Our Christmas Festivities

Prepare yourself….picture OVERLOAD!!  

I had the BEST morning on Monday….kids were playing with toys, Kelly and Michael were on, AND I was relaxing with a cup of coffee.  Best morning ever!
Somebody was SO excited about being out of the car!!
Bowen had a BLAST crawling around T-Nonnie’s house.
Looks like these guys were enjoying their Monday morning too.  Tab turned his coffee cup out so you can see the “#1 Dad”.  ha!!
After some play time, we made gingerbread houses.  Just for the record, this is not my thing!!  We did our very best and had fun BUT they definitely aren’t award winning.  🙂
Handsome Man
He was so proud of his little house.
Sister’s house was looking pretty good!  (Nix ate most of his candy.  His was a little bare.)

Our finished products 🙂

This girl might live in the city, but she is ALL about riding on the tractor when she visits.
She was LOVING it!!
Grandpa and Grandma Hency came over (the rest of the crew was on the way) to play.  Bowen didn’t mind the attention.
Grandma let him sit up in a big chair and eat.  He thought he was HOT stuff!

Ebby Lee saw Bowen in this rocking chair.  She grabbed my phone and said, “He’s so cute.  I need to take a picture.”  Such a sweet sister!

Kind of blurry….but sweet that he was smiling for her.  🙂

Santa had a message for each of the kiddos.  This was Nixon’s turn.  Bless his heart.  He was so nervous about what “list” he was on.  I’m sure the added pressure of everyone watching made it even worse!!
When it got to the part where Santa says what “list”, Ebby Lee covered her eyes and said, “I can’t watch”.  ha!!  She clearly had a lot of confidence in her little brother!!
Whew!!  Sweet boy got lucky and made the nice list!
Happy December 23rd!
The crew arrived!! Aunt Gina (my mom’s twin sister), Ebby Lee, and Morgan.  My parents invited our family over.  We had a fish fry (they tried to do something un-Christmasy since we’d be having normal Christmas things the next couple days), played games, and had a blast!
Grandpa, Tarah, and Tori
Odds are Ty was telling Grandma some CRAZY story in this picture.

Paxton was all about Uncle Tab.
Game #1…we played several “Minute to Win It” Christmas games.
Ty and Morgan
Game #2…you had to try to knock down cards with rubber bands.  Nixon knocked down two!  (with T-Nonnie’s help).  We also played a game with plastic cups and relay races.  Then we ended the night with charades. So much fun!!
Merry Christmas Eve!
We went to my dads’ parent’s house to visit and let the kiddos open presents.
We had a great time visiting with Grandpa and Grandma Campbell and Uncle Kelly, Aunt Sandi, and Kody too!
Kody got Nixon a tee-ball bat and batting gloves. The cutest thing ever!!  
Little brother was really excited about the bat.
It took a while to get those fancy batting gloves on!  ha!  He needs some to work on that too!
Doesn’t he look like a mean baseball player??
Ebby Lee got these Frozen dolls!!  She’d been asking for those, so she was so excited!

This is blurry and hard to see, but my big kiddos were up on the stage during the Christmas Eve.

After the service, we went to my Aunt Rene’s house for a yummy dinner of appetizers.  These sweet girls played hard all night!!

Sweet girls!

I accidentally caught Nixon being still!  ha!  This was probably the only second he was standing still the entire night!!

My crazy Nix in action!!
Look how big my baby looks!!!

Then we drove through the city’s park where they have lots of Christmas lights displayed.  

Brotherly love
Nix got the milk and cookies ready for Santa.
Pretty proud of himself.
“Mom, do we have to go to bed?”
I think it was a hit!
 Sister was really excited about what Santa brought her.
After opening presents, we went to Grandma Hency’s house.
Some of the girls

 Tab and Grandma
Someone had a little Christmas accident and was naked until his clothes were washed!

Super pumped his present was so big!

A naked baby is always the life of the party, right?

Ebby Lee got Legos!

He went over to say a quick “thank you” to Grandpa and Grandma.

The kiddos opened their presents and then it was time for the grown-ups “Favorite Things Gift Exchange”.
 Ty opened up my scarf and modeled it for us. He looks super excited, huh?
This is what happens when you miss your afternoon nap.  You pass out in the middle of a crazy loud party!

Some of us got SCARVES!!

Merry Christmas from the Slaughters!  Bowen was taking a nap. 🙁

The DeClue family

 Matching scarves…Morgan and Kelly

Huffman Family

Tab, Nixon, Ty, and Ebby Lee went outside to play with Nixon’s new truck.

 LOVE LOVE LOVE this crazy boy!!

We had a GREAT time celebrating Christmas!!  So great to hang out with family and truly remember the REAL reason we’re celebrating!!  Hope you had a great Christmas too!!

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  1. 12.26.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Poor Nixon! Bless his heart thinking he might be on the naughty list! That made me want to give him a big hug. And then buy him a big present. 🙂

  2. 12.26.13
    Andrea - Momfessionals said:

    The pics of them waiting to see what list Nix was on are hilarious!!!

  3. 12.27.13
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    Awwwwwwww! Nix looked SOOOOO nervous!!!!! Looks like you guys had a blast!

  4. 12.27.13
    Elaine Welte said:

    Merry Christmas! Love Ebby Lee's huge sequin skirt! And you looked super stylish in all of your pics!