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Ladies, I have a treat for you today!!  Not only is this guest a blogger friend, but she happens to be a real-life friend as well!  Let me introduce you to Elaine at House of Hargrove.  Elaine has the CUTEST style.  I have a big puffy red heart crush on the rug in her office.  A BIG crush!  On her blog and on her Instagram, she shares her home, home decor shopping trips, and her life.  You must check her out.  You can find her Instagram here.  Her IG name is houseofhargrove.  Seriously…check her out!

Isn’t her family darling??

#1 I still sleep with a blankie.  Yes, I called it a blankie, not a blanket.  Are you still reading or have you already decided this is too strange to continue πŸ™‚
My mom tells the story that my cousin had a blankie she was obsessed with so my mom was NOT going to let this happen to me.  She gave me a new one each night when I was a baby so I didn’t get attached and then one morning when she went to take this one away I went nuts!  Cried and cried and she couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me.  The minute she gave it back to me I was fine.  I am 32 years old (for another week) and still cuddle it every night.  My husband makes fun of me but I will tell you….I have woken up a few times during the night and seen him cuddled up with it.  He says this was a total accident but I am not so sure.  Here is Avery wrapped in it for her newborn photos.

Elaine-I TOTALLY had a blankie growing up.  I called it a “blankie” too!  When I was in sixth grade, I told myself I had to stop.  So sometime during that year, I made myself stop sleeping with that blanket.  haha!

#2  I used to LOVE scary movies…that was until we bought our first house.  Now I HATE them.  I mean there are way way too many entry points into a house and I am convinced every dangerous person both fictional and non fictional is outside our doors.  During Halloween season if a scary movie commercial comes on I am usually not by the remote to change the channel so I will sing something really loudly, plug my ears and close my eyes until it is over.  No one needs to see those previews before bedtime!  Now I will tell you if these scary people are outside my house and see me through the windows during one of these times I am sure they will move on to the next house…they probably think I am way to crazy to mess with!!

#3 Speaking of fear….SHARKS!  Now I know this is not that unique, lots of people are scared of sharks but I am definitely one of them!!!  I love shark week BUT you will not find me in the ocean very deep (yes I know they attack in shallow water) this is why I typically go about knee deep πŸ™‚
I always tell my husband the one good thing about sharks is they can be totally avoided…unless your plane crashes over the ocean or a cruise ship crashes I will NOT be eaten by a shark…because I don’t go into their home.

#4 I named my children when I was a child.  This is truly crazy!  In 5th grade we were at a slumber party and talking about names we loved or something and the name Braden came up and I fell it love with it.  I said right then and there if I had a son that would be his name.  When Jerry Maguire came out I was in 8th grade and Kelly Preston’s character was named Avery.  It was the first time I ever heard that name and I decided that would be my daughter’s name.  As you can tell I am both crazy and a big time planner.  Luckily I found a husband that was good with these names and I am not gonna lie…..they came up very early in our dating years to make sure he was cool with them!
In fact for Christmas one year when we were first married we decided to only spend $20 on Christmas gifts for each other and Geoff took our stockings (we already had 4) and had the initials G (Geoff), E (me), A, B put on them for our future kids.  It is so special when I hang the stockings now because Avery and Braden are here and part of our family. 
(If God had different plans and gave us different children we would have had them changed)

All I can focus on is how cute your mantle is!!!

5. Stain removers.  I have a closet full of stain removers.  Every time I hear about one that is so great I go buy it.  Then when the time comes to treat a stain I never know which one to use?!  Which one is really the best??! (first world problems I know).  So, I spray my stains with every one of them.  It is absolutely ridiculous.  I have no idea which one is good because I use all of them….at the same time.

6. Our family constantly makes up dumb songs and sings them around the house.  I should not be admitting this but its true.  If the trash needs to be taken out, we are cooking, talking about our day….many times we make up dumb songs about it.
Imagine singing take out the trash to Bohemian Rhapsody…THE TRASH….I WILL NOT GET THE TRASH….GET THE TRASH (ok you get the idea).  I am pretty sure I am losing followers at this point.  Yet another reason all the creepy people that may be outside our house (see point 2 above) will move on to another victim. 

I LOL’d at this one!!  I totally sang along as I read the lyrics to the trash song!

7.  “I see dead people”  OK, not really but I do see shapes in tile!  Does anyone else do this??  Never really been one to see them in clouds but definitely in tile.  My shower is the worst!  I guess I spend a lot of time looking at that tile.
I mean come on….this looks like a wolf right???!!!

Sorry, I could not get the picture in the middle!!!  Totally my fault-but I’m STRUGGLING to see the wolf!

8.   I laugh in sad situations.  This one is terrible and I HATE it.  I get really nervous and try so hard to avoid the ugly cry that I start to giggle. If I am at a funeral I am so so sad that I will feel the tickle of uncontrollable giggling sneak up.  Luckliy I have learned to control this much better in my adult years but it is still there.

I have the WORST nervous laugh!  I remember as a kid doing this a lot and getting in trouble.  It’s definitely gotten better with age, but I feel your pain on this one!

9. I have been in a Matt Damon movie.  Yes it is true but no, you won’t see me.  When Geoff and I were in NY they were filming Adjustment Bureau in Fisherman’s Wharf and we went over to watch some of it because I had to get a sneak peek at Matt Damon.  It was so cool but I was much more excited about it than Geoff was.  There was a bar on the corner with a patio so he decided to go sit over there and have a beer while I stalked Matt Damon.  After a while I went and sat with him.  The people next to us asked us which agency we were with??!!!  HUH???  We had no idea what they were talking about.  Well, apparently everyone on this patio was a paid extra because we were in the background of the scene with Matt running through the wharf.  HAHA.  They asked how we were even able to sit on the patio and we just walked right over and sat down.  We had NO IDEA this was in the background of the scene.  Seriously though….we are a blurry blob…You cannot tell it is us at all.

10.  I have fully decorated (in my head) my dream farmhouse that we don’t have.  I have an obsession with home dΓ©cor and decorating.  I pretty much walk in to all spaces and get an idea of how I would decorate them.  Luckily I have turned this “illness” into a business…haha (now if only I could figure out how to make $ from my Diet Pepsi obsession).  Anyway, I dream of having a farmhouse one day and have the whole thing designed and decorated in my head. Paint color, furniture, layout, my kids playing on the tire swing in the back yard….the whole thing.  Hopefully one day this will be a reality and I can just turn this crazy bullet point into early planning so it will seem prepared instead of insane. πŸ™‚

Well, this was fun. I am going to go have a glass of wine now, kiss my husband for putting up with me and go schedule an appointment with a therapist.
They say the first step is admitting your problems right??!!

Elaine-I love love loved this!  THANK YOU for joining us and sharing your crazy with us today!!  I identified with SEVERAL of those.  It’s safe to say that we all have a little crazy right, but it’s so much fun to “OWN IT” with friends.  πŸ™‚

Ladies…don’t forget to check out Elaine at House of Hargrove blog OR on Instagram.  Have a great day!

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  1. 7.23.15
    Unknown said:

    Love this series so much! So fun to see what makes everyone different! Have a great day!


  2. 7.23.15
    Kimm said:

    Love love love this series! And love that she named her kids in elementary school and stuck with it !

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      Thanks Kimm!!

  3. 7.23.15
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Oh! I love Elaine!! She is so funny and so cute! Plus, she puts the best ideas on Instagram!

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      Thx Shay! Too sweet! P.S. I got a splinter the other day from a picture frame (??? Strange I know) and thought of calling you πŸ˜‰

  4. 7.23.15
    Anonymous said:

    So, so funny!! Great job, Elaine!!

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      Thx Narci!!

  5. 7.23.15
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    That was so fun! I stared at the tile for at least 30 seconds….NO WOLF.

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      Thx Sheaffer! I need to trace it for you and Erika! πŸ˜‰

  6. 7.23.15
    MissKimmie said:

    Well she is amazing. She has a new blog friend in me.

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      Thx Miss Kimmie 😘

  7. 7.23.15
    Kathryn said:

    Too cute! I'm laughing because I just found out this month that my 35 year old cousin still sleeps with her blanket and a stuffed animal my parents gave her to be in their wedding (in 1982)! And then I read the seeing images in tile…I TOTALLY see the wolf and lol-ed! I've seen all sorts of things in tile, but can never see things in clouds either. Thanks for sharing!!

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      So so glad Yall are all seeing the wolf!!

  8. 7.23.15
    dresselfamily.blogspot.com said:

    no way!!.. I have followed Elaine on IG forever!!!
    ok.. now I'm going to be singing that song all day in my head.. or out loud #iwillnotgetthetrash lol
    soo fun!

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      Awe, hi friend!!! Sorry about the song! Hard to get out of your head! πŸ˜‰

  9. 7.23.15
    Dana said:

    Oh I so love reading these, especially when you can relate! I too see shapes in tiles, esp in the bathroom and so glad I am not the oldest person in the world to still sleep with a blankie πŸ™‚

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      I think I might be the oldest in the world! My parents would be so proud if that was my Guinness book of world records honor πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  10. 7.23.15
    EGB said:

    OMG I loved this post! Hilarious! #6 OH My! hahaha

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      Thx! I know…I debated sharing #6, but had to embrace it! Ha

  11. 7.23.15
    Katelyn Sloan said:

    Haha this was s cute!!!! Love this series as usual!!

  12. 7.23.15
    Jersey Love said:

    I can totally relate to the blankie thing – I sleep with a bear every night. I got it after I had surgery when I was about 22 years old so it's even weirder. But I don't care haha
    And I'm sooo with you on seeing things in tiles… in my moms house when I was a kid there was this weird tile in the bathroom and I swear every time I was on the potty I saw this creepy face staring at me in the tile… Hahaha

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      You are my blankie & tile soul mate πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  13. 7.23.15
    Leigh (Balancing By Faith) said:

    So funny! My kids and I make up songs all the time too – and my husbands reaction is "WHY do you have to sing all the time"!! lol. What a fun Owning It series!

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      My hubby totally gets in on it! I may or may not have some black mail material videos!! Problem is he could totally get me back πŸ˜‰

  14. 7.23.15
    erinraye517 said:

    I totally see the wolf in the tile! I do the same thing in my bathroom. Too funny!

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      Haha! Glad I'm not alone

  15. 7.23.15
    Unknown said:

    I love this series so much! If you are ever looking for a MO gal to represent, let me know! πŸ™‚ Have a great day!

  16. 7.23.15
    Shelly @ The Queen in Between said:

    My fave series! I totally see that stinking wolf! Now I'm going to be staring at my tile tonight trying to see what I can find. hahaha

    • 7.23.15
      Elaine said:

      I'm so glad you see it and sorry…once you see one thing in your tile you will see it every time πŸ™‚

  17. 7.23.15
    Laci said:

    This is hilarious! I can totally relate to ways o many of these owning it!! I would love a farm house too, but sadly I am way too indecisive and can not figure out this decorating thing! Uhh!!

  18. 7.24.15
    Laurie S said:

    This is great Elaine and Erika". I am 50, almost 51, and I confess that I sleep with a stuffed dog from my childhood. I admit that sometimes I try to "go without" but I always get him out, even after a few days. Something about him comforts me – good thing he doesn't talk. But a good friend doesn't tell secrets, right?

  19. 7.30.15
    Shelby said:

    Erika!! This is seriously one of my FAVORITE series in all of blog-land!! I love love LOVE it!!!