Owning It

Another real-life blogger bestie sharing her crazy today is gonna be FUN!!  Most of you probably already know my friend, Sheaffer, but in case you don’t let me introduce you.  Sheaffer is the girl behind Pinterest Told Me To, the blog that takes an outfit from Pinterest and recreates it to make it happen.  She shares the best deals and cutest things!  She’s also one of the funniest people I know.  Love getting to do life with this lady!!

Here’s Sheaffer…


When I first sat down to create this post, I was like “What in the world am I going to write about?
 I just don’t do that many crazy things..”
Thirty minutes later, and I was pretty sure I needed therapy.
I seriously had to make myself stop writing.
And I had to regulate my breathing because I was beginning to panic about just how crazy I sounded.
I hate bananas.
The taste of them (yuck).  The smell of them (yuck!).  Their texture (yuck!)
And I especially hate the little strings that you have to pull off of them sometimes.
When I used to cut them up for Carter, I gagged on more than 1 occasion when pulling off one of those disgusting looking strings.
If we’re being honest, I just dry heaved  thinking about the strings.


Sheaffer, are these the banana strings you’re talking about??!!  hahahaha!


Do you know what I hate more than bananas?
Cotton balls.
Oh my goodness, my teeth kind of hurt even just talking about it.
I really do HATE cotton.
The feel of cotton balls sends shivers up my spine and makes me tilt my head down towards my shoulder.
No, I’m not kidding.
Now, a wet cotton ball, I can deal with that.
Like, when removing nail polish, I quickly saturate the nasty little white ball with the nail polish remover, and then I’m okay.  But dry cotton balls make me want to come out of my skin.
Same with q-tips.
I have to wet that baby before it goes anywhere near my ear.

I seriously have NO words.  🙂


I took sign language in college as an elective because of my major of Communication Sciences and Disorders (to become a Speech-Language Pathologist).
In fact, even now when watching t.v., I’ll find myself trying to sign the dialogue.
I’m not great, but I can definitely sign at the sentence level, and if I had to communicate something important to a deaf person, I could probably do it.
If somebody that was actually fluent in sign tried to say something to me, I would have NO IDEA what they were talking about.
I’m much better at signing than I am at reading sign.
I know every single word to a seriously dirty rap song.
I can’t even write the title of it here, because even the title is dirty.
I’m terrible.
But I’m telling you, that song has a seriously good beat.

Now we’re all trying to think of the dirtiest song we know and wondering, “Is this the one she’s talking about?”.  What are your thoughts on Nelly? 😉
I’m going to throw my mom under the bus for this one so y’all will see that I come by my crazy honestly.  During my freshman year at OU, we had class sometimes when it was really cold and windy outside.  Because OKLAHOMA.
You know, the wind comes sweeping down the plains and all.
My mom was very concerned about me walking to class with it being SO COLD.
So, she did the only logical thing.
She called the president of the University.
Yep, she flat out dialed up President Boren and let him know that she thought it was too cold for the students to be going to class.

THIS is my VERY favorite!!  I’ve heard this story and it never gets old!!  LOL

Speaking of college.
I was the QUEEN of prank calling.
Yes, in college.



So I’m really going to let my crazy all hang out now.
I used to always be concerned that I had accidentally left a candle burning in the house.
Okay, so I still am.
And then I was always worried that I hadn’t shut the garage door.
Okay, so I still am.
And now I have this weird fear that I’ve left water running somewhere in the house.
I should probably be medicated.

SHEAFFER!  I didn’t know you did this!  I’m not going to name names online, but we have another mutual friend that does this!!
I’ve never eaten Nutella.
There, I said it.
I’ve never drank a cup of hot coffee either.

I’m grabbing my Nutella and coffee and will be at your door STAT.  #noexcuses



This one drives me nuts.
Whenever I’m writing, I often write the incorrect word if it’s a homophone.
For example, although I of course know that the word “buy” means to make a purchase and that the word “bye” is a common shortened version of “good-bye“, I would still write a sentence that said “I want to bye this shirt in all 4 colors.”  It’s incredibly annoying.  I most often catch the error when proof reading a post, but sometimes they get buy me.
Just kidding with that one.
I totally new what I was doing their.
Just kidding again.
But it really is a problem.
If I’m up late at night blogging, I often start writing absolute nonsense while nodding in and out of sleep.  Like I’ll wake up and read that I’ve written something similar to the following:
“I love the print on these shorts so much, but make sure you size down in them.  And make sure you call your agent so you will have plenty of insurance in case there is a flash flood.”
Ummmmm, okay then.
I have no idea.
I only made one “B” through 4 years of Undergraduate and 2 years of Graduate School.
I studied like CRAZY.
In fact, I wish I could go back in time and study WAYYYY less and not care about my grades nearly as much.
And get this, my only B was in a summer school class at Eastfield community college.
And I cried.
A lot.

I did the EXACT same thing!!  I got my only “B” in P.E. for teachers.  Are you kidding me??  No joke!!  (Before I decided on my major I took two business classes-one I absolutely loved and the other was Macroeconomics.  I have NO clue why I didn’t drop the class or why I even went.  Needless to say I was PUMPED about the only “C” I ever got in college from that class.  



I was in a country western music video in high school.
Because I was on a Country and Western dance team.
Shut Up.
It was cool.
Okay, that’s it girls!
Thanks for having me Erika and thanks for letting me let my crazy hang out.
It’s funny, I don’t FEEL crazy…but clearly I am.
Oh well.
I’m gonna OWN IT.

Sheaffer-SO MUCH FUN!!!  Thank you SO much for “Owning It” and sharing your crazy with us!  I’m sure we can all relate and we love you even more after hearing all that.  And…I hope you’re dressed.  I’m on my way with the Nutella! 🙂  
Make sure you go check out Sheaffer’s blog at Pinterest Told Me To.  

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