Q and A-Summer 2020

Last week I asked on my Insta-Stories for any questions you had for me and you guys delivered!  I have a little round-up of questions today and will keep working my way through them over the next couple weeks.  I always think back to my teacher days and if one student had a question about something, usually a few more were wondering the exact same thing.  ๐Ÿ™‚

 It’s been about two years since my voyage into all things natural when it comes to deodorant truly began. I started with the Kopari Deodorant and quickly realized it was gonna take weeks to get all the gunk out of my system.  Many people would suggest detoxing by going au naturale for several weeks before even making the switch, but I threw caution to the wind and dove in head first.  I used Kopari for months before venturing out into the wide, wide world of natural deodorants.  My favorite to this day is Primally Pure.  I actually just reordered last week, but at that same time I shared a, “Currently”, blog post and mentioned this topic.  I got lots of comments about YOUR favorite brands.  So much so that I ordered some Native as well.  My personal recommendation is Primally Pure, but lots of you mentioned Native {ordered directly from the Native website}.  If you have a favorite, please chime in!  I’ve detoxed and been using natural deodorant for the past year but periodically I still get painful, itchy bumps under my armpits.  I noticed it a lot with Kopari and now with Briogeo.  As crazy as this sounds, once your body is accustomed and fully detoxed there’s less body odor so the sell out situation really isn’t a problem. ๐Ÿ™‚  Give it a shot!

 Oh my goodness!  I could go on and on about this, but my number one suggestion is to plan something {even in the busy seasons of life} and while you know you’ll be tired by the time the meet up rolls around, STICK TO THE PLANS!  Checking in whether it be phone calls or texts with friends is also super important.  I know when I get a, “How are you?”, call or text it makes my day knowing I was on someone’s heart.  It’s important to “do life” with friends and let your kids see you making this a priority.  Trust me, it makes this life so much sweeter.  Right now we’re doing lots of life with our baseball friends from games to hang outs to lots of meals together.  Those baseball mamas are some of my favorite girls in the world….as are church friends, school friends, neighborhood friends.  On the flip side of this, give your friends’ grace when you haven’t heard from them in a while.  ๐Ÿ™‚  I know lots of you are amazing friends.  What are some great ideas you have?

*Writing a sweet note
*Phone call or text
*Drop off a little gift
*Opening up with friends about your heart
 It’s ALL over the place!  hahahaha!  For the most part it’s traditional with a little of everything mixed in.  I don’t like just one type of home style…farmhouse, modern, classic, etc. so I try to just pull my favorite things from each category.  My girlfriend is an interior designer and she always says, “Live with what you love”.  It’s stuck with me so therefore…I’m a mixture of all my favorites.
 I’m a product junkie!  I love trying new new products but unless I absolutely HATE something {which very rarely happens} then I’ll use it until it’s gone.  #noneedtowasteit  That can lead to me using a random assortment of skincare products.  This is what I’m using right now…
*Super Good Unseen {this glides on like a primer}

 Life is way too short to take everything too seriously so we do our best to keep it fun and joyful around our house.  I’m not saying we don’t have crazy moments, but for the most part we embrace laughter as much as we possibly can.  Tab and I found we could have a date night by setting the kids up in the living room with a movie and we could sneak out on the patio or watch an adult show in our bedroom.  Having alone time to hang out is so important!  Doesn’t have to be a fancy date night out!  When our kids were little and we didn’t have extra money for sitters, we babysit-swapped with the Shulls.  They’d watch our kids one night while we went out and then we’d flip and watch their kids when they went out.  It was a great way to have a more affordable date night option!  You have to MAKE TIME for each other and COMMUNICATE!  {Those are emphasized because they’re the hardest for us when life gets busy.} For Tab and I, our faith is super important so during our premarital days, I remember us doing a study about this where Tab and I were two points on a triangle and God represented the third.  The more we seek after Him, the closer we get to each other.  Keeping Christ in our marriage and in our home helps our priorities stay in the correct order.
 No, I try to make healthy choices but I’m human and like a cheesy dip, chips and salsa, and burger with fries way too much.  I do attempt to eat healthy options most of the time though.
 You’re probably just seeing them in their best moments.  It’s like that whole Instagram versus real life thing.  Right?  We have rules and there are consequences when those rules are broken.  For the most part the discipline is early bedtime, things taken away, etc.  Each kid has things that are more important to them so the discipline might look a little different for each kid, but Tab and I do our best to be super consistent so they know the rules and expectations.
 This is a typical day….
*Breakfast is usually a protein bar because I’m too lazy in the morning to clean the kitchen.  I prefer it to stay clean from the night before.  Or Trader Joe’s Egg Fritata {again something easy}.
*Lunch is maybe a Chick-fil-A salad, Trader Joe’s specialty, leftovers, or sandwich…something like that.
*Afternoon snack of choice lately has been a string cheese and pistachios.
Dinner is sloppy joe’s {I’ll eat mine open face with just the bottom bun}, some type of veggie and a little salad.

 I try to get 8 hours but often times it’s a little less.  During the school year it’s easier because we’re stricter on kids’ bedtimes.  We try to be consistent with bedtimes and my wake-up times as well.  I ordered some “calming” drink before bed and I really can’t tell a difference so I don’t have many helpful hints.  I did get my hormones checked and have started some hormone replacement therapy {going on almost a year}.  I’ve heard hormones can play a big part in not sleeping well.

Thanks for reading today!

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  1. 6.18.20
    Unknown said:

    Definitely try Lume deodorant. So worth it!

  2. 6.18.20
    Cindy said:

    What do you mean by detox? What did you do or is it just stop using the deodorant and going to the all natural. Thanks!

  3. 6.18.20
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love Q and A posts! Always so fun to get a look inside your mind for a bit!
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. 6.18.20
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Hi Cindy!
    Yes, some people recommend using nothing for a couple months, others use a detox (Iโ€™ve seen lots of charcoal detox options).

  5. 6.18.20
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I love a Q&A! And listen, your kids ARE so well-behaved!! I can attest to that!

  6. 6.18.20
    Unknown said:

    Try this for deodorant

    I didn't have any problems with switching straight from Suave/Dove to this!

    Sometimes in GA you do still have wetness b/c it's not an antiperspirant and sometimes I do feel like I need to put it on more than once a day.

  7. 6.19.20
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    LOVED this post! Q and As are my favorite.

  8. 6.22.20
    Trista @ The Classy Chaos said:

    Loved this! You often follow bloggers and aspire to be just like them because they surely have it all together! This is such a amazing reminder that weโ€™re all Gods children and we all experience similar things. Thank you for doing this!

  9. 6.22.20
    Brooke said:

    I tried all the natural deodorants (minus your Primely Pure recommendation) & they either broke me out or flat out didn't work. I found Piper Wai about a year ago and am hooked. Now, you have to put it on with fingers, the stick just doesn't work for me, but that is the only draw back. I even got my doctor to try it and she loves it and recommends it! Here is the link if you want to check it out: http://rwrd.io/zyndkpp