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Happy Thursday Ladies!!  I have a SUPER fun new series for you today and I’m SO excited about it!!  I don’t know if you remember, but I did a post back in July confessing some funny, ridiculous, self-deprecating things about myself.  You can check the post out HERE.  I loved all the fun comments.  There are lots of other closet-Nelly fans out there and I LOVE it!  🙂  The new series is inspired by that post and it’s called, “Owning It…Claiming the Crazy”.  I’ll be featuring other bloggers who are keepin’ it real and having a few “owning it” moments by sharing their crazy here on the blog.

My first featured blogger you guys already know and love just as much as I do!  🙂  I asked Shay (at Mix and Match Family) about doing this for me.  Bless her heart!  She started a note on her phone and has been adding to it any time she thought of a funny she could share.  I absolutely LOVE her list and I think you guys will too!!!  So…without further ado…here’s Shay “Owning It AND Claiming her Crazy”…
1. I name babies.  I don’t know why…but when people tell me that they’re having a baby, I start thinking of names for them.  I don’t just think of names I like, I ask the parents to be a million questions (family names, themes, letters, alliteration, etc.) and start thinking of names.  
So far, I have named 5 of my friends’ babies…Bowen, Maggie, Fisher, Beckett and Griffin.  Granted, I probably suggested 4000 names to each of my friends…but five of my friends ended up with names I came up with.
2. I know every lyric to every Barry Manilow song.  I blame my mother.
3. I decided about six months ago that flesh colored bras were boring and that after wearing one for 20+ years, I needed to stop.  I invested in a few colorful bras and now, I wear them every day.  I don’t know why but all of a sudden, I realized how unattractive a nude bra is and now I’m rebelling.
4. I cannot dive.  Don’t tell me I can and show me how by placing your arms above your head, bending forward and pretending to dive…I cannot dive.  My body just can’t.  Don’t waste your time.   (This is Erika and I’m now on a mission…Summer of 2015 I WILL teach this girl to dive!!)
5. I can’t see the “man in the moon”.  My mother gets irritated with me every time I say this but after trying to see it up there for years, I think you people are all crazy.  There is no profile in the moon…it’s just a moon (my mother is objecting right this second).
6. Last December, my mom and I were writing out the menu for our Christmas Eve dinner when she asked me why I hold my pen so funny.  I told her that I had been holding my pen that way for 30 years…and she told me it was all wrong (apparently, she wasn’t paying attention during my formative years).  So, I started watching You Tube videos on how to properly hold a pen and have been working on it all year.  Apparently, I have been doing it all wrong!  Who knew?!?
7. The phrase “we should go dancing” has never left my mouth.  (Hahahahaha!!!  I LOVE this one!!  It has never left mine as well.  That’s probably why we’re such good friends.  :))
8. I am a news junkie…but I always read people.com before heading to mainstream news…apparently, celebrity news is more important to me than any other.
9. I typically start listening to Christmas music around my birthday.  My birthday is October 25.  Don’t judge.

SHAY!!!  That was SO much fun!!  Thanks so much for sharing your crazy with us!
You can find Shay over at Mix and Match Family where she blogs about her life, her family, and her faith.  And…don’t forget to check out Shay’s foodie blog  HERE.  Last night I made TWO Mix and Match Mama recipes.  Let me tell you…she doesn’t disappoint!  

Have a GREAT day friends!!  XOXO

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