Random iPhone Pictures

Here are some random things we’ve been doing at the Slaughter house….

We MAJORLY cleaned out the closets. I should show a before picture but it would be too embarrassing!

Ebby Lee has been taking lots of pictures.

Nixon found some treasures in our closet.

Tab and I went to see The Hunger Games. This is us at the theater. He was mortified I was taking a picture!! 🙂

Ebby Lee and Nix went to the dentist. Didn’t get a picture of him because I was holding him the whole time. They both did great!

We’ve been playing outside a lot!!

We turned the back yard into a redneck water park and they loved it! Water table and sprinkler equals so much fun!!

This past weekend our air conditioner went out. It could have been much much worse but it was still pretty hot at night. So we bunked with G and M all weekend!

Yesterday we had really bad weather here. As soon as we got home from school…we hit the closet.

We had toys and snacks…these kiddos had a blast! So thankful we were safe!

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