember heaven’s coming.

And maybe this weekend we can all cheer just a bit for those Hawkeyes.  They definitely gained a little piece of my heart.

Thanks for letting me share with you today. 


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  1. 10.16.17
    Anneka said:

    The Hawkeyes are the best! A lot of my family members went there and we always cheer for them. The new tradition is the sweetest.

  2. 10.16.17
    Anonymous said:

    Oh my goodness!!! Talk about tears on a Monday morning… this one is well worth it. Thanks for sharing this with us. The children at University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital will be on my mind all day today and quite possibly every time I watch any football game from here on out. THIS is the type of news football coaches and players should be making– not the other behavior currently making the news.

  3. 10.16.17
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    And now, I'm crying! What a sweet way to start my Monday!

  4. 10.16.17
    Anonymous said:

    Love this, friend! ❤️❤️ And, I never knew that about Iowa. That is so sweet!

  5. 10.16.17
    Bethany said:

    This is the sweetest thing and a great reminder as to what really matters in life!

  6. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    Thank you for sharing this. I’m a University of Iowa alum and I’m so proud the Hawkeye Wave is spreading love and light everywhere. Have a great day!

  7. 10.16.17
    mandabee said:

    What a beautiful thing for Iowa to do!

  8. 10.16.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Yes, tears streaming. What a beautiful reminder to keep our eyes on Heaven!

  9. 10.16.17
    Dana said:

    I imagine I look somewhat like you did, bawling into my coffee this morning. 🙂 What a sweet, sweet story. One of the many reasons I love college football. Thank you for sharing, Erika!

  10. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    This is my alma mater. We have been building the hospital for years. Our head foodball coach Kirk Ferentz and his wife Mary have been big supporters. The idea of having the hospital overlook the stadium with these floor to ceiling windows was awesome. This spring when the idea started we were all excited. I was lucky enough to be at both our first game and the first night game. Both were such special moments. The players spend a lot of time with the kids at the hospital so this adds one more special touch to that. And I think it is special for the kids but also meals a lot to the families of the kids. Not all but many grew up near Iowa and if they were not fans when they got there I have a feeling they will be for life. It is an amazing tradition that reflects what our school has always been about and makes me proud every day that I chose it many years ago.

  11. 10.16.17
    Four Points Mom said:

    Ahh, what a wonderful reminder to me today. It's easy to get muddled down in the messiness and unpredictability of every day life, and I often forget to keep my eye on what truly matters. Thank you for a great reminder to focus on what matters and for a lovely Bible verse to start my week!

  12. 10.16.17
    Sarah said:

    Tears are happening early this morning with this sweet blog post. I'm a Michigan State grad, but love to see other Big Ten schools making a difference in the world and making people's lives a little happier! What a wonderful thing for the University of Iowa to do.

  13. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    OH MY GOSH. That killed me (and my makeup haha). I should have waited to get home from work before watching… When Coach Kirk started crying, I lost it..

    What a touching tribute to the families and a beautiful gesture made each game!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  14. 10.16.17
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    We live in Iowa and it's a great state, so proud to call it home. Although, they are our biggest rivalry, that segment was so sweet and I love the tradition. :). Go Big 12 and Go State. Sometime, you will have to tell the story of how Tab got into reffing college football. My husband refs HS football! xoxo ERIN

    • 10.17.17
      Unknown said:

      ISU Alum here! Have to give credit to the Hawkeyes for such a sweet tradition

  15. 10.16.17
    Whitney Pegram said:

    I love this!!!

  16. 10.16.17
    Britt Hensley said:

    What a great reminder! We are big college football fans in the Hensley house, and this story is so good on every level. Thanks for sharing!

  17. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    So glad so many people have been touched by this! I graduated from U of Iowa last year and as someone you was at September 16's game and got to experience waving myself, I can tell you it's such an awesome feeling in real life! The entire school tries to support our awesome children's hospital in every way we can, especially through dance marathon!

  18. 10.16.17
    Laura E. said:

    I'm a U of I alumni too, and so touched by this tradition. Thanks so much for sharing! 💛

  19. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    I am a proud Hawkeye!

  20. 10.16.17
    Design by Sydnee said:

    I needed this on a Monday!

    Design by Sydnee

  21. 10.16.17
    A Kick in the Kitchen said:

    This is such a great new tradition at Iowa, I am a proud Hawkeye Alum and work at the University now as well. Our players and coaches have always supported the children's hospital (we have a kid captain at every game from the hospital as well Would you mind sharing that if anyone from afar wants to support this tradition and the Children's Hospital, they can purchase a T shirt here:
    100% of the profits go to the Hospital. Thank you for your blog post.

  22. 10.16.17
    Emily said:

    Sam, who is also featured in the video, is from my hometown and are good family friends. If you or any of your friends want to connect with that family, let me know!

  23. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    Love the impact that this story has had on so many people across the country! As a recent grad from the University of Iowa, I can tell you that participating in this tradition in real life is every bit as heartfelt, sweet, and genuine as it seems. The state of Iowa actually doesn’t have any professional sports teams, so most people are born and raised as die hard Hawkeye fans – the sense of community at that school is THE best 🙂

  24. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    Last week, the Iowa Hawkeye Band got in on it! Here's a link you and your kiddos might enjoy watching! 70,000 people lost their minds over it and boy did the children in the hospital enjoy the response!

  25. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    Last weekend, the Iowa Hawkeye Marching Band got in on the action too! My husband designed and directed the show and was so excited about the response from the fans, the children, and the band members! The band was happy to get in on the action with Stead Family Children's Hospital. Here is a link that you and your kids can enjoy! This is an awesome post, and I'm so happy to see that others are able to appreciate the joy this new Hawkeye tradition is bringing! Also, I'm so happy we are spreading compassion around like wildfire! Thanks so much for posting about this!

  26. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    WOW! I really enjoyed your post today. I 💚💚💚 watching Game Day too. However, i missed it this week. Thanks for sharing the story. Very touching. We are Oklahoma State fans. Has your husband ever been to Stillwater for one of our games? If he should ever come to Stillwater, you and the children need to come with him. We would love to have you join us at our tailgate. The more, the merrier.

  27. 10.16.17
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    Awww this all just gave me the chills, friend! That verse is so powerful and such a good reminder. That is an amazing tradition those Hawkeyes have. I'd be proud to be one!!
    That Inspired Chick

  28. 10.16.17
    pokes96 said:

    I love these stories from ESPN. Their "E:60" & "30 on 30" series are also very good. I love this post especially among other bloggers' posts of "blog by Nordstrom," "look at me," "busyness is a badge of honor," "swipe up to buy," "everything is awesome,". This act of kindness is real life among all the other multiple recent tragedies. And the fact that Ebby was emotional about it….you are raising intentional, empathetic kids who you will launch to be great adults. Keep up the good work!

  29. 10.16.17
    rowyourbow said:

    I love this! Thank you so much for sharing! And, Sara Gray, the band wave was too cool! My daughter is in competitive high school marching band, so I'll be sharing this story and the video with her when she gets home this afternoon. 🙂

  30. 10.16.17
    I Shal C said:

    I dare someone to try and watch that and not cry in their coffee! Thank you for sharing the whole segment. I had just seen a clip on Instagram. Love it!

  31. 10.16.17
    Justine Ciemny said:

    Thank you for sharing! I just LOVE that they turn and wave! What an amazing tradition. This makes my heart happy <3

    Justine @ Charm City Ciemny's

  32. 10.16.17
    Unknown said:

    Proud to be a Hawkeye!! 💛🖤

  33. 10.16.17
    azbaby24 said:

    WOW oh WOW, just balling. Should be working and just crying. I had seen a small snipit of this on the news but did not know the full story. Thanks for sharing.

  34. 10.16.17
    Jack said:

    YES! YES! YES! My Saturday morning ain't right until, coffee, Jesus and "We're coming!! To you're Ci-tay!!!" I saw this and I was also in tears!! I told my family I want to go to a game here and do the WAVE!

    Every. Single. Week. College Game Day gets me were it hurts and I'm bawling. GEAUX TIGERS!

  35. 10.17.17
    MissKimmie said:

    Yes. I saw this too. Now I'm an Iowa fan. It is a precious tradition.

  36. 10.17.17
    Bren said:

    I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to see this post! I've been reading your blog for quite some time, but I'm a quiet commenter. 🙂 However, as I'm sure you've guessed by now, I'm a huge Hawkeye fan and love this beautiful post you shared! We are so proud of this act of kindness!

    Our dad passed away at the University of Iowa hospital, during the time this new addition was being built on. He was a loyal fan, loved his Hawkeye football team so much! He passed on a gorgeous fall Saturday afternoon, right after a home Iowa victory. You can imagine how the timing of that meant so much to us, that he was able to be next door for one last game. I received the sweetest message from Iowa following – their compassion and kindness then and now continue to make my heart fill with pride. Thanks again for sharing. Go Hawks! 🙂

  37. 10.17.17
    kelly said:

    That verse really hit home for me – I just lost my beautiful 22 year old nephew in a fatal car accident on his way to class… so devastating for us and especially his mother. He was her only child. If you could say a prayer for them? Thank you!

  38. 10.17.17
    brookerichardson said:

    Wow! This is incredible! I’m so thankful you shared this Erika! What an amazing tradition, I’m just so touched by this.

  39. 10.17.17
    Lucy Judge said:

    I just LOVE that you shared this. I was in tears watching this too. And, like you I love College Game Day and am always amazed at some of the incredible stories they report on. I love how you shared that this is how we are to wait, expectantly for the day of Christ and I’m so glad there are women like you willing to share that. I’m with you, I’ll be a Hawkeye’s fan from now on, I can’t imagine how this warms the heart of all those mommas and papas whose babies are in the hospital. Thanks for sharing!