Our Weekend

Around here I like to think our weekend starts on Thursday evening. 

Do my kids go to school on Friday?

YES, they do…so I’m not sure why I allow myself to think like that…but I do.  Every week.

This past Thursday started with a bath for this cutie.  If you’re wondering why she’s wrapped up in a beach towel, well that’s easy.  It’s because the pile of clean towels was overflowing in the guest bedroom where I was folding them but did I put them away?  Absolutely not.  So we used a beach towel. 🙂

Friday, Britt and I took a little day trip to Canton, Texas, with Shay and Madeley.  Canton has a big market once a month where vendors come from all over.  You can find everything there from new to old and anything in between.  My car came back full of holiday clothes for girls.  haha!  Shay and I were both looking for some new decor but the clothes got us!

Fashion Diva right there.  hahaha!

These two were so sweet and let me just say…they’re gonna be trouble in the shopping department when they’re older.  These two can shop!

Saturday morning Bowen had a flag football game and Britt managed to make her biggest “CHEEEEESE” face to date.

This girl is a mess!  I bought her outfit the day before in Canton, but this option is similar and super cute!

The field was super muddy so we watched from the top of the hill.

This group of cuties pulled out their first W!

And I stole these straight from Andrea {Didn’t think she’d mind}.  But look whose team we played?!  GRIFFIN’S TEAM!  Britt was a fan of the entire outfit…especially the pom poms!

And this kid was so pumped to see Griffin after the game.  🙂

If you missed my post on Monday, we spent Saturday evening at our town’s Oktoberfest.

Sunday, after church the kiddos and I attempted a family selfie taken by Nixon.  This was the conversation right after the picture was taken…

Bowen:  “I’m not even IN the picture!”
Ebby Lee:  “UGH!  My eyes are closed!”
Nixon:  “WHAT am I looking at?”

Maybe I should have them take our family pictures more often.  haha!

Hope you and yours had a great weekend!

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  1. 10.3.18
    Anonymous said:

    What a fun weekend! That outfit is darling on Britt!

  2. 10.3.18
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    I had the BEST time at Canton!! I'm already anxious to go back!! #andnotjustforthefriedcatfishplatter

  3. 10.3.18
    Amy said:

    Haha the Sunday selfie with convo has me rolling. So funny!!!

  4. 10.3.18
    Simple Purposeful Living said:

    What a fun weekend. My mom has always wanted to go to Canton together but it's a bit of a drive from Iowa and Minnesota ;)!

  5. 10.4.18
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    That last picture has me laughing so hard! Looks like such a fun weekend!