Our Weekend Recap-Waco Edition

Thursday afternoon, my cousin-Ty and his wife-Morgan, arrived in town for a weekend visit.  Ty and Morgan live in Bolivar, MO, right outside of Springfield.  My brother and Ty were the only grandsons in the family so any time Ty’s family was in town…Ty stayed with us.  I think of him like a little brother.  It’s CRAZY to see him married and living a grown up life.  My kiddos absolutely adore both Ty and Morgan so we were all excited to have them here for a visit.

On Thursday we hung out during Bowen’s tee-ball practice and a friend mentioned us going to Magnolia in Waco on Friday.  I don’t watch Fixer Upper…I’m pretty sure I just heard you guys gasp.  🙂 But I think that’s why I hadn’t thought about it.  We had no great ideas though so we decided why not?!

Friday morning, we dropped the big kids off and headed to WACO for a quick day trip.
Morgan’s mom is a big Magnolia fan and she hadn’t told her of our last minute trip plans so we sent her this silly picture as soon as we arrived.

Bowen and I were surprised SO MANY PEOPLE were there on such a yucky, rainy day!

This is a view of the inside of Magnolia Market. There was a front room as well that was definitely more congested.

 I should have taken a picture of the food trucks.  So many yummy options!  Crepe truck (recommended by Sheaffer and Meagan-that’s where we ate-YUMMY), Cheddar Box (Fancy grilled cheese and fancy macaroni and cheese-I got Bowen’s lunch from this place and HAD to try some mac and cheese-SO GOOD!), and to be honest…I walked by the other options but can’t remember those at the moment.

The set up is GREAT for families.  Lots of benches, swings, a big yard area for kids to throw balls.  

We had our lunch under the big pavilion.

 The Magnolia Bakery was in another little building, but the line was a tad long (I heard it moves very quickly) for standing in the drizzle.

 This kid was a TROOPER!  He shopped ’til he dropped on the way back to McKinney.

For all you Magnolia pros, if you have any recommendations PLEASE share!  I had no clue where to park so I parked in the church lot for $10.  Where’s the best place to park?  I’d heard week days are always better.  Probably Fridays are not the best day to visit.  If you know the best days, please share. Is there a best time of day to visit?

I learned that I’m not the best shopper in this environment!  haha!  But with your tips, I might need to make another trip ASAP!

We also checked out Harp Design Company store, grabbed a coffee, and made our way to The Findery as well.  Bowen is in The Findery in the picture above.  I was a big fan of that store.  The decor is very similar to Magnolia, but way less people.  I definitely recommend you pop-in.

The Spice Market in Waco is another place to shop if you have time.  We were a little pressed for time so we skipped it on this trip.

Saturday morning, Tab made a big breakfast.  It’s his specialty.  Then the girls headed to the mall while the boys hit up the gym.

We met up with them in downtown McKinney for a little more shopping before dinner.

 Our guests requested MEXICAN for dinner so we decided our favorite-Mi Cocina was the perfect spot.  The weather was simply amazing on Saturday afternoon/evening.  We headed to this park area in Watter’s Creek first.  Nixon got asked to play a little football game.  He was playing with four young boys when those four high schoolers showed up WITH DATES FOR A DANCE but asked if they could play for a bit before dinner.  They were so sweet with the young boys.  And they seriously made Nixon’s night.

 He was having so much fun!

Do you see those navy umbrellas?  All the people dining up there must have been watching because any time a team would score-they’d cheer.  And the dates were the girls all dressed up.

We ended the game before the big boys were late for dinner (and before they got too sweaty), but we took a group picture first.  🙂

We had guacamole and fajitas at Mi Cocina on the patio and then we ended the night with smores and a fire pit in our backyard.

Sunday morning we were ready for church in PLENTY of time!  SHOCKER!

We wished Ty and Morgan safe travels and are all ready for them to return again.  We had a great weekend!  Hope you did too!  


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  1. 3.27.17
    Unknown said:

    Love Love Love me some Magnolia Market! Looks like a fun weekend!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  2. 3.27.17
    a little bit of emily said:

    My mom and I are planning a trip to Waco in September – I can't wait! We are going to go during the week, which sounds like a good thing, because I don't do that great in those types of shopping conditions either. Seriously so sweet those boys playing with the younger boys!

  3. 3.27.17
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    What a fun little weekend! I want to go back soon too, so maybe we plan a day trip together?!? I've never had time to go to those other places you mentioned, and I would love to! You know, maybe we plan an overnight trip! 🙂

    • 3.27.17
      Meagan Ruse said:


  4. 3.27.17
    Kelli Beason said:


    I live near Waco and Magnolia market…

    For shopping without paying you can park at Spice Village and ride the trolley which is free. 🙂 Sometimes parking is hard here also but the trolley will take you around town.

    I love going to Magnolia in the Fall when decorated for the holidays. The line at the bakery does move very quickly as you order before you ever get to the counter. They give you a little sheet, you pick what you want and then hand it to someone at the counter, they get your cupcakes, package them and you pay and then enjoy. It is worth the short wait in line.

    I love me some WACO as I went to Baylor and Chip and JoJo. If you are looking for a new book to read their book The Magnolia Story is good quick read and very well written in my opinion.

    Anyone wanting to visit Magnolia feel free to shoot me any questions.


  5. 3.27.17
    My Glittery Heart said:

    I can't wait to here tips about visiting Magnolia! My mother in law and I would love to take a road this summer with the kids!!

  6. 3.27.17
    Elaine Welte said:

    DJ and I went to waco last summer for a little weekend trip. http://theweltefamilyblog.blogspot.com/2016/07/waco.html?m=1

  7. 3.27.17
    Laura @ Laura Likes Design said:

    A trip to Magnolia is definitely on my list! Looks like such a fun weekend with family!

  8. 3.27.17
    Whitney Pegram said:

    What a fun weekend! A trip to Waco is definitely on my bucket list! 😉

  9. 3.27.17
    Brianna said:

    You guys are such great hosts, what a fun weekend!! I love Fixer Upper & want to go sometime!!

  10. 3.27.17
    Britt Hensley said:

    That looks like such a good weekend!! Waco is a trip I'm dying to make soon!!

  11. 3.27.17
    Cheri said:

    I also liked The Findery and definitely worth stopping at if going to the Silos. We didn't hit the bakery either because of the line but I heard those cupcakes were fantastic. We went on a Thursday around noon time and didn't find it too crowded. We actually parked on the road about a block from The Findery at no cost. I wish we had more time to go to Harp's Design and also see more of Waco but that trip we only had a couple of hours before heading towards home (GA).

  12. 3.27.17
    bridgett said:

    Spice village is a must see!!!! They have so much cute stuff for all different ages!

  13. 3.27.17
    Megan said:

    Isn't magnolia crazy!!! It was fun to visit but I wasn't overally impressed with the merchandise. I think it's about the experience. I think I would rather hunt for treasures at canton!!!

  14. 3.27.17
    Unknown said:

    Just went to Magnilia myself during Spring Break and it was crazy crowded! I've heard weekday trips are bes towards the beginning of the week. The trolley is a great idea, there are different lots to park in for free where the trolley will pick you up. There is also free public parking in a small lot across the street from the Dr. Pepper museum and it's a very short walk. The cupcakes were definitely worth the wait!!! I did see an airstream on the Magnolia grounds that sold cupcakes when we were there that had a shorter line, but I'm not sure if it's out there all the time. Look up Magnolia Trail, and it will give you more ideas of places to shop, one of which is Spice Village.

  15. 3.27.17
    Kara said:

    What a fun weekend!

    I love the older boys playing with the younger boys…and having the restaurant patrons cheer for the boys-how cool is that!

  16. 3.27.17
    Alexis deZayas said:

    I went to the square in McKinney for the first time on Saturday and had the BEST time!!

  17. 3.27.17
    Emmy said:

    I went back in October with my mom and my aunt! We went on a saturday, so it was busy but not terrible – we got there about 30 minutes before it opened so that we could take pictures outside without a million people in the background. We parked on a side street, no meters and no signs that said no parking- car was fine there all day. The line at the bakery was wrapped around the building in the afternoon, but we were probably only in it for 10 minutes. They send someone around to get your order so the line went so fast, all you had to do was pay when you got in and your cupcake was ready for you!

    I also had the mac and cheese from the Cheddar Box truck – soooo good!

  18. 3.27.17
    Casey said:

    I have heard to go during the week and be there either when they open or after 3. Same with the bakery, get there before they open but that the line does move quickly and that it is definitely worth the wait! You need to read their book too, so good!

  19. 3.27.17
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    Oh my goodness those high school boys, how sweet. We have an older neighbor boy and he always has friends over to play. They are very kind and well-mannered and my son is always mimicking their moves on our hoop. Love older boys who are sso sweet and kind – yay! I heard Magnolia is crazy on Fridays through the weekend and this girl does not handle crowds well. Have a great week! xoxo ERIN

  20. 3.28.17
    Kim Taylor said:

    My daughter and I flew into Dallas last week and spent the week traveling everywhere! Magnolia was our favorite and college station was a close second! McKinney has a cute downtown area and we wine tasted at Landons and ate at Spoons. Sadly most shops were closed up by the time we arrived but we still had a fun time. We did Magnolia on Thursday and we got there right before they opened. We had no lines for anything and had a fabulous time. Seriously the cupcakes ARE THE BEST EVER. But again, we didn't have to wait in any lines! Best to go during week and to arrive before they open! We also parked in the church lot because what is $10 when the money is going to a church ???? Loved the Findery too! Texas was a lot of fun but your speed limits are crazy when the semi's are allowed to go as fast as cars and think they are cars! That was a tad hard for this lady to handle! 75mph is crazy for a semi to be driving. I also loved the VIP tour of ATT stadium! Die hard long time cowboys fan right here!!

  21. 3.28.17
    Unknown said:

    Love these!
    Xo, Elizabeth

  22. 3.28.17
    Unknown said:

    I live in Waco- actually about 2 min from their farm house. The best days to go to the market are Monday and Tuesday or in the evening and if you don't mind having a cupcake in the morning that is when they are the most fresh and no line. The Findery is cheaper and super cute! Spice Mall is fun if you are looking for a gift or cute clothes. Parking- I never pay and always park on the street (sometimes by the train track) and walk. But there is a free trolley system so you could park at Spice. There is also a cute candy shop near by called Hey Sugar!

  23. 3.30.17
    clatk said:

    I always park at The Findery and walk to Magnolia. You chose some good food trucks! I also LOVE the chicken biscuit at Milo and Club Sandwich is really good too. You also must read up on the owner of Luna Juice Bar there. God is so gracious and BIG!

    If you bring kids again, the zoo is amazing, Cameron Park is idyllic and we have an excellent children's museum {Mayborn}.

  24. 3.30.17
    Kassi said:

    Sounds like the funnest weekend! I just happened upon your blog and saw your photos from Magnolia. I am a huge Fixer Upper fan! Someday I will make a visit! 😉