My Spring 2019 Reads

Okay, you guys heard me complain about ALL THE THINGS in May happening with sports, school, church, and more on my Friday Favorites post.   So to say I’ve been reading a lot would be a complete LIE!  But I have managed to squeeze in a couple books this spring season and want to share those reads with you.

Also, keep reading because if you’re looking for a great read I have lots of recommendations!
 Spring 2019 Reads

This book was just a good one.  For some reason, I thought this was gonna be a suspenseful read and it wasn’t at all, but it was so good!  Not a chick-lit, not a thriller…just a good book.  I recommend it!

This book was similar to the previous one in that it wasn’t a thriller and it wasn’t chick-lit but this novel was also SO GOOD!  I kept hearing the hype about Where the Crawdads Sing and FINALLY read it!  SO GLAD I DID!  You need to read this book ASAP!

Okay, friends…if you like a suspenseful, thriller THIS is your book!  I’m a big Sally Hepworth fan and this book did not disappoint one bit!  Thrillers are my absolute favorites!  I HIGHLY recommend this book!

I read Swear On This Life by the same author back in the winter and was a big fan!  I decided to try this book to see what I thought…hmmm…I had mixed reviews.   If you’re looking for a read, then I’d one hundred percent recommend Swear On This Life over this one.  Please note…they’re both rated “R”.

What a small list for all of spring…right?  šŸ™‚  In case you’re needing a few suggestions, please check out my other lists from the previous year…fall reads, summer reads, and winter reads!

Summer 2018 Reads

Don’t forget bloggers…tomorrow is Tuesday Talk!  Hope you join us for the link-up!

Okay, friends!  I’m working on my Summer 2019 List…do you have any recommendations?  I’d LOVE to hear them!


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  1. 5.20.19
    Mix and Match Mama said:

    Ohhhhhhh! I need to read that Before We Were Strangers!!

  2. 5.20.19
    Sheaffer {Pinterest Told Me To} said:

    The covers are pretty. šŸ˜‰

  3. 5.20.19
    Narci said:

    I loved those first two books! Great list of books, friend!!

  4. 5.20.19
    Sunshine and Books said:

    I loved Crawdads and the Mother-In-Law! I'm reading The Lemon Sisters right now and it is good! Here's what I am reading this summer:

  5. 5.20.19
    Elspeth Mizner said:

    Great suggestions to add to my summer reading list! Iā€™m currently reading a book by Brene Brown, very good author and great content! Have a great day!

  6. 5.20.19
    Girl Meets Bow said:

    How to Walk Away is a FAVORITE of mine! If you haven't read "Cancel the Wedding" stop what you're doing and grab it šŸ™‚ SOOOOO Good!

  7. 5.20.19
    Keisha Dawson said:

    I loved How to Walk Away and The Mother-in-Law. Where the Crawdads Sing is on my TBR list, and I'll get Before We Were Strangers added stat.

  8. 5.20.19
    Tanya said:

    I just finished The Mother in Law and loved it! Have a wodnerful week!

  9. 5.21.19
    Joanne said:

    I just got Where the Crawdads.. for mother's day and am trying to hurry up and finish the books I have checked out from the library so I can dive right in. My favorite two books I read this month are Educated; A Memoir (seriously could not believe it was based on her life story; it was crazy!) and We Never Asked for Wings.

  10. 5.21.19
    Dara @ Not In Jersey said:

    I just finished Swear On This Life. Sorry to hear this other one wasn't as good! I read and enjoyed the first two and I'm waiting for The Mother In Law from my library!

  11. 5.21.19
    Amanda @ That Inspired Chick said:

    How to Walk Away and Where the Crawdads Sing were two of my favorites this year! I've got The Mother-in-Law up next!
    That Inspired Chick