Photo Dump

 I always feel wrong about titling a post, “Photo Dump”.  Probably because I have two boys who are always cracking up about certain words and well nowadays I tend to steer clear of certain words.  “Dump” happens to be one.  #momofboys  #pottywords

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a little look at our daily life so I’m catching you up…
Last week, Nixon played in a Middle School Match-Up Tournament.  Here in Texas our middle schools don’t have baseball teams but an independent company puts on this big tournament around Dallas where they match up kids going to the same school/same grade.  Nixon played on the sixth grade team for his new middle school.  It was sticky hot outside but Britty and I were ready to cheer them on!

Ebby Lee is the sweetest older sister.  If they’re both at home, she will get Britt the most engaging activities to do.  Just a sweet relationship to observe.  On this particular day, we were all cooling off after baseball on my bed.

Last week also happened to be our local high school’s baseball camp.  Camp was for elementary age kids in the morning and then middle school in the afternoon.  In a big town like ours it’s often difficult to find that community surrounding the local high school but things like this-local camps really help build that.

Our neighborhood carpool crew for baseball camp in the morning.

Nixon’s middle school team was READY to play some baseball.

I’m sure you’ve seen this app that turns you into a cartoon.  Cartoon Britt was my FAVORITE!

Another morning, another camp drop off.

These two rookie middle school cheerleaders had their first big cheer social.  It’s gonna be such a fun year for them to get to be a part of this group of girls.

After two days and lots of baseball, the championship game came down to five players on Nixon’s select team playing for his middle school versus four players from the same select team on the opposing middle school.  It was Bronco against Bronco and they had a great time playing each other in truly the most friendly of ways.

One thing I cannot keep in stock this summer is tomatoes.  My people LOVE tomatoes.

I caught Bowen sharing a snow cone break with another baseball brother this past weekend.

This past weekend the Broncos came out on top after once again…LOTS of baseball.

It’s been a FUN summer so far!  Thanks for letting me share a little of our life lately with you!

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  1. 6.17.21
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    So many fun pics of your sweet fam! (Also…it's been so HOT!!!!)

  2. 6.17.21
    missy said:

    Whats the cartoon app name?


  3. 6.17.21
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    I love all the summer sports! Looks so fun! Thanks for sharing!