My Very Own Rapunzel Birthday Party…

My actual 30th birthday is TODAY!!  But…yesterday Marla and Gary took the big kids to run a couple birthday party errands.  (Later I discovered they went to Charming Charlie’s and both got to pick me out something.  So special!  They were SO excited about me opening up their gifts.  They also went to Market Street and picked out special cupcakes for each of us.  They ended the day with lunch at McDonald’s-Nixon’s pick.).  While the big kids were gone, Bowen and I ran some errands.  It was so much fun!  I got in and out of buildings BEFORE breaking a sweat since I only had one kiddo to pop in and out of a car seat.  We went to the mall, shopped, had lunch, and hit up Marshall’s.  
Last night, M made my birthday dinner.  I got to request the menu!!  Homemade chicken strips…sooo good!!  I have no clue what she does to them.  I probably don’t want to know, but they are SO good!  Mashed potatoes, gravy, and black-eyed peas…it was delish!!
 Me and my big kids 🙂
Ebby Lee asks me ALL the time who my favorite princess is.  I always say, “Rapunzel”.  So…they helped M pick a theme for my party and Ebby Lee was adamant that it be Rapunzel.  I LOVED it!!
 Rapunzel and her tower were the table decor for dinner.  
 This is what I saw when I walked in.  Ebby Lee had drawn/colored pictures of Rapunzel and they hung those from the ceiling.  So cute!!
 Nixon wanted me to get a picture of him blowing this thing.  🙂
 Marla with all the kiddos…Marla went above and beyond to make this birthday dinner so special!!  Thank you, Marla!  XOXO  I LOVED it!!  It was a birthday I’ll ALWAYS remember!
 Cupcake time
 M even let the big kids blow out a candle on their cupcakes.
 Happy Birthday to Me!  It was SUCH a fun night!!
 M had party favors for all the little guests.  They each got a new pair of pajamas.  Bowen got SuperMan…hilarious!!!

Nixon got a pair of Redneck Spider-Man pj’s. 
We had a great night celebrating the big 30!!!

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  1. 8.3.13
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    What a sweet mother-in-law you have!!! That is just so sweet! Happy Birthday Erika!