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Wahoo for another “Owning It” post today!  We love the crazy, don’t we?  🙂

I’m excited to introduce you to Leigh, from Balancing By Faith.  Leigh and I have met through the blogging world and I’m pumped about her being here today.  She’s a sweet mama to two who is here to share her crazy with us!  I can’t wait!  Here’s Leigh…

Hi Friends!  I’m
Leigh, married to my husband of 11 years, Jonathan, and mama to Ashlyn and
William.  We live in the burbs of
Nashville and I work for a large healthcare corporation.  I love making lists, planning and over-preparing, eating chips and queso on a regular rotation and
working it off by running, torturing myself through a Jillian Michaels video or
kettle bell training. 
I write about our life on my blog
Balancing by Faith.  I am honored to be a guest blogger for Erika
today – I am Owning It!!

This one feels really crazy, I remember starting this around
middle school, so maybe I have some uncovered trauma in my life but…I have a
counting issue.  I do not know why – but
I count the number of sides that 3D objects have.  So I look at a box and I count in my head 6
sides.  To a telephone pole I count 1 for
the circumference and 2 for the top and bottom for a total of 3.  The TV has 6 lines – 4 sides and a front and
back.  I have no idea why my brain does
this, but I am constantly counting in my head. 
As if it doesn’t have the same number of sides they have always had??

This makes me laugh because it sounds like a lot of trouble!  You know what I mean?  You can’t just walk by the telephone pole.  You have to count it.  I’m feeling for you, girl!

I can remember song lyrics like nobody’s business.  I can hear a song once or twice and I know
the words – not only the chorus. 
Remember Name That Tune or Singing Bee shows, seriously I would be the Ken Jennings of these
competition shows (Jeopardy was not made for this mama!)    All
genres, all types, I can remember song lyrics. 
One of my favorite games on a road trip is “name that tune” where you
shuffle the radio channels and guess the song or say the next line of that
song.  It’s probably my favorite because
I always win.  😉

I have a serious fear of heights.   I can fly – but I think about it for weeks
in advance of my flight and my palms sweat the entire flight.  I hate the feeling of being up high, and
having no control, even worse.  I have a
video from college passing out on the slingshot amusement ride.  One of my girlfriends and I were riding and I
had my eyes squeezed tight – but I opened them and saw I was above any building
on the horizon…and then I passed out.  Two
weeks ago we went to Atlanta and no naming names – but someone thought it would
be a great idea to take the kids up in the Westin elevator.  An exterior elevator – 73 floors above
downtown Atlanta.  I hugged the elevator
doors while my kids enthusiastically looked out.  When we reached the observation deck, which
also is a rotating restaurant I thought I might lose my lunch.  So I did what any normal person would do – curled
up in the fetal position in the corner and texted my mom to empathize with my
situation! No heights for me! And yet I love a thrill ride or experience.  I would jump off a cliff into the lake, ride
Tower of Terror multiple times, or climb a ropes course, even scared speechless.

(Social media stalker?)  
This is a scary one to admit on a social site – but I am owning it.  When I meet you, there is a good chance that
I already know something about you. 
Where you work, go to church, friends of friends, who your kids are,
etc.  I have a serious knack for people
watching and remember faces very easily – combine that with social media, a few
clicks here and there and there you go.  Add
in the 6 degrees of separation (that are really more like 2-3) and I would make
a pretty good private investigator.  Example
– I was visiting my friend Natalie in South Carolina and she told me I should
meet her friend Dawn, who just moved to Nashville.  Later in the day, Natalie posted a photo of
our visit to Instagram and Dawn commented on the photo that we need to meet….
right away I recognized Dawn as the owner of the Etsy shop Mollie and Lou, which Erika
promoted on her blog in a December
.   How crazy for a friend in
South Carolina, to connect me with a friend in Nashville, who was promoted on a
blog in Texas!  I got to meet Dawn for
lunch last week – so fun! (Dawn and Leigh pictured above.)

How fun that you got to meet Dawn??  She sounds like the sweetest!!

YIKES – I wore head gear in middle school.  Do kids even head gear anymore?  I don’t even
know – but I had the metal headgear that I wore while sleeping…and no kidding
that metal was not intended for mouths. 
I remember feeling as if it were rusting.  I have plenty of random teeth issues too, and
thanks to a lack of adult tooth I have a bridge that creates an annoying
nervous tick of passing air back and forth under the bridge which you can see
from the outside as my cheekbones can’t hide it.  I honestly didn’t realize I did it for years
until I pointed it out to a friend after 5 years of friendship and she said
“you have always done that”! 

Have you ever burned rice? Should be something easy to cook
right?  Unfortunately when I cook I have
a tendency to become easily distracted and yes I am known to burn rice.  In our first home we had a nice yard and
plenty of birds that would visit so we purchased a humming bird feeder for the
yard.  The feeder is filled with boiled
sugar water to attract the birds so one morning I placed a pot of water on the
stove to boil.  I got distracted and
walked away and about 20 minutes later Jonathan walked into the house filled
with smoke.  He grabbed the pot (which
was so burned it was dripping metal drops off the bottom) and ran it outside.  There was a trail of burn marks from the
kitchen, on the linoleum floor, through the carpeted living room and sunroom to
the back deck.   We were very lucky I did not burn the house
down – and that the floor all needed replacement anyway.

I will leave my last crazy with you in the form of a photo that
will never be recreated – one in which I would never consider doing now – but
as young college kids, such a memory.  We
decided to dress up in colored saran wrap and go to a karaoke bar in Knoxville.
We belted out our best Dixie Chicks on stage…at a karaoke bar…in Saran Wrap.  No words. 
Picture evidence below, cleared by my dear friends who are Owning It
with me….
This one is my favorite!!!  I must say you guys could give Project Runway a run for their money with those creations!  I’m crazy impressed!!  Do I spy a PLAID?  ha!  Love it!

Thanks Erika for letting me share today, I hope you all
laughed with me over my crazy life!


Leigh-thank you SO much for sharing your crazy!  I’m sure most of us can totally relate.  Be sure to check out Leigh over at Balancing By Faith.  The first Wednesday of every month, she has a new series, Pinspiration Wednesday.  You can check it out here and join her next week. Thanks so much for stopping by today!  XOXO

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  1. 2.25.16
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    How fun is Leigh?!?! I just love her! I'm so glad you owned it today!

  2. 2.25.16
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Okay, so the sides thing. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to do that. And I WISH I knew all the words to all the songs. I sing lyrics incorrectly at least 50% of the time. And those saran wrap dresses? I have to know, how long did it take to create those?!? Reading about Leigh's crazy was fun!

  3. 2.25.16
    Anonymous said:

    Lol! I am laughing so hard at the Saran Wrap! Love it!!

  4. 2.25.16
    kelly said:

    She has contributed the BEST "crazy" so far!!! Love the saran wrap!#

  5. 2.25.16
    Justine said:

    I love Leigh and her CRAZY! HA! Nothing gets better than that Saran Wrap picture!!! Haha!!

  6. 2.25.16
    Kimm said:

    How fun. Can't wait to check her out! Love this series !!!

  7. 2.25.16
    Erica - Second House on the Right said:

    Girlfriend….you definitely owned your crazy today!! Our friendship will never be the same after the Saran Wrap photo, hahaha. Great series!

  8. 2.25.16
    Johannah Sirois said:

    Oh my gosh Leigh!! I loved this post! And the Saran Wrap?!? Hahahaha loved hearing all the great stories

  9. 2.25.16
    Liz F. said:

    I LOVE the Owning I
    t series! The picture of the saran wrap costumes giggled me right out of my morning grumpiness. Liz @ familyoffoley.wordpress.com

  10. 2.25.16
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    I am a total social media stalker…bit me a few times with my big kids when I met someone they had been talking about and I would know everything about them! Even introduced myself to a girls dad who my son was talking to at a baseball game because I recognized him and I had not even met the girl yet!! oopsie That saran wrap…oh my gosh!!

  11. 2.25.16
    Jenny said:

    Leigh, all that counting would drive me batty! Haha! Loved that you shared your crazy with us.

  12. 2.25.16
    Leigh said:

    Well, she might be my favorite person do this yet. Maybe it's because we have the same name or because we both live in the suburbs of Nashville. Lol I am also a social media stalker. My job involves me googling people so I'm getting good at finding things.

  13. 2.25.16
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    Erika!! I am laughing at myself – what a weirdo! Thanks for giving me the opportunity to own my Crazy…and yes – that was a lot of saran wrap and no alcohol involved!!

  14. 2.25.16
    Unknown said:

    I'm a counter too! Glad to hear there is another person who does this.

  15. 2.25.16
    R's Rue said:
  16. 2.25.16
    live compassionately said:

    The heights thing is me too! I hate heights and I HATE flying! I will stress and stress about it and be in a near panic until I take off. Once in the air, if I don't look out the window, I am usually fine.

  17. 2.26.16
    "The Mrs." said:

    I love these posts!! So fun to read 😉

  18. 11.13.16
    Carrie said:

    Hi Erika,
    I have been following Leigh's blog since you did this post, but the link to it doesn't seem to be working anymore (balancingbyfaith.com). Does she have a new address for her blog?

    Thank you!

  19. 11.13.16
    Erika Slaughter said:

    Carrie-I think her blog is now private.